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You're planning a summer wedding, and the time has come to find your bridesmaid dresses.

As the bride, you're unarguably the star of the show. But you probably want your favorite ladies to shine on your special day too. After all, they'll be in the majority of your photos!

Of course, you'll want your bridesmaid dresses to complement the venue, the color scheme, and your own wedding dress. But to win your bridesmaids over, it should also be flattering and comfortable to wear.

It's quite the task, but we're here to make it easier by showing you bridesmaid dresses that look great, feel great, and are perfect for summer weddings.

🌼 Four summer bridesmaid dresses your gals will love 🌿

Summer weddings are usually quite warm, so your bridesmaids will want something breathable. Easy-peasy. We're showing you four chiffon summer bridesmaid dresses that are comfortable and airy—but still Instagram-worthy!

1. Champagne chiffon dress with floral applique

Off-white and light colors like ivory, cream, and champagne are popular picks for bridesmaid dresses—especially for summer weddings.

Why? Well, practically speaking, light colors retract heat and will keep your bridesmaids cool. But let's be honest, they're also great for showing off summer tans.

These colors are also very neutral, so it'll be easy to match any color scheme and complement your white wedding dress. Of the bunch, our favorite is champagne. It's a celebratory color—and your wedding is definitely something to celebrate!

If you're taking photos in a garden, these colors will really pop against the greenery in the background. To accentuate the flowers around you, look for bridesmaid dresses that incorporate floral details, like applique.

champagne chiffon bridesmaid dress

Get the look: style GL3018 | Floral 3D Applique and Embroidery Embellished Bodice A-Line Chiffon Dress

2. Gray chiffon dress with ruched bodice

Gray is another hot color right now for summer bridesmaid dresses. They match nearly any color scheme or venue—from boho beach to rustic farmhouse weddings. And like most light colors, they bring out your bridesmaids' sexy summer tans. (Yes, please!)

When picking a summer bridesmaid dress, it's essential to find something that'll look great on any body type. If your girls feel beautiful, it'll show on camera!

When in doubt, we recommend choosing a dress with an A-line silhouette. You can also look out for dresses with flattering features. For example, this bodice is ruched and has an accentuated waistline, which creates a slimming effect.

If your wedding is beachfront, gray will also pick up your backdrop's beautiful blue hues. Make sure to get the bridesmaids together at sunset for some jaw-dropping snaps!

silver chiffon bridesmaid dress

Get the look: style GL2816 | High-Neck Chiffon Ruched-Bodice A-Line Long Dress

3. Sage chiffon dress with airy sleeves 

Sage is all the rage when it comes to summer bridesmaid dresses. This light green color flatters any skin type and picks up any greenery around it. So if you're planning a botanical wedding, sage is the perfect choice for your bridesmaid dresses.

When it comes to the sleeves of your bridesmaid dresses, there are many options! Instead of tight fits or heavy materials, we recommend flowy sleeves or barely-there straps. As you can see, these off-the-shoulder sleeves secured by spaghetti straps are a great way to add some flair without compromising comfort. Plus, how cute would they look in photos as they catch the summer breeze?!

Amongst the fairy lights and botanical decor, this is the perfect dress for capturing your wedding's whimsical vibe.

sage chiffon bridesmaid dress

Get the look: style GL2615 | Spaghetti Strap Chiffon Long Dress

4. Mauve chiffon dress with sweetheart neckline

Ah, mauve. This pale shade of purple has been around for years, and for good reason! It makes any skin tone glow, photographs beautifully, and brings romance to this day of love. What more could you ask for?

If your summer bridesmaid dresses are mauve, we say dial up the femininity with a sweetheart neckline and off-the-shoulder sleeves. A bare neckline with a simple updo is so chic. Plus, your bridesmaids won't have to worry about what accessories to wear or figuring out how to curl their hair!

Mauve truly goes with any venue—from beachfront to garden. Our only tip is to get some photos together during golden hour. No Instagram filter will be required for these beautiful shots!

mauve chiffon bridesmaid dress

Get the look: style GL2550 | Off-the-Shoulder Chiffon Long Dress

Helping mom find her dress for your summer wedding?

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