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Minimalist, but elegant. Timeless, yet modern. Sexy, and refined.

Meghan Markle is known for bringing two worlds together—one that is real and relatable and another that is lavish and glamorous. Her wedding looks were no different. They captured that beautiful balance perfectly. It's no wonder that women worldwide still turn to Meghan Markle for inspiration as they create their own wedding look. Her looks weren't over the top. From the dresses to her hair and makeup, she kept things simple. The outcome? Two royal looks that were simply stunning. And today, we're breaking them down for you—so you can look and feel like a princess when you walk down the aisle, too.

1. Meghan Markle's Wedding Dresses

  meghan markle's givenchy wedding dress

Givenchy Wedding Dress

Meghan Markle donned two wedding dresses—one for the ceremony and one for the reception. For the ceremony, she wore a stunning Givenchy gown that epitomizes timeless, minimal elegance. How can you score the look and feel of this dress—without paying the £100,000+ price tag?

A bateau (or boat) neckline: This is a straight neckline that stretches across the collarbone to each shoulder.

Three-quarter length sleeves: The length of these sleeves may vary on each person because they are three-quarters of your arm or halfway between your elbow and wrist.

Silk material: Silk is smooth, light, and luxurious, with a natural shine. It also feels incredibly soft on the skin!

woman in silk wedding dress

Editor’s Pick:

We can’t take our eyes off this mikado silk dress. No frills, no lace, but it looks absolutely stunning (and regal) nevertheless. We especially love the jewel embellishment that adds an oomph to the dress’ understated elegance. If you can find a dress that features this trifecta, you're well on your way to scoring Meghan's first look.  

meghan markle's stella mcartney wedding dress

Stella McCartney Wedding Dress

As we mentioned, one reason why Meghan Markle is so well-liked is that she's relatable. She, too, wanted a second look that would take her into the evening comfortably. This Stella McCartney halter-neck sheath gown did just that. What makes this gown so notable?

A halter neckline: Instead of two straps, a single strap runs from the front of the garment around the back of the neck, exposing the shoulders and generally leaving the upper back uncovered.

Silk crepe: Crepe describes a weaving method that leaves a distinctively crisp and crimped appearance.

blonde woman in a halter mermaid wedding dress

Editor’s Pick: This Elizabeth K dress has it all—a halter neckline to show off the shoulders, a cinched waist to give that hourglass shape, and stunning floral embroidery to add texture to the dress (and another touch of femininity).

Sheath silhouette: A sheath dress is a fitted, straight-cut dress that nips at the waist. This style of dress is super flattering because the exposed shoulders and sheath fit create an hourglass shape. Get it in a silk crepe material, and you've nailed the second look!

2. Meghan Markle’s Wedding Accessories 

While Meghan's dresses were elegantly simple, her accessories upped the glamour. When it comes to your royal look, we encourage you to embrace your femininity and wear accessories fit for a queen. Use Meghan's lineup as inspo:

Veil: You don't need a 16.5-foot veil to score Meghan's royal look. What do we love most about hers? The intricate floral embroidery on the ends. While these flowers are distinctive flora of all 53 Commonwealth countries, we think you could get away with something a tad simpler.

Bandeau tiara: What's a royal look without a tiara?! Meghan wore the famed Queen Mary bandeau tiara made of diamonds and platinum. What's a bandeau tiara? A headband-style ornament of low profile, usually without a graduation in height from one side to the other, and is often worn on the forehead.

Court shoes (or pumps): Meghan opted for classic court shoes from the same brand that created her first wedding dress—Givenchy. A court shoe is a British term to describe a type of shoe worn in the royal courts by the wealthy upper class or royals. What does it look like? A classic pump. Find one in silk satin, and nobody will know your pair from hers. 

3. Meghan Markle’s Wedding Hair and Makeup

meghan markle waving on her wedding day

While some folks were up in arms about Meghan's loose hair strands, we think that her hair and makeup radiates effortlessly chic. Long before the wedding, she's pushed to be authentic—and her wedding day was no exception. We love that her hair and makeup are something you can totally recreate for yourself on your wedding day:

A low, messy bun: Meghan's bun was low and securely pinned to the nape of her neck towards the right. Her hair was parted right down the middle, with a few face-framing strands loosely curled to soften the look.

A natural base: When it came to Meghan's skin, she kept things light and natural—allowing her freckles to come through. She noted that she wanted to avoid a bunch of contouring and strobing. But to add glow and a slight flush, her makeup artist used a luminizer and a coral cream blush.

A smokey, doe-eyed look: Meghan's makeup artist wanted to draw attention to her eyes while keeping things natural. So instead of black or gray eyeshadow, he used shades of warm brown. To make eyes look like they're "fluttering" when she glanced up at Harry, he customized and shaped some of the outer lashes to give her that doe-eyed look.

BRIDAL GURU / Jun 16, 2021

COVID-19 paused a lot of things—business, travel, events, and more. But it didn’t press pause on love. Many couples are moving forward with their weddings, albeit the guestlist is probably smaller than initially planned. Accordingly, 2021 brides are looking for wedding dress style inspo that suits a smaller intimate wedding—something that’s not a ball gown but will still steal the show.

Whether it is due to the pandemic or you’re a low-key kind of gal, here are five wedding dress types perfectly suited for an intimate wedding.

1. The Mini

Planning a wedding on a hot summer day with just a few close friends and family? Mini wedding dress styles will totally suit the occasion (and keep you cool!). This type of dress is for the fun-loving brides whose main priority is to have fun.

The fit and cut: Much like the tea-length style, the mini wedding dress often cinches at the waist and flows out at the skirt. Because the length is above the knee, we recommend choosing a higher-cut neckline to create balance.

The material: Satin, cotton, tulle, lace—the mini is found rocking various materials—and patterns. Find something that’s comfortable for you!

Accessorizing tip: Since you’re showing off the legs, find a pair of eye-catching heels to show them off! If you choose a high neckline, we recommend throwing your hair up and rocking some fun, bold earrings. (Perhaps, something blue?)

2. The Slip

Are you a woman who has always wanted a minimalist wedding? Then the slip dress may be just the wedding dress style for you! A slip dress is designed to resemble an underslip or petticoat. Don’t worry, it’s not as risque as it sounds—and is certainly suitable for a low-key garden or backyard wedding.

The fit and cut: Slip dresses typically have a streamlined, slightly loose-fitting silhouette with spaghetti straps. Lengths vary from above the knee to maxi length. To “up” the sexy, many brides opt for a low back. However, if you want to make this slip style more refined and elegant, look for midi or maxi length or those with a cowl neckline.

The material: We often see slip dresses in silk or satin. For outdoor sunny weddings, these luminous materials shimmer beautifully.

Accessorizing tip: If you want to add some glamour to this dress style, pin your hair up in a loose updo and wear some shoulder-dusting earrings.

bride in form-fitting wedding dress

Editor’s Pick: This Gloria dress is the perfect mash-up between simple and elegant. It borrows the silhouette and cut of the classic slip dress, but dials up the glamour with the embroidery and tulle. And don’t forget the accessories! With her hair up, eyes go straight to her dazzling necklace.

3. The Two-Piece

The two-piece is perfect for the bride who’s looking to break tradition. The versatility of this wedding dress style allows you to be as sexy or conservative as you want! Similarly, this type of wedding dress pairs well with both outdoor venues and urban venues, such as restaurants or hotels.

The fit and cut: The “two-piece” can mean many things—from crop tops paired with waist-high skirts to pantsuits.

The material: Like the fit, the two-piece style is versatile and allows for a lot of mixing and matching! Pair a lace or beaded crop top with a long tulle skirt for a fun, unique look!

Accessorizing tip: This untraditional style allows you to explore bolder footwear—think straps, embellishments, and different colors. Try something different—you can get away with it!

4. The Boho

Calling all free spirits! Bohemian-style wedding dresses are perfect for rustic, outdoor weddings held outside—such as those at the beach or on a farm. (Can I say, very COVID-19 friendly?) Although they come in various styles, all boho dresses are airy with a feminine twist. Sound like your vibe?

The fit and cut: Boho dresses are long and loose, with light, flowing fabrics—allowing for plenty of movement.

The material: Crochet and lace are standard fabrics for the bohemian style—oh, so romantic!

Accessorizing tip: When it comes to hair accessories, choose a whimsical headpiece that features flowers, lace, or pearls over a veil.

bride in boho wedding dress

Editor’s Pick: This GLS by Gloria number is a quintessential boho-style dress: feminine, airy and free-flowing. You can wear your hair down, and your makeup dewy and natural to complete the look. Add some glamour by adding a pair of statement earrings.

5. The Tea-Length

audrey hepburn as a bride in Funny Face Source: thecelebritydresses.com

Do you consider yourself a modern bride craving a casual look—with a touch of classic? Then the tea-length wedding dress is for you. Think Audrey Hepburn—no, really! Her dress in the movie Funny Face made this retro style very popular today. It’s perfect for a garden wedding or even a civil ceremony.

The fit and cut: What exactly does “tea-length” mean? Below the knee, but above the ankle—about three to four inches. Tea-length wedding dresses often feature a full skirt and a nipped waist, creating that hourglass figure we all want on our wedding day.

The material: Many of these dresses will feature lace or tulle. This wedding dress style is also all about feminine detailing, using lace, embroidery, and bows.

Accessorizing tip: Want to bring in a bit more tradition? Consider adding a tea-length veil as Audrey Hepburn did. A pretty pair of flats would also pair well with this style. (Skip the sore feet? Sign me up!)

PARTY QUEEN / Feb 04, 2020

As the most anticipated night of the year approaches (yes, your prom night!), millions of things must be going through your mind. What are you wearing? Who will you dance with? How should you behave? What do you need to prepare yourself?

We can only tell you that it’s a night of your life that you’ll never forget and that you should enjoy it like nothing else before. And for this, we bring you a list of do’s and don’ts to really live to the fullest every moment of this unique and unrepeatable party.

Do plan your look in advance

First things first: start looking for your prom dress months in advance. The more the date approaches, the fewer options you will find, as hundreds of girls will be looking for their ideal prom dress. Don't leave it for the last moment, as it will be harder to find the perfect dress for you.

Also, choose your shoes with time and if they are new, we recommend that you wear them several times before prom night to make them more comfortable for your feet. It's also a good idea to take a pair of flats shoes to change when you get tired of your heels.

Finally, do a makeup and hair test before the big day, so if you don't like how you look, you can change your hairstyle and makeup tones until you find the perfect ones. Don't forget to make your nails too; they are also part of your look.

Don’t starve yourself all-day

Due to the excitement and the rush of getting ready, you might forget to eat. Don’t do it! By the time the night comes, you will feel bad, you won’t have energy and you could even faint.

Be sure to eat fresh and healthy foods that fill you with energy, that don’t swell you, and that makes your skin glow in a beautiful and natural way.

Do stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is as important as looking beautiful. It will make you feel better during the party and if you sweat for all the dancing, everything will be under control and you won’t suffer from dehydration the next day. So, drink lots of water throughout the day and also throughout the night.

Don’t go for the drama

For one thing or another, prom night often has fights between friends, couples breakups, and girls crying in the bathroom. Don’t let the drama catch you; remember that you are there to have fun and that should be your only goal. Ignore the comments of others, and dedicate yourself to celebrate and have fun with your favorite people.

Do dance!

It’s a night that will never happen again, so dance! It doesn't matter if you're good at dancing or not, just get carried away by the music and have fun with your friends.

Don’t make the mistake of sitting down all night because you think it isn’t cool to be on the dance floor with everyone else. If you do, you will regret not having danced your heart out.

Don’t forget to fully charge your phone

Be sure to fully charge your phone at home so you can take photos and share the most important moments of the night on social media.

Do pack a touch-up kit

Prepare an emergency kit just in case you need to touch up your makeup or hair. Don't forget your lipstick, face powder, hairpins, and even your deodorant. It also could happen something to your outfit and you might need safety pins or some fashion tape.

PARTY QUEEN / Jan 20, 2020

The most important night of the year is coming, your prom! Are you ready to look spectacular and enjoy it to the fullest?

You don’t get to graduate every day, so it’s a very special moment and as such, it deserves a very special look. But, among so many options of what to wear and how to get ready, you may be confused, so here we have some tips that will help you to prepare for prom night in an easy and relaxing way.

Stay true to yourself and your style

There are tons of prom dress options. But to know which one will make you look stunning, the best advice we can give you is to stay true to yourself and your style.

For a more classic look, opt for a gala dress with glamorous and high-gloss fabrics; for a more daring look, a tight dress with cut out details might be the one.

Of course, don’t forget to give your personal touch to your look with shoes of fun color and your favorite accessories.

Enjoy your prom without stress

Enjoy a stress-free prom night, releasing the pressure with some organizational and self-care preparations.

For example, we recommend that you do several tests with your dress, shoes and makeup to make sure you like the final look you will have that night, and in case you don't like something, have time to make any changes. Don’t leave this for the last moment.

Avoid new beauty treatments

Like any girl, you want to look amazing for your prom, so you are likely to be tempted to try new beauty or facial treatments in the days before the party. Don’t do it! All skins react differently to new treatments and products, and you don't know if it will be your case, so it’s better that you do nothing out of the ordinary in the two weeks prior to your prom night.

Stick to your usual beauty routine.

Have a good rest the night before

Sleep is one of the keys to having a healthy mind and body. If you sleep an additional few hours the night before the party, you will feel great and you will look radiant.

You can also choose to practice yoga and meditation the days before the party to clear your mind and be ready for all the emotions you will live that unforgettable night.

FASHION TRENDS / Dec 27, 2019

How many times have you thought you have nothing to wear, despite having a closet full of clothes?

We women all suffer when looking for what to wear from our closet. We don't know how to take advantage of the things we have and we always end up wearing the same clothes.

For this to stop happening, we give you some tips that will help you to create outfits that you like, that make you feel comfortable and make you look good any day.

Tip # 1: Know your body type

The most important thing when choosing what to wear is knowing your body type. All girls have different bodies and not all the clothes work well for everybody.

It’s essential that you know your body type and the clothes that favor it. Make sure you have only the clothes that fit your shape in your closet.

Our article “How to choose a dress according to your body shape?” can help you a lot on this first point.

Tip # 2: Get out of your comfort zone

It’s so easy to always wear jeans and t-shirts, but there’s a whole world of beautiful and comfortable clothes out there. Get out of your comfort zone and dare to try new styles that highlight your figure in a positive way.

It's all about trying different things and discovering the versatility of clothes.

Tip # 3: Have fun with the colors

Don’t be afraid of colors. We know that it’s very easy to only use black or neutral colors, but bright colors can be a great ally for a different and spectacular look.

Give a touch of color to your closet and play with combinations that you would never have thought of wearing. You’ll have plenty of fun in the way and might discover a whole new style for you.

Tip # 4: Variety of shoes

You don't need to have lots of pairs of shoes in your closet. But, what you do need is a variety of styles.

Not everything in life is tennis and flats, as there are many other models that are equally comfortable and will give a different touch to your outfits.

Tip # 5: Have different accessories

Accessories help to improve and change any look in moments. Make sure you have different accessories in your closet, from necklaces and rings to belts, sunglasses, and hats.

With several accessories at hand, you can make the same outfit look completely different, or go from being boring to being the hit of the place.

Tip # 6: Invest in the fashion basics

It’s always good to have the fashion basics in the closet: a white t-shirt, black pants, traditional cut jeans, black blazer, and the famous little black dress.

Also, invest in a good party dress that you can wear on special occasions. Some events may arise at the last minute and you will appreciate having a good choice of dress to wear.


Quinceañera dresses have evolved. The trend is increasingly going towards sumptuous designs with various layers of fabric, mixing colors and textures, as well as beautiful embroidery with rhinestones.

These dresses should be contrasted with delicate makeup and a simple hairstyle to result in a perfect quinceañera look. You don’t want to look overloaded or without harmony between your dress and your personal style, so here we share some tips for you to shine like never before with a beautiful and desirable quinceañera look.

Makeup and hairstyle

You are probably eager to try dozens of makeup products, but believe us, you will have a lifetime to do so. Enjoy your youth, you are about to turn 15, your skin is radiant and your natural beauty is charming.

Use makeup only to accentuate your features, but not to completely cover your face. We recommend to accent your eyes with eyeliner and mascara and use lipstick in a light shade. And that’s it. The more natural your makeup, then you will look prettier and have better contrast with your amazing quinceañera dress.

As for the hair, ask for a simple hairstyle with little hairspray so that your hair looks as natural as possible.


Accessories are a great ally to give a boost to any party look, but this time you will wear a striking dress. Find simple accessories that complement you, but that they don’t attract too much attention.

The idea is to have a natural balance between accessories, dress, makeup, and all the elements of your personal style for that day.


In addition to what we mentioned above, you should think about the shoes you will wear on your special day.

If you want to wear heels, be sure to walk with them and your dress several times before the big day. This will help you to dominate the height of your shoes and the length of your dress.

If you prefer to be more comfortable and dance nonstop, then opt for flat or low-heeled shoes to be up and down all night.

There you go, it’s time to shine with a perfect quinceañera look!

BEAUTY TIPS / Nov 29, 2019

There are days when we simply don’t have the time to get ready or we are tired and the naked eye perceives it. If this happens to you frequently, we have some wonderful tricks that won’t take you more than 60 seconds to do and will make you look better in a flash.

Rub an ice cube on your face

After your regular facial cleansing routine, gently rub an ice cube over the entire skin of your face. This will help your pores close and tighten.

Ice will also help your facial skin to reduce any inflammation and look fresher and revitalized.

Give yourself a quick neck massage

Stress causes the neck muscles to tighten, provoking blood flow to block.

By giving yourself a quick neck massage, you’ll be allowing your blood flow to improve, which will help you to de-stress and think better. This also prevents the release of the hormone cortisol that inhibits the production of collagen, which is essential for skin tone and firmness. After the massage, you will feel a general relief and your face will look fresher.

Exercise for 60 seconds

Physical activity promotes proper blood circulation and increases oxygen levels that help speed up the metabolism. You will also get a delicate natural blush on your cheeks.

An exercise that you can do in 60 seconds no matter where you are is to run in the same place or do as many jumping jacks you can in a minute.

Dry brush your body

A fast and easy way to exfoliate the skin of the body is by dry brushing it. To do this, you need a body brush, but make sure it’s for dry brushing as the bristles should be a bit stiffer than usual.

Dry brushing your skin helps increase circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage, which eliminates toxins, resulting in better-looking skin and a healthier system in general.

Apply eye luminizer

Take a bit of luminizer with the tip of your finger and gently tap the inner corner of your eye. The warmth of your finger will make the product melt properly on your skin and make you look instantly more awake.

Add color to your lips, eyes and cheeks with your lipstick

If you didn’t have time to put on makeup, but you feel that you need some color, simply apply a bit of your favorite lipstick on your eyelids, cheeks and lips. It’s the most practical and easy way to look makeup-sharp in a snap.

BRIDAL GURU / Nov 15, 2019

The wedding day is one of the happiest moments in many women's lives. The dearest friends, family, and other loved ones are gathered together to celebrate the beautiful union of two people who love each other and want to make a life as a couple. Of course, that day, all eyes are focused on the bride, so she will surely want to look her best.

If you're a happy bride-to-be and want to look amazing on your wedding day, we have some proven tips that will help you get the most out of your bridal look.

Choose the ideal dress for your body type

The wedding dress is the main element of your wedding look.

No matter what style you prefer, the most important thing is that you choose a dress that fits your body type. This way, you can accentuate your natural figure and highlight your best attributes, while those little things that you don’t like so much can go unnoticed.


At least 5 or 6 months before your wedding, begin to exercise.

It’s not necessary to hit the gym every day for 2 hours. Doing some physical activity at least 4 days a week will be very beneficial for you. Beyond losing weight, which you're probably not even looking for, exercise will help your body tone and look better in your wedding dress, as well as being one of the best ways to relieve stress.

Sleep well the night before your wedding

A good night's sleep has the power to repair us on many levels.

Sleep well the night before your wedding to wake up renewed, full of energy and with perfectly rested skin.

Arrive at your makeup and hair appointments with extra time

The unexpected always comes at the worst moments, so we recommend arriving at your makeup and hair appointments at least 15 minutes earlier than scheduled.

You never know what can happen, and it's better to have plenty of time for your look to be as you really want than to be in a rush. It's your wedding day, you must give yourself enough time to get ready for the big event.

Bring with you touch-ups

Before the wedding begins, give your mom, sister, or best friend a bag with items you may need to touch up your look. Lipstick, makeup, hairpins, hook pins, deodorant, tissues, etc.

This way, at any time you want, you can take a break and go to the bathroom to give a touch to your makeup and hair, or fix any damage in your dress.

PARTY QUEEN / Oct 30, 2019

Beyond thinking that it’s something superficial, feeling good about our appearance can make us more self-confident, be in a better mood, and feel happier in general. Looking at how we look is something we naturally have as humans, so it’s not a bad thing to look for ways to make the most out of our looks.

Keep reading, as in this article we will talk about 6 ways to enhance your appearance and always look amazing.

Exercise before going out

Exercise is one of the best gifts we can give our bodies. Not only does it strengthen us, but it helps us get rid of stress and gives a healthy glow to our skin.

It is highly recommended to exercise regularly, but the next time you have an important party or event, exercise a couple of hours before. You will notice that your skin looks more radiant and you will look amazing in your dress.

Pay attention to your body posture

Standing and sitting with our backs straight automatically makes us look more stylized and even thinner. Besides, it is healthy for the spine, so taking care of your posture will benefit you inside and out.

Take care of your mouth

Our mouth says a lot about ourselves. There’s nothing more pleasant than having a healthy and clean mouth. Therefore, learn to brush your teeth properly and do it three times a day. Floss every night and get professional cleanings at least twice a year.

In addition to clean, white teeth, soft lips are also very attractive. You can exfoliate them with sugar and honey or brushing them with a toothbrush to get rid of dead skin. Do it once a week and you will see the difference.

Invest in skin products

Skincare products are an excellent investment. To make them work in your favor, you must know first your skin type and, based on it, buy the products.

The essential products you must have are a daily sunscreen, a gel or soap to wash your face every night, and a daytime moisturizer.

Wear clothes that fit

There’s nothing worse for our looks than wearing clothes that don’t fit. The body changes with age and is something we must accept. A big mistake is wanting to wear the same size we did 10 years ago.

Wear the size you really are, neither smaller nor bigger. Your body will look comfortable and natural.

Eat healthy

And finally... eat healthy. We only have one body in this life and it is a sacred temple. The best way to treat it is to feed it with good and clean food that will fill it with energy and provide the necessary nutrients to have a healthy life.

Once in a while, it’s nice to enjoy junk food and high-calorie drinks. But let it only be from time to time and make a habit of eating healthy foods.

PARTY QUEEN / Oct 11, 2019

When we get invited to a party, one of the first things that come to mind is that we want to look fabulous, right?

Of course, the main component of any party look is the dress we will wear, but, once chosen, some tips can help us take our look from good to spectacular.

You don't have your dress yet and you don't know how to choose it? Our articles “Find the ideal party dress for you according to your personality” and “How to choose a dress according to your body shape?” will make your choice easier.

Take note of the following tips, choose one, mix them around, and look like a star at your next party.

Wear a bold accessory

It’s no secret that accessories are essential to complete any outfit. But, to take your look to another level, you can choose to wear a bold accessory. What do we mean by bold? A pair of oversized earrings, a funky necklace, or a statement bag with a lavish design.

If your dress is already dramatic and eye-catching, then better skip this tip because you might look overloaded. But if it's a plain, one-color dress, definitely think about giving it a fun touch with a bold accessory.

Color your lips with a powerful shade

One of the easiest and fastest tricks to boost any party look is to wear a powerful lipstick. Think glowing red, fuchsia, or bright pink.

Well-painted lips will make your face stand out without having to wear too much makeup. So, if you are not a girl who loves to wear too much mascara or eye shadows, with a powerful color lipstick, it will be more than enough to steal glances.

Accessorize your hair

Take your bun or updo from dreary to fabulous with a jeweled hairpin. You can also go for a glittery headband or, if you want a unique touch, thinking about a feather hair extension will definitely give you an unexpected, but super fun look.

The most important: be confident

It won’t matter the dress, the accessories, your lips or hair if you don’t have confidence in yourself. This is the most important part to look really fabulous. So, whatever your style, be yourself. If you feel confident and comfortable with what you’re wearing, you will transmit it to everyone and you will truly shine at any party.

Are you ready to rock your party look?

FASHION TRENDS / Oct 01, 2019

Are you a girl who loves being in the latest fashion trend? If you missed the most important fashion shows, here are 5 trends that will take over all wardrobes this fall.

Colors, coats, handbags, belts, and hats. A bit of everything so you can put together an out-of-a-magazine look this fall season.

Belt over jacket

One of the great trends for autumn is belts. But, this season they come in a very peculiar way: on top of the jacket. That's right, if you have a coat or jacket that you love, spice it up by placing a belt over it. It can be thin, thick, simple, or super flashy, that’s up to you. But the idea is to put it over your jacket.

Super long coats

A nice coat should always be part of any wardrobe. But, this fall, super long coats are the ones that will dominate the streets. In addition to their extra length, they must be thick and made of heavy wool to provide extra warmth during the cold season.

Color: mauve

Every season has its own color trends and this fall gives us a big surprise with a color that we usually see more in spring: mauve. This purple hue is super versatile, looks beautiful in all skin tones and you can easily combine it with other colors. Say goodbye to the classic autumn terracotta tones and make room for mauve.

Statement hats

Say goodbye to beanies and berets; it's time for statement hats made of thick materials to match with season sweaters and coats. A hat is an excellent accessory to a casual look. If your wardrobe is not that big, a couple of hats will help you give a different touch to the same outfit.

Tiny handbags

This fall, the smaller your handbag, the better. So forget about carrying lots of things, go back to basics, because in your tiny super trendy purse you won’t be able to take more stuff than the strictly essential.

DRESS TRENDS / Sep 26, 2019

Dresses that let shoulders out have always been among the favorites of all the girls.

According to the most important fashion runway shows we have seen during the year, in 2020 to show the shoulders will be in trend more than ever. It’s good news because strapless and off-the-shoulder never go out of style, so you can wear for a long time all the dresses and clothes with this kind of neckline.

Get inspired by these dress models to show off your shoulders to the fullest in the following seasons.

The always fun strapless

Admit it, wearing a strapless dress is so fun! It immediately takes a few years off and allows us to show off our skin in style.

This neckline goes well with all types of bodies, no matter if you are thin or curvy, tall or short. A strapless dress makes all women look fabulous.

As we mentioned, strapless dresses never go out of style and look good with updos and loose hairstyles. So if it's common that you don't know how to match your hairstyle with your dress, with strapless, you won't have that problem.

The charming off-the-shoulder

Off-the-shoulder dresses have a unique, flirty charm.

Strapless necklines have totally uncovered the shoulders area and above the bust. Off-the-shoulder is a style that does have a fabric in the area, but it falls in a certain way that allows the shoulders to be exposed in a charming way.

Classic style

Showing the shoulders has no age limit, so no matter how old you are, it will always be a good option to show off some skin. This style of dress is more classic than the ones we have shown above, so it is perfect for formal events and for women who don’t like to show too much.

A little shoulder will make you feel sexy without leaving elegance behind.

BRIDAL GURU / Sep 19, 2019

For your big day, if there’s something important, it’s your wedding dress. So, you will have to give yourself the task of finding the dress that is perfect for you, the one that will make your attributes stand out and feel truly fabulous.

Fortunately, the world of bridal fashion is quite big and you’ll find tons of options to choose from. If you’re a pretty fashionable girl, then keep reading because here we will present to you three wedding dress trends for 2020 that we’ve seen in the best bridal runways.

Are you ready to find your ideal wedding dress for 2020?

Halter wedding dress

Halter is a style that clearly seeks to show off the back, and a beautiful wedding dress that shows in a sexy, but delicate way, the back makes any bride look sublime.

Halter dresses are also extremely comfortable, as there’s no risk of the straps being lowered, or of showing more skin than you want to show.

Combine your halter wedding dress with bright color shoes and you will look completely fabulous.

Bohemian wedding dress

The bohemian style will continue on-trend during 2020.

What we love about this style is that it can be extremely relaxed, or it can be elegant. It will only depend on the style and vibe you’re having at your wedding.

The perfect companion of a boho wedding dress? A braided hairstyle decorated with natural flowers.

Lace wedding dress

Lace is one of the favorite fabrics in wedding dresses and in 2020 it will continue to be. It is elegant, feminine, and versatile. It looks great both in day and night events, in all types of bodies and personalities.

So, if you like lace, go a bit crazy with it and enjoy a captivating wedding dress with lace from head to toe.

PARTY QUEEN / Sep 04, 2019

It is said that less is more, and this also applies in fashion. Sometimes, the most elegant, beautiful, and sexy dresses are the simplest.

You don’t need to be covered with rhinestones or wear a dress with an extravagant fabric full of eye-catching details to look good. Plain dresses are on a trend more than ever and are a "must" of any wardrobe.

Fall in love with your plain dresses.

They are elegant

Plain dresses are extremely elegant.

Take for example the dress that Meghan Markle wore on her wedding day. It was absolutely beautiful and turned the fashion world upside down for its simplicity. You don’t need more to look simply fabulous. A minimalist, straight, plain dress with no adornment of any kind will do the trick.

They look good in all kinds of events

If you don't have a clue about the dress code of the event you are attending, with a simple plain dress, you can't fail.

This type of dress is one of the most versatile since it looks good both in day and night events, elegant celebrations, or parties with a more relaxed vibe.

Plain dresses are the ultimate party dresses!

They are the perfect match for oversized accessories

If you’re all about oversized accessories, then a plain dress is your best choice.

With on-trend block colors, plain dresses allow accessories to make a statement. So, say hello to oversized earrings and create an impact look for your next party.

Are these enough reasons to love plain dresses? Don’t stay out of this trend and include in your wardrobe an elegant, but fun plain dress. Whether you choose pastel shades or vibrant tones, we assure you that you’ll look fabulous no matter where you go.

FASHION TRENDS / Aug 21, 2019

Some colors become trendy in a particular fashion season, while others are timeless and make any girl look fabulous.

This is the case of champagne, a color whose tone lies between ivory and cream and evokes clarity and purity with an obvious elegant touch.

If champagne is not a color you have on your radar when buying a dress, we'll give you three reasons to love it and want it immediately in your closet.

Reason #1: It's versatile

Champagne is one of the most versatile colors that exist. It goes well for day events, but also night parties. It's a tone that can be used in serious celebrations or in gathering with a more relaxed vibe.

It's a neutral color that you can easily combine with more vivid tones to create a more striking and fun look. If on the contrary, you want to portray a serious appearance, then you can maintain its implicit sobriety by combining it with colors like brown and gray in light tones.

Reason #2: It’s elegant

Probably the first color that comes to your mind when thinking of elegance is black, but in reality, champagne is even more sophisticated. Besides, thanks to its versatility, you can use it in a first-class morning event (which is not recommended with the color black) or for a gala party at night.

If you have never used champagne as a fashion color and an elegant event is approaching, give it a try. We promise you will love how it looks.

Reason #3: It fits all skin tones

Last but not least, champagne is a color that goes well with any skin tone.

It doesn't matter if you have light, brown, or dark skin, champagne will delicately highlight your natural skin color, without contrasting too much or resulting in an exaggerated look. Neutral colors are very benevolent and always a good bet.

Are you convinced to give champagne a chance? Do it, you'll look fabulous in it.

PARTY QUEEN / Aug 16, 2019

Are you looking for a party dress? You've probably seen tons of options, but maybe some of them don't convince you, or you don't know if you'll look good wearing them. While looking for dresses that match your body shape is essential; choosing an option that also suits your personality will make you feel completely happy, beautiful, and self-confident.

Of course, we know that there can be many types of personalities, but to make this article more practical, we will focus on three: outgoing, reserved, and relaxed.

Keep reading and find the ideal party dress for you according to your personality.


Take advantage of your outgoing personality to wear whatever party dress you like. You’re not shy nor do you care about having all eyes on you, so use this in your favor when choosing how to dress.

Get a dress with sequins, fun and that goes with your personality. If you’re outgoing, it’s very likely that you are also very active, so keep an eye on comfort. There’s nothing better than wearing a cute and fun dress, but it should be comfortable enough for you to dance and walk up and down throughout the party.


Being serious and not wanting to get much attention doesn’t mean you can’t look amazing at a party.

We recommend choosing a dress in a classic color, nothing very bright or with an exotic tone. Sparkle and flashy details are probably not much to your liking, so opt for a plain dress or with a little lace to give it a nice touch.

Being a reserved girl doesn’t mean you need to hide all of your skin. If you like your shoulders, you can choose a dress with bare shoulders, but whose neckline doesn’t show more than you feel comfortable showing.


The relaxed personality is right in between outgoing and reserved personalities. You are a simple girl who has no problem to be dancing all night or to be sitting in a more serious atmosphere.

We recommend choosing a simple dress, but with something that makes it stand out. It can be a fun halter neckline, a bright detail, or use a color or fabric that is out of the ordinary.

The idea is that you feel good and comfortable to enjoy the party to the fullest.

BRIDAL GURU / Aug 10, 2019

The time has come for you to choose your wedding dress. We don’t want to put any pressure on you, but the eyes of all your wedding attendees will indeed be on you, so we can imagine that you’ll want to look more beautiful than ever on the big day.

There are dozens of wedding dress styles and the ideal dress for you is the one that best suits your personality and your body shape, as well as the place and particular vibe you want to imprint in your wedding.

To make your choice easier and to help you to find the wedding dress of your dreams, we will suggest 5 gorgeous wedding dress styles.

Classic princess style

Let's start with the classic wedding dress, whose silhouette is princess style.

This type of dress goes very well for all kinds of bodies, and it's ideal for day and night weddings. It's a timeless, romantic, and very comfortable style.


If you like the romantic style, but you don't want the classic princess silhouette, you can go for a mermaid dress with lace details.

You can give a sexy touch to your wedding look by choosing a dress with bare shoulders and a sweetheart neckline.


Modern style wedding dresses are based on clean lines and simplicity. They stay away from heavy fabrics and elaborated designs to welcome beautiful minimalism.

This wedding dress style is ideal for elegant weddings and beach weddings.


For some years now, the boho-chic style took over the wedding universe.

This style is characterized by integrating natural, rustic, and ethnic elements. In the case of boho chic wedding dresses, these have an influence of hippie echoes and break with traditional wedding dresses with soft and vaporous fabrics.

If you’re having a boho-chic celebration, you can break the mold and play with the materials, silhouette and length of your wedding dress.


Glam is one of the most elegant styles.

Glam wedding dresses are full of spark and eye-catching details. Usually, they are skin-tight dresses that have a dramatic element that completely captures all the attention.

Which of these wedding dress styles is for you?

FASHION TRENDS / Aug 04, 2019

It’s common to believe that to dress well you need a lot of money. Fortunately, this isn’t true. By buying the right clothes, having some key accessories, and pulling out some clever tricks, you can always look sharp without going bankrupt.

Do you want to know the best tips to dress well on a budget? Keep reading to find out!

The core basics of any wardrobe

5 basic pieces are essential in a girl's wardrobe: a pair of jeans that fit just right, a white shirt, a plain skirt, a dark blazer, and the classic "little black dress".

If you have these 5 pieces, and of good quality, you can be sure that you'll get out of any fashion emergency. Combining these pieces, you can go to virtually any type of event: a romantic dinner, a work meeting, a picnic with your friends, a wedding, etc.

Make sure you always have these clothes in good condition.

Accessories: essential for any outfit

Accessories can completely change any outfit. They will help you give your personal touch and fill your look with life.

A necklace or set of striking earrings, an unconventional belt, a headband, or a statement bag will make any simple outfit look amazing.

You don’t need to have hundreds of accessories. You just need a good piece of each thing and that´ll be enough to play with different combinations with your clothes.

Timeless and neutral color shoes

Make sure you have a good pair of the following shoes in your closet: flats, heels, sandals, and tennis shoes. That’s it. With this variety, it’s more than enough for all possible outfits that you can use.

If you don’t want to be buying shoes frequently, get timeless styles and neutral tones that combine with any color, such as black, nude, and camel.

Say yes to sales

Whenever you see a store with sales, get inside and see what you find. Maybe you’re looking to renew some of your basic clothes or need a party dress. You never know the hidden jewels you can find on sale, so take the time to scan all the stores. Maybe you can find a piece that will become the new favorite in your closet.

Always keep in mind

The key to looking sharp for less is to keep all your clothes and accessories in good condition and have basic and timeless pieces. You don't need to have thousands of things in your closet, with the right ones you will always look great.


Are you about to celebrate your quinceañera party? We bet you want to look fantastic!

That day is very special because the celebration is all about you and the transition from girlhood to womanhood. Your family, best friends and loved ones will be present there that day.

Among all the elements that you should consider for your quinceañera party, the most important is your dress. Many other decisions depend on it, such as the shoes, hairstyles, and type of jewelry you’ll be wearing. It can also influence the decoration of the venue and the style of the invitations.

As we know it’s an important decision, we want to share some tips for choosing the best quinceañera dress for you.

Choose the silhouette you like best

Although most quinceañera dresses are characterized by having a princess-style silhouette, there are also less sumptuous options.

Simply choose the silhouette you like best, it's your moment and all eyes will be on you, so if you want to be a princess, be it.

If you like to break with the conventional style, then choose a less voluptuous quinceañera dress and that doesn’t stick with the classic silhouette; for example, a high-low skirt dress. It's up to you.

Choose the color of the dress according to your skin tone

Some colors go better according to our skin tone.

If your skin is dark, perhaps you’ve realized that practically all colors look good on you. However, brighter tones such as yellow, fuchsia, green, or electric blue make you look spectacular. On the other hand, if you prefer to make a nice contrast, then go for pastel colors or white tones.

If you are olive-skinned, avoid beige tones as they don’t favor you so much. Choose eye-catching colors like violet, orange, vermilion red, salmon, or yellow.

If your skin is white, the first thing you should do is get away from light tones. Your skin looks beautiful with dark and saturated colors like turquoise, burgundy, red, emerald green, or even gold.

Choose the dress according to your body type

All bodies are different and there are dress styles that favor us more than others.

If you are a short girl, a waist-cut dress looks beautiful on you, as they help stylize your silhouette, making visually longer the lower part of your body.

If you are thin, wide skirt dresses or with ruffles will help you give more volume to your figure. If, on the contrary, you are of robust complexion, an empire-cut dress that marks your waist will be very flattering for you.

If you have a large bust, round-neck and sweetheart necklines will make you feel quite comfortable and look great; avoid halter necklines. If you have a smaller bust size, then choose a corset that fits your waist.

Now, you’re ready to go and find your dream quinceañera dress! Remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your dress so you can enjoy your party non-stop.

FASHION TRENDS / Jul 13, 2019

All women look to have a personal style. We always think that others are better dressed than us, that they have a more elaborate style, or that they have a special gift for choosing clothes that make them look fantastic.

But in reality, our style evolves with us throughout life, so it's normal to be in a constant search. Changing styles is quite good because it means that we change over time; that we mature and see the world differently. Our needs evolve constantly, and that allows us to stay creative.

No matter what stage of life you are in, these tips will help you find and define your personal style of the moment.

Tip # 1: Choose the story you want to tell with your clothes

It is said that looks can be deceiving. We have the great advantage of being able to tell all the stories we want with our clothes. Elegant, sexy, glamorous, rockstar... we can decide it with the way we dress.

Of course, the best thing is to dress according to our personality, the idea we make of ourselves, and the one we want to transmit.

Think about it for a moment: what do you want to say about yourself through your clothes? That you're a happy person? That you're an introvert or an extrovert? That you like simplicity? Everything is possible and 'you're free to dress according to your wishes. Also, you can decide to be all these people on different days; there are no rules.

So, imagine the person you want to be and define what clothes you could wear to be that person.

Tip # 2: Create your basic kit

It's convenient always to have basic clothes in your closet. A white shirt, jeans, a comfortable skirt, and the classic "little black dress" are some of the essential pieces.

So, you must define the basis of your wardrobe, that is, the clothes you can't live without. This basic kit is the key to your personal style and it can give you an idea of what you like to wear the most. For example, maybe for your jeans are essential, while for your best friend can be skirts or dresses.

Make a list of the clothes you have used the most in the last year and write why. This will make your favorite items jump before your eyes, and it'll be easier to see what your current style is and decide whether you like it or not.

Tip # 3: Does your fashion style adapt to your lifestyle?

You have a vague idea of your ideal style and the story you want to tell, but, does this story really fit your lifestyle? Is it an ideal style for your day to day or, on the contrary, it has nothing to do with your daily life?

Maybe you’re a busy person who runs all day; then you need to give priority to have comfortable clothes, instead of an elegant outfit difficult to wear with the daily hustle. Please note that having comfortable clothes doesn’t mean slobby, you can look chic and stylish without sacrificing comfort.

Always try to give more importance to clothing that fits your lifestyle. If you have trouble defining your style, this is a great way to find it. Besides, you can always come up with ways to improve your outfits if you feel the need or desire to do so.

Tip # 4: Buy the right clothes

You'll have less difficulty defining your style if you buy the right clothes. That is, those pieces that you would like to use always and that adapt to your lifestyle and the story you want to tell. And yet, making purchase mistakes is also a good long-term way of knowing what you want or rather what you no longer want.

Don't feel guilty if you regret having bought that green jumpsuit you never wore (because you don't wear jumpsuits, nor do you like green, but it was so beautiful that you couldn't resist). Mistakes are also necessary for life.

On the other hand, it's common to have the idea that we need to have a lot of money to look elegant and well-dressed. This is a mistake. Style can't be bought, so it doesn't matter how much you spend on clothes.


Tip # 5: Get inspired and stay creative

Your style doesn’t define you for your whole life. You have the right to make it evolve and adapt it. Fashion is a great playground, so you have to have fun with it.

Even if you feel comfortable with your current style, never stop inspiring yourself. With social media, it’s very easy to find inspiration that will encourage you to try a new trend, a color you never thought to use, or to dare to wear a type of clothing that until now you have never used.

In fashion, never say never.

DRESS TRENDS / Jun 24, 2019

Gala dinners are the events with the strictest dress code. If you were invited to one, don’t panic, getting dressed for a gala can be quite fun, because it’s something that doesn’t happen so frequently.

First of all, remember that gala parties are always at night, so your whole look must be thought for nighttime.

Also, it’s important to know the dress code for the gala you are attending since it can be black tie, black tie optional, or semiformal.

Take note of the following tips to know how to dress for a gala party, and take advantage of the event to pamper yourself with a dreamy dress.

Black tie gala

For a black-tie gala, men should wear tuxedos and women should wear long and very formal gowns.

This is the occasion when you can wear a dress with a princess-like silhouette. Your overall look should be very elegant and glamorous.

If you don’t know what color of the dress to choose, black and dark colors never fail for gala parties.

Black tie optional gala

Black tie optional galas are a bit less elegant. Men can choose to wear a suit instead of a tuxedo and women should wear long dresses, but not so dramatic ones.

Choose a dress whose shape highlights your silhouette and don’t forget that it is an evening event, so say yes to all the sparkle that you want.

Semiformal gala

The third dress code option is semiformal, which is usually for parties with a more relaxed atmosphere.

For a semiformal gala you can choose a midi dress or even a cocktail dress. If you prefer to go with a long dress, it's ok, but make sure it's a simpler dress than the one you would wear for a formal gala.


For an entire gala look, choose high-heels with rhinestones, sequins, and glitter.

If your dress is black, go for black shoes, but if it’s of another color, gold or silver heels can be an excellent option.


As galas are always at night, you should consider taking something to keep you warm.

If the party is in wintertime, think of an elegant coat. If the gala is on the beach or in a warm-weather place, you can wear a silk pashmina to cover your shoulders.

Follow these tips and look spectacular at the next gala party you go to. Remember, the key element of your look is the dress, so take your time to choose the right one for you.

BRIDAL GURU / Jun 15, 2019

The mother of the bride plays a key role in the wedding. She is one of the main characters and the bride's favorite partner in crime.

For this reason, we create this style guide exclusively for the mother of the bride. If your daughter is getting married, take note to have a classy and impactful look.

Dress style

There are dozens of dress styles to choose from. To make your decision a little easier, a good idea is that you compliment the bride. That is, if her wedding dress will have lace, yours should too. If it is of vaporous fabrics, then choose one with those types of fabrics too.

Communicate with your daughter so you can both decide the dress style you want for that big day.

Once you’ve chosen the style of the dress, you can think about the color.

Color of the dress

The color of the dress depends mainly on whether it'll be a day or night wedding.

If it's a daytime wedding, you can go for bright colors like yellow, mint, and coral. Just make sure you're not going with the same color as the bridesmaids.

If the wedding will be at night, then a dark-colored dress is the most elegant option. While black is the first color that comes to mind for an evening event, shades like gray, aubergine, burgundy, and navy blue look incredible and elegant too. If you're more of an extrovert, choose a red dress, which, with the right accessories, will make you look lovely.

If you want to go for a more classic and timeless look, you can choose a neutral color. Shades such as beige, mauve, champagne, silver, and rosewood work well both day and night.


The shoes are the main complement of any dress. On this special occasion where you will be standing for a long time greeting guests or dancing on the dancefloor, it’s better to prioritize comfort over design. Look for a pair of beautiful shoes that are comfortable enough to wear for a long time.

Choose a neutral tone so that you can use those shoes with many other colors of dresses.


Accessories are essential for any look, and their style must depend entirely on the dress.

If you choose a simple dress, your accessories can have a more prominent role in your overall look and be flashy with large earrings or a necklace with an eye-catching colorful jewel. But if your dress already has rhinestones and other details, the best is to keep the accessories simple. For example, classic pearls are discreet and elegant.

Hair and makeup

After checking out of your list for all of the above, it's time for hair and makeup. Once again, the time of day in which the wedding takes place is key.

If it's a day wedding, choose soft and natural makeup, with pink and peach tones that'll give a delicate touch of color to your face.

On the contrary, weddings at night allow more intense makeup with smokey eyes and bright red lips.

As for the hairstyle, an updo is always a good idea: it's timeless, elegant, and lasts longer than the loose hairstyles.

Now you're ready to be a stunning mother of the bride!

PARTY QUEEN / Jun 10, 2019

If you’re about to go to a cocktail party, you will want to look amazing.

Cocktail parties are so much fun as they have all the elements that a good event should have, but without being very formal. It’s a good opportunity to pamper yourself by buying a beautiful cocktail dress, doing a different hairstyle, and going a bit wild with makeup.

Are you ready to get a perfect look for your next cocktail party? Here are some tips to make it happen.

Cocktail dress

Cocktail dresses are characterized by being short. There are many styles and designs to choose from, so simply follow your instinct and personal taste. If the party is exclusively at night, you can choose dark colors but with a lot of sparkles and sequins. If the event starts during the day, then choose pastel colors.

The idea is that you choose a cocktail dress in which you feel comfortable but beautiful and that the style fits perfectly with your personality.

Remember that the shoes complement the look, especially in cocktail dresses, as they are seen all the time. Choose comfortable shoes with which you can dance and have fun without feeling pain in your feet. As for the color, the easiest is to wear the same tone of your dress or a neutral color like nude or silver.

Hairstyle for a cocktail party

The overall look for a cocktail party should be fun and glittery but at the same time with not that much of an effort. Elegance is for more formal events like prom or weddings. This night is to show your personal style in a chic way.

Thus, don’t go for an overly elaborate hairstyle. If you want to go with your hair up, do it, but make it a simple and clean bun. You can also choose to go with your hair down, but style it with some beachy waves. An ideal hairstyle is half up, which you can upgrade by curling your hair, making a braid, or adding a headband.

Perfect makeup for a cocktail party

A cocktail party is ideal for showing off colorful lips and impact lashes.

Don’t be afraid of intense colors, welcome the different shades of red and purple to give a fun, chic, and irresistible touch to your lips.

As for your eyelashes, they can truly change the look on your face in an instant, so be very generous with the amount of mascara that you apply —you will see how your look automatically sparkles.

For your cheeks, go for a blush with a delicate pink tone or make them glow with a bronzer.

Now you’re ready to party! Dress, hairstyle, and makeup! The important thing in a cocktail party look is to keep things feminine and fun.


Your quinceañera party is coming. How exciting it is to celebrate this great moment in your life with your loved ones!

You already have the venue, informed your guests of the date and time of the big event, and planned the dance you’re presenting with your court of honor.  Now it's time to focus on your look!

Here are some tips for a memorable quinceañera.

The most important element: the dress!

Quinceañera dresses are characterized by having a charming princess air, so enjoy the moment and make yours that beautiful fantasy silhouette. Choose your favorite color or dare to use a tone that you've never used, but that you've always wanted to. This is your night, and with your quinceañera dress, everything is possible!

Remember that in dresses, there are different types of necklines: halter, sweetheart, straight with spaghetti straps, strapless, etc. Choose the one that best suits your personality and that'll be very comfortable to dance and have nonstop fun.


Remember that you’re going to dance a lot, so it’s better to use very comfortable shoes. We recommend that you buy them well in advance and use them at home whenever you can. With use, shoes become looser and more comfortable. Either way, it’s always a good idea to have a change of footwear during the event –you can change your party shoes for your favorite sneakers or flats. You’ll also need them for the shoe changing ceremony!

As for the color, the most natural thing would be to choose the same tone of your dress but to give an interesting contrast, you can pick them of an opposite color. If you are wearing a light tone dress, choose dark shoes and vice versa.

Hair and makeup

You don’t want to have a mess in your hair by midnight, right? For that reason, it’s better that you choose a hairstyle that lasts long and that resists all the dance and jumping that you’ll be doing, in addition to all the hugs you’ll receive. To give a special touch to your hair, you can add a delicate tiara or crown.

Your quinceañera makeup must be very subtle. Whether you do it yourself or a professional does it, focus on highlighting your eyes and just give a touch of color to your lips.

We recommend that you do at least two hair and makeup tests before the big day, so you'll know how you'll look and won’t get any surprises.

Pamper yourself before the party

It’s a very special day where all your family and friends will be together. It’s normal to feel a little nervous, so the best thing is to pamper yourself before the party doing things that make you very happy. Either eat ice cream, take a walk in the park with your pet, or laugh out loud with your best friend. This will help you relax and to be ready for your big quinceañera party.

That day you’ll be experiencing a lot of adrenaline, so it’s easy to forget to eat. Please don’t do it, as it could affect your mood and condition during the celebration.

Are you ready to be the cutest and happiest quinceañera in the world?

BRIDAL GURU / May 23, 2019

Bridesmaids play a significant role in the wedding. They are the women the bride trusts the most, with whom she has shared some of her best moments and those who have always been there for her, in both good and bad times. For any bride, her wedding is one of the most important days in her life, so having these special women close is very meaningful.

The choice of bridesmaid dresses can be simple if you consider a few essential points. At GLS, we want to share with you some tips that will make the decision-making process easier.

Place, time, and date of the wedding

The first thing to consider is the place where the event will take place. Of course, it’s not the same to choose a dress for a beach wedding than for one in the city; for a day or night party; and for hot or cold seasons.

For daytime weddings, simpler dresses and soft colors are usually worn. On the beach and hot places, you should think a lot about the fabric is light and airy, and even take into consideration the neckline and length of the dress.

Evening weddings tend to be more elegant, with dresses in more intense colors and details such as beads and crystals. If it’s going to be a winter wedding, consider looking for thicker fabrics.

Style of the wedding

Once knowing the place, time, and season, you should be aware of the style of the wedding, which is determined by the couple. Maybe it's going to be a winter wedding in the city, but with a very relaxed vibe; or perhaps it'll be an event on the beach, but extremely elegant. So this is also important for choosing the bridesmaid dresses.

The personal style of each bridesmaid

Some brides prefer that all their bridesmaids wear exactly the same dress. But others only want their ladies to wear the same color and fabric, and that each one of them brings their personal style to the dress. If this is the case, then by knowing the two previous points, each bridesmaid can choose the style that pleases her most. Maybe the halter neckline is more comfortable for one of them, or another loves the two-piece dresses trend. Options are endless!

Styles to accent the best of each body

The reason why there are different shapes and necklines in dresses is to accent the best of each body.

For example, for thinner bodies, A-line and mermaid shape dresses are very flattering; while more curvy silhouettes look wonderful in empire waist and two-piece dresses.

Girls with small busts can enhance their upper body with sweetheart and asymmetric necklines. Ladies with larger bust sizes will feel very comfortable with a strapless or high neckline.

PARTY QUEEN / May 16, 2019

One of the most important moments for any girl is just around the corner: prom night! And, of course, you'll want to look wonderful and for that, the essential element in your look is the dress.

There’s a wide variety of prom dress styles, so for some girls, the choice can be stressful, but don’t worry! We've created a basic guide on the different prom dress styles and the attributes that each one of them highlights the most. This way it’ll be much easier to choose the dress that will make you shine all night.

First of all, let’s talk about shapes...


The mermaid shape is beautiful, fun and elegant. It accents the waistline and hips, so it’s ideal for girls that are not that curvy and want to highlight these parts of their bodies.


A-line dresses are full of princess-style charm. They are also very flattering for slender girls as they help add dimension around the hips and give volume to the lower part of the body.

Empire waist

An empire waist dress is always in style. It’s an elegant option for any body size and shape that gives a delicate accent to the bust.


A simple straight dress can be the most elegant of all. If you don’t like to be surrounded by much fabric and just want to go all the way simple, a straight line dress will be ideal for you.


Two-piece dresses are on fire! They are fun and an instant eye-catcher. They can be very flattering for short and petite girls, but also for tall misses.

Now, let’s go with necklines


The v-neck is one of the most popular necklines in dresses. It’s flattering for all types of body shapes.


A sweetheart neckline will always draw attention to the chest area. It’s sexy but sweet at the same time. It helps enhance the bust, so it’s a good option for girls that have a smaller bust size.


An all-time favorite… There’s a reason why strapless is one of the most popular necklines: it is elegant, fun, chic, and looks great on all girls! You can’t go wrong with a strapless dress.

Off the shoulder

Under the same premise of strapless, this style shows off both shoulders and the neck area, but it does have straps that go just beneath them creating a beautiful neckline.

High neck

High neck style is great for girls with a large bust as it disguises it. It’s timeless, elegant, and comfortable.

One shoulder or asymmetric

This neckline always gives a modern and fun touch. It helps add dimension to the shape of the body, so it’s especially good for skinny girls.

What about fabrics and details?

Of course, the fabric choice has a lot to do with the preference of each girl. However, it is important to mention that heavy fabrics give more volume to the body than those that are vaporous.

As for details, don’t be shy, if you like sparkle, go all the way with beads and all kinds of crystals that give a super chic and elegant look to prom dresses.

If you’re more of a simple-style gal, then opt for a plain dress that will make you shine in a sleek way.

Are you ready for one of the best nights of your life? Enjoy your prom to the fullest with the ideal dress for you.