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It's that time of year when ladies across the country are looking for prom dress ideas. We love that you're getting ahead and exploring your options! Prom is one of the few occasions where you can dress and feel like royalty. And one lucky lady will even get to wear the crown! Got your eyes set on the ultimate prom accessory? Then let's find you a prom dress to match!  

🌟 Five trendy prom dress ideas for the prom queen to be 👑

We're diving right into these prom dress ideas. Find out what styles are turning heads this year below.  

1. Corsets

Yes, corset tops are no longer just for the 1800s—they're all over the fashion scene this year, including prom attire. This prom dress idea is perfect if you're looking for a sexy look. A corset will hug the curves of your body and accentuate your hourglass shape. Right now, sheer fabric is also very in, so you'll likely see corset bodices made of mesh or lace. While red and black corset prom dresses may be the first to come to mind, we recommend exploring other colors for a unique look. For a romantic vibe, opt for something like lilac or periwinkle. (Bonus: both of these are hot colors this year.)  
lilac corset prom dress
Get the look: style GL3162 | Glitter Sheer Bodice Off Shoulder Mermaid Dress w/ Sheer Slit

2. Cutouts

Looking for a prom dress that'll capture a room? Bring on the cutouts! This prom dress idea will make you feel like you've just walked off the runway. Showing skin in unconventional places, like your sides, hips, or back, is super edgy and unexpected. It's not for the gals who play it safe, that's for sure! If you love this prom dress idea, you're not afraid of standing out. And we love to see it. So why not push the boundaries even further? A fiery color, like red, or a sexy slit in the skirt would take this look to the top.  
red mesh prom dress
Get the look: style GL3152 | Flower Applique Sheer Front Cut-out Side Mesh A-line Dress

3. Feathers

With this prom dress idea, it's all in the (feather) details. The feather micro-trend seems to be everywhere lately—from dresses and tops to shoes and bags. And we're definitely not complaining. It brings the texture we've all been waiting for. Typically, you'll find feathers tracing the neckline and sleeves. Want to make a bigger statement? Keep your eyes peeled for asymmetrical dresses. The feathers will accentuate the dress' angles. To truly bring this prom dress idea to life, we recommend a dress that combines feathers with other fun textures, like sequins. Mixing and matching fabrics is not only trendy, but it'll also show next-level confidence.  
green one shoulder prom dress
Get the look: style GL3160 | Ruched Bodice Mesh Mermaid Dress w/ One Long Mesh Sleeve

4. Puff sleeves

Looking for a prom dress idea that'll bring the drama? Now's the time to rock a prom dress with puff sleeves! Like corsets, puff sleeves are making a comeback. They date way back to the Renaissance period, but we now find them in fashion with a modern twist. If you're worried that oversized sleeves will be uncomfortable to wear all night, you can totally find prom dresses with detachable sleeves. This offers the best of both worlds. You can snag some Instaworthy photos with them on—then take them off when you're ready to hit the dance floor. A bold trend like this deserves a vibrant color, like yellow or orange. Pro tip: these colors will be all over the fashion scene this year. (More on that below!)  
yellow sweetheart mermaid prom dress
Get the look: style GL3155 | Jewel Sweetheart Mesh Mermaid Dress w/ Detachable Short Puff Sleeves

5. Bright colors

Yes, ladies, bright colors are here for another year: hot pink, tangerine orange, and sunshine yellow are all hot picks for your prom dress. What we love about this prom dress idea is that it keeps so many options on the table. You can show off your style without being tied down to a specific silhouette, cut, or fabric. Let's say you want to wear a hot pink prom dress. You could find one with cutouts, a corset, or unique fabrics. It's so easy to hit two trends in one dress! If you're still unsure what silhouette or cut to go for, this prom dress idea is a great starting point—and will ensure your outfit is up to the minute.  
hot pink velvet sequin prom dress hot pink cut out back prom dress
Get the look: style GL3145 | Ruched Cut-out Back Illusion Sweetheart Velvet Mermaid Dress

Found a prom dress idea you like?

Then the next step is exploring your options and choosing the perfect dress! We just added new trendy additions to the GLS catalog—so don’t forget to take a peek before you go! If you’re looking for more of our expert recommendations, you can also find handpicked favorites in these blog posts:  

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