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If you consider yourself a trendsetter year-round, then you know that prom is no exception. It's one of the biggest nights to make a statement.

So what are the fashion trends this year, and how can you incorporate them into your prom dress? That's a question we're exploring today.

Get ready, fellow fashionistas. From prints and fabrics to silhouettes and cuts—we're covering five on-trend prom styles that are hot, hot, hot!

1. Textured fabrics

Gone are the days when prom dresses are plain. This prom style is all about adding dynamic detail to your dress.

Instead of choosing a dress with one simple fabric, we encourage you to add some texture. Think glitter, sequins, jewels, ruffles, lace, appliqué, and feathers.

You can go as light or heavy on this trend as you want! Add detailing to the bodice or the skirt, or choose a dress completely textured! Don't be scared to mix and match different materials and fabrics. You can rock sequins, jewels, and embroidery, all in one look!

If you really want to stand out from the rest, walk the runway in a dress with feathered sleeves. Now that's a prom style that will make you turn heads! If you’re going to a Great Gatsby-themed prom, this look is perfect.

mauve sequin prom gown

Get the look: style GL3046 | Feather-Shoulder Embellished A-line Dress w/ Open V-back

2. Floral details

The floral trend is here to stay, and it's perfect for your prom look. For the whimsical prom queen, this prom style will be up your alley.

Floral embroidery and patterns are two great options for your prom dress. If you choose one with floral appliqué, you can also add texture. (And just like that, you've hit two of this year's hottest trends!)

Your bodice is a great place for adding florals. To add a romantic vibe, find a gown with a sweetheart neckline and off-the-shoulder sleeves.

What color matches well with this prom style? Florals look great with pastel hues, like rose, gray, mint, and lavender.

silver chiffon prom gown

Get the look: style GL3018 | Floral 3D Applique and Embroidery Embellished Bodice A-Line Chiffon Dress

3. Bright, bold colors

Bright hues are making a comeback in fashion this year. Ladies, if you're looking to make a statement, this is a prom style for you.

Here is a list of bold colors that are perfect for your prom dress: 

  • 💗 Hot pink
  • 🧡 Tangerine orange
  • 💚 Emerald green
  • 💙 Periwinkle blue

Don't stop here. Pair up these hues with a fun shiny fabric like lamé, which is completely made up of, or interspersed with, metallic fibers.

When it comes to this prom style, go bold or go home! You'll be sure to turn heads in a prom dress like this.

fuchsia metallic prom gown

Get the look: style GL2943 | Ruched Metallic Lame V-Neck Mermaid Long Dress w/ Lace Up Back

4. Unique sleeves

Yes, sleeves are a practical part of any outfit. But what we're seeing in the fashion world is a fresh, fashionable take on sleeves—and we're loving every minute of it. If you're looking for a chic prom style, it's time to update your prom dress sleeves!

There are several ways to hit this trend. Our favorites? Off-the-shoulder tied sleeves, cut-out sleeves, and one-shoulder sleeves. (Show off those collarbones, ladies!)

This is also a great opportunity to embrace your curves and add drama to the silhouette. Layers of chiffon create volume and accentuate the hourglass shape.

blue jewel embellished prom gown

Get the look: style GL2094 | One Shoulder Jewel Embellished Bodice Chiffon Floor Length Dress

5. Drapey fabrics

Perhaps the pandemic had something to do with it, but fluid fabrics are coming at us full force this year—and not just for casual wear. If you're looking for a chic yet comfortable prom dress, you'll love this prom style.

Loose and drapey fabrics, like chiffon, are perfect for nailing this trend. It falls over your body in a flattering way and gives you all the room for dancing the night away.

Now that doesn't mean this prom trend is boring. You can use the above trends, like adding texture or bold colors, to keep this look from falling flat.

Another way you can add some spice is through detachable layers, like a mesh skirt or sleeves. Don't worry—once the dance party begins, you can take them off and let loose!

champagne beaded prom gown

Get the look: style GL3005 | Detachable Mesh Sleeve V-Neck Chiffon Prom Dress

Find the dress that fits your favorite prom style

Now that you know these five prom styles, which one best speaks to you? Once you've answered that question, take a look at our full prom dress catalog to find your dream gown.

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