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We all love a good prom theme—it makes dressing up for the event that much more fun! But it does narrow down your options for a prom dress, making it trickier to find the perfect one.

Not to worry! We've already covered a few prom themes in our blog, like fire and ice, masquerade, and Hollywood. Today, we're covering five more! No matter what prom theme you come across, you have stylish dress ideas right at your fingertips.

* A Night in Greece Prom Theme *

If you could travel back in time, which time period would you want to visit? Where would you want to go? We'd certainly like to see Ancient Greece—and if you're lucky, your prom theme will let you do that!

Think white, gold, and drapey fabrics for a Greek prom theme. If you can score all three—you'll totally nail your look. Rather than opting for a big, full skirt, we recommend choosing a slinkier silhouette, such as A-line or mermaid.

There are surprisingly many options when it comes to a Greek-style prom dress. For example, your dress could have one sleeve, two sleeves that are long and billowy, or it could be sleeveless. Greek goddesses were known to wear capes—why not rock one at your night in Greece?

When it comes to your makeup, pack on the highlighter and gold eyeshadow. It's time to get your glow on!

gold grecian themed dress

Get the look: style GL3062 | Full Sequin Cape Sleeve V-Neck Long Dress w/ Leg Slit

* Casino Prom Theme *

A casino prom theme is one of our favorites. With all the games, there's tons of fun to be had. Plus, you get to dress like you're one of the stars in Casino Royale. Win-win.

When it comes to casino prom themes, decorations are typically red, black, and white—to mimic the colors on a deck of cards. When choosing a prom dress, pick one of these colors to fit right in. Glitter and other embellishments are always welcome!

Tight-fitted dresses will capture the casino or Vegas vibe. If you want a long dress, take a look at mermaid silhouettes. If you prefer something shorter, try on a bodycon dress. Or, if you want a bit more movement, A-line gowns are always the way to go! They're flattering on any figure.

Since casino prom dresses are hot, hot, hot—why not choose a skirt with a slit? Don't forget to buy a sexy pair of heels to complete the look.

black prom dress

Get the look: style GL3006 | Sheer Bodice Sleeveless V-Neck Sequin Prom Dress w/ Leg Slit

* Moulin Rouge Prom Theme *

Did anyone else watch the movie Moulin Rouge and wish they could dress like that just once? If you're on your way to a Moulin Rouge-themed prom, it's finally your time! Let's make sure you nail your look.

The iconic cabaret first opened its doors to Paris in 1889, and its burlesque dancers wore extravagant costumes. For your lavish Moulin Rouge dress, try to find the following: a corset top and bold embellishments. For this prom theme, we also recommend choosing a black or jewel-toned dress—Sea Green, of course, is a great option.

When it comes to choosing fabrics, satin, tulle, and organza are popular picks. Don't forget to jazz up the outfit with some funky accessories, like a feather headpiece!

silver strapless sweetheart neckline ruffled skirt long dress

Get the look: style GL1026 | Strapless Sweetheart Organza Long Ruffle Dress with Jeweled Bodice

* Under the Sea Prom Theme *

We love when prom themes make the unimaginable happen. We've all watched the Little Mermaid and wished we could be Ariel for a day but knew it was impossible. Well, until now.

With this prom theme, it's time to channel your inner mermaid princess. Blues, greens, and purples are the perfect hues for this underwater theme. When it comes to silhouettes, it's a no-brainer: a mermaid silhouette is just the thing! It hugs your curves and flares at the knees, which will make you look like you have a mermaid tail! (Who said being a mermaid was impossible?)

Want to take your outfit to the next level? Choose a prom dress that has iridescent sequins on it. It will create a pearl effect, which is absolutely perfect for this underwater prom theme!

under the sea prom dress

Get the look: style GL3026 | Full Iridescent Sequin Cut-Out Back Prom Dress w/ Detachable Mesh Layer

* Enchanted Forest Prom Theme *

If you're off to an enchanted forest-themed prom, you're in for a dreamy night. You'll be dancing under fairy lights, lanterns, and greenery. With a prom theme like this, you'll need a whimsical dress to match.

Earthy tones are a great place to start when picking a dress color. Of course, any green will do. But you can also rock pale pink, yellow, blue and purple. (If a fairy would wear it, you're in good hands!)

We think ball gowns with tulle skirts are oh-so-fitting for a prom theme like this one. To further embrace the enchanted forest theme, choose a gown with floral embellishments. A touch of femininity never hurt anyone!

Because you're wearing a big dress with lots of fabric, we recommend throwing your hair up into a bun or half-do to make sure your face and shoulders are still front and center. You'll be smiling all night—we don't want to hide that!

enchanted forest prom dress

Get the look: style GL3007 | 3-D Flower Embellished Mesh A-line Dress w/ Lace-up Open Back

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