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Prom is undeniably a special day in anyone's life—it marks the successful completion of high school! So it's definitely an occasion worth throwing on a dress—particularly, a Hollywood-themed prom dress.

There are few times where we can really doll ourselves up—so why not embrace your inner Beyonce and throw on a look that'll turn heads all night?

So bring on the sparkle. Bring on the sexy silhouettes. Bring on the bold lips and hair.

Today, we're digging into five Hollywood-themed prom dresses that will make you feel like you're an A-lister walking the red carpet. Let's get started!

⭐ Sequin Dress with Sheer Cape

Cape-style dresses have been around for thousands of years. From Greek goddesses to Oscar winners, cape dresses have always dominated the fashion scene. Why? They're regal and elegant—making them the perfect choice if you're looking for a Hollywood-themed prom dress.

To avoid overwhelming your figure, we recommend choosing a dress with a sheer cape addition. You can still capture the Hollywood look while showing off your arms and curves.

Speaking of curves, this cape pairs beautifully with a mermaid silhouette. Mermaid dresses hug your waist and hips and then flare out at the knees. Talk about sexy!

When it comes to Hollywood-themed prom dresses, sequins are a must-have. A-listers love to add sparkle to their looks—so why shouldn't you?

We encourage you to go glam when it comes to hair and makeup. Keep your hair voluminous and add a red lip to complete the look.

white mermaid dress

Get the look: style GL1955 | Illusion Deep V-Neck Jewel Embellished Waistline Sequin Long Dress

⭐ Sheer One-Shoulder Dress

For this look, we're putting two Hollywood favorites together: one-shoulder dresses and sheer fabric.

Celebs love adding peek-a-boo elements to their dresses. If you're comfortable baring more skin, we recommend choosing a dress with a sheer waist and skirt. While it looks like a two-piece dress, it's all one garment. Embrace the optical illusion and add lace embellishments to create a 3D effect.

One-shoulder dresses have made a comeback and are loved by A-listers. Choose one with one strap to make an even greater statement with your sheer dress. It adds different angles and dimensions to your dress—setting your look apart from others.

tulle dress

Get the look: style GL2012 | Lace Embellished Tulle Long Dress with Sheer Waist and Skirt

⭐ Slinky Red Dress

What's more fitting for the red carpet than a red dress? If you're looking for a true Hollywood-themed prom dress, you have to go red!

Marilyn Monroe was known to rock a slinky red dress—and you can totally capture that look at prom. A slim-fitted A-line dress is all you need!

To pump up the sex appeal, choose a v-neck or sweetheart neckline. There's no harm in wearing bold red lipstick, either.

To add some sparkle and glam, choose a dress embellishment in rhinestones. Find one that follows your body's natural curves, and you can even create a slimming effect! Win-win.

Your accessories are a great way to complete this look. Choose a rhinestone clutch and some shoulder-grazing earrings to really feel like an A-lister on prom night.

red mermaid dress

Get the look: style GL1543 | Mesh Sweetheart A-Line Long Dress with Rhinestones

⭐ Satin Dress with Slit

If you're looking to capture major Rihanna or J-Lo vibes with your Hollywood-themed prom dress, then look no further.

Satin fabric, high slits, deep-v necklines—all these elements scream sex appeal.

To keep up with this fiery look, don't go for a simple necklace or bracelet. Choose a chunky cuff bracelet and big, bold earrings instead.

If your skin is dark or olive-toned, we recommend choosing an orange or yellow dress to compliment your skin tone. You'll be glowing on your prom night!

Want your skin to glow too? Add some highlighter to the high points of your face, like your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and your brow bone. And just like that, you'll be shimmering all night!

v-neck satin long dress

Get the look: style GL2963 | V-Neck Wide Waistband A-Line Satin Long Dress /w Slit

⭐ Black and Gold Two-Piece Dress

A-listers love to push the boundaries for their red carpet looks. If you're looking for a bold Hollywood-themed prom dress that makes a statement, then you should look for a two-piece!

Black is a classic color for a Hollywood-themed dress, but you can dial up the glam with gold sequin embroidery.

To create a flattering hourglass shape, choose a two-piece dress that's high-waisted. You could opt for an A-line skirt—or mermaid if you want to flaunt your curves.

With a high neckline, we recommend pinning your hair back behind your ears or pulling your hair up for a sleek, elegant look. Plus, you can show off a stunning pair of earrings.

black two pieces golden embroidery jersey long dress

Get the look: style GL2296 | Two-Piece Embroidery Jersey Long Dress with Tail

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