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According to different studies, acquiring a new customer is anywhere from 5 to 20 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. This data makes clear the importance that customer loyalty should have for a business.

But how do we get customer loyalty? Some strategies can help your clothing boutique build customer loyalty. Adapt them and always focus on your customers. Give them what they need and not just what you want.

Make use of the surprise factor

The surprise factor will help your customers perceive the difference between your store and the competition.

Offer them something new that will surprise them. It can be a last-minute special offer, some detail in their purchase, a note, some style advice, whatever is on your mind. The idea is that you get creative and surprise your customers every time they buy something from you. This will make all the difference.

Make them feel in a close and familiar environment

This is especially easy when it comes to a physical store since personal interaction incites closeness.

Make your customers feel as if they were talking with someone they know from a long time ago and who they trust. People come back where they feel comfortable and where they can ask whatever they want without fear of being judged.

Promote the feeling of belonging

All humans like to feel that we are part of something, whether it is a group or a community.

Make your customers feel that they are part of your store. Besides providing excellent service, make them part of your store improvements by asking for their comments and suggestions. You can also create a points program that gives them discounts and exclusive benefits.

Offer a great experience selling the best products

The relationship with your customers shouldn’t be limited only to money and products. Offer them a complete shopping experience.

For example, when buying a dress, offer your client a quick image consultancy, give her advice to take advantage of her figure or even take photos so she can see how she looks with that dress from different angles. Including a drink in this experience is also a good tip. Offering a complete shopping experience can create customer loyalty and will transform your customers into your best ambassadors.

Of course, the products you offer should be of the best quality, with excellent design and premium fabrics. GLS dresses feature quality, designs and excellent prices. We would embrace the opportunity to become your premier dress supplier.

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