Your quinceañera party is coming. How exciting it is to celebrate this great moment in your life with your loved ones!

You already have the venue, informed your guests of the date and time of the big event, and planned the dance you’re presenting with your court of honor.  Now it's time to focus on your look!

Here are some tips for a memorable quinceañera.

1. The most important element: the dress!

Lilac Quinceanera Gown with Crown

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Quinceañera dresses are characterized by having a charming princess air, so enjoy the moment and make yours that beautiful fantasy silhouette. Choose your favorite color or dare to use a tone that you've never used, but that you've always wanted to. This is your night, and with your quinceañera dress, everything is possible!

Remember that in dresses, there are different types of necklines: halter, sweetheart, straight with spaghetti straps, strapless, etc. Choose the one that best suits your personality and that'll be very comfortable to dance and have nonstop fun.

2. Shoes

Quinceanera shoes

Remember that you’re going to dance a lot, so it’s better to use very comfortable shoes. We recommend that you buy them well in advance and use them at home whenever you can. With use, shoes become looser and more comfortable. Either way, it’s always a good idea to have a change of footwear during the event –you can change your party shoes for your favorite sneakers or flats. You’ll also need them for the shoe changing ceremony!

As for the color, the most natural thing would be to choose the same tone of your dress but to give an interesting contrast, you can pick them of an opposite color. If you are wearing a light tone dress, choose dark shoes and vice versa.

3. Hair and makeup

Quinceanera hairstyle and makeup

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You don’t want to have a mess in your hair by midnight, right? For that reason, it’s better that you choose a hairstyle that lasts long and that resists all the dance and jumping that you’ll be doing, in addition to all the hugs you’ll receive. To give a special touch to your hair, you can add a delicate tiara or crown.

Your quinceañera makeup must be very subtle. Whether you do it yourself or a professional does it, focus on highlighting your eyes and just give a touch of color to your lips.

We recommend that you do at least two hair and makeup tests before the big day, so you'll know how you'll look and won’t get any surprises.

4. Pamper yourself before the party

Teen girl smiling

It’s a very special day where all your family and friends will be together. It’s normal to feel a little nervous, so the best thing is to pamper yourself before the party doing things that make you very happy. Either eat ice cream, take a walk in the park with your pet, or laugh out loud with your best friend. This will help you relax and to be ready for your big quinceañera party.

That day you’ll be experiencing a lot of adrenaline, so it’s easy to forget to eat. Please don’t do it, as it could affect your mood and condition during the celebration.

Are you ready to be the cutest and happiest quinceañera in the world?

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