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Decade parties are always fun—especially when it comes to putting together a look that’s perfect for the event. However, sometimes, finding the right outfit is not easy. Where in the world do you even begin?

Good news: you can skip the endless Google searches because we wrangled decade party outfit ideas for popular decade parties, including the ‘20s, ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘80s, and 2000s. We also have blogs dedicated to ‘70s and ‘90s party outfit ideas linked at the bottom (We told you we got you!).

Five Decade Party Outfit Ideas: From the ‘20s to the 2000s

Ready to travel back in time rocking the perfect nostalgic outfit? We won’t make you wait any longer. Find our top decade party outfit ideas below. 

1. ‘20s Party Outfit Idea

The roaring 1920s were all about riches, glamor, and lavish parties. So what did women wear? You guessed it: ultra glamorous, luxe outfits. 

If you’re looking for decades party outfit ideas that’ll transport you back to the 20s, Let’s get started with this flashy number. Decked out in beads and sequin embroidery, this dress will certainly catch eyes.

cappucino beaded mesh mermaid dress

Get the look: GL3115 ​​Embroidery Sheer Side Mermaid Dress w/ Detachable Waist Mesh Layer

This is exactly what the 1920s party outfits were all about! Women loved rocking dresses covered in sequins, jewels, and beads, especially in patterns similar to this one. At the bottom of the dress, the embellishments also mimic the look of fringe—a staple during this period (Hello, flapper dresses!).

To style this dress, we recommend long gloves or a jeweled headband.

2. ‘50s Party Outfit Idea

If you Google decade party outfit ideas for the 1950s, you’ll see that women’s fashion was all about defining the waistline. Whether it was through a voluminous poodle skirt or body-hugging pencil skirt, ladies loved showing off their hourglass shape. Hey, we don’t blame ‘em!

This decade party outfit idea does just that—but offers a modern twist.

pink lace tulle babydoll dress

Get the look: GS2032 Embroidered Tulle Short Dress with Beaded Collar and Illusion Sweetheart Neckline

Poodle skirts were often paired with a modest top, like a collared shirt. This beaded collar here is an elevated take on these simple staples. Isn’t it cute?

The tulle skirt also provides volume to accentuate a small waist. Bonus points? Full, layered skirts are a blast when you hit the dance floor, trust us.

3. ‘60s Party Outfit Idea

In the 1960s, waist-defining dresses were still on the menu. But there were subtle differences between the decades. If you’re looking for decade party outfit ideas that’ll nail these differences and create an accurate ‘60s look, this two-piece dress is it!

peach jersey boat neck two piece dress

Get the look: GS1439 Two-Piece Embroidered Pencil Skirt Dress

Here’s why. First, the bottom of this two-piece dress is a pencil skirt. Its job is to hug your curves and show off the smallest part of your body—your waist.

Boat necks were very popular during the 1960s and this decade party outfit idea covers this major style. And we’ll let you in on a secret: did you know that boat necks are also great for emphasizing an hourglass shape? Try it!

The floral embroidery is another cue that this is an outfit fit for the ‘60s. During this time, people loved rocking patterns—especially florals towards the end of the decade (Cue: the ‘70s flower power!).

4. ‘80s Party Outfit Idea

What’s your inspo for your ‘80s theme outfit? If it’s an ‘80s prom dress, you have to see this look!

This decades party outfit idea is all about bold and bright details. Bright pink color, ruffled skirt, sequins, and jewels—this dress brings all the flashy and the fun. And that’s exactly what you want in an ‘80s party outfit, right?

But if you don’t love fuchsia, any neon shade or bright color will do. Not down with ruffles? Look for other edgy details, like shoulder pads. When it comes to your ‘80s party outfit, you won’t run out of options. 

We also love that this dress brings the glitz and glam because the ‘80s loved shiny materials. For your ‘80s theme outfit, you can also look for a dress made of satin, lamé, or—if you dare—head-to-toe sequins!

fuchsia organza babydoll ruffle dress

Get the look: GS1024 Organza Short Dress with Corset Style Bodice and Ruffle Skirt

5. 2000s Party Outfit Idea

Bright colors, metallic fabrics, body-hugging silhouettes—they’re all you need for a 2000s-themed party. Right now, the ‘90s and 2000s are taking over everyday wear. But with a 2000s party, you’re probably looking for decade party outfit ideas that really lean into classic 2000s styles. No problem, we got you.

Dresses in the 2000s were normally quite form fitting, so mermaid dresses are a great choice. They’ll hug your curves and slightly flare out at the knees, showing off your natural hourglass shape. 

The 2000s also embraced metallic fabrics, so we recommend trying on a lamé dress. It creates a fun, playful look that’s typical of 2000s fashion. Life’s too short for boring clothing! So step out of your comfort zone and choose something loud and fun. A bright color like turquoise? How Y2K of you!

Lastly, ruching was a popular trend in the 2000s and we’re happy to bring it back. Ruching can be used to slim your waistline—and who doesn’t want that?!

P.S. If you’re off to a 2000s party, you’re in luck. We have a whole article dedicated to 2000s outfit ideas here.

turquoise lame lace bodycon dress

Get the look: GL2943 Ruched Metallic Lame V-Neck Mermaid Long Dress w/ Lace Up Back

Find More Decade Party Outfit Ideas Below!

Yes, we’ve covered many decades party outfit ideas today, but if you noticed some decades are missing, you’re not wrong—we skipped a few! If you’re off to a ‘70s or ‘90s themed party, don’t worry, we’ve got blogs dedicated to these periods. For more dress inspo, feel free to explore our full catalog. 

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