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As you know from our other blog posts, we love a good theme party—especially the 1970s. This decade was all about peace, love, and carefree times, and the fashion totally reflects that. Of course, you probably don’t have 1970s clothing lying around at home. If you’re wondering what to wear or looking for inspo, you’re in the right place. We’ve hand-selected five dresses to give you the perfect ‘70s party outfit ideas. Get ready to check them all out!

Boogie the Night Away with these Five ‘70s Theme Party Outfit Ideas 

These 70s theme party outfit ideas capture all the major trends during this decade:

1. Gold sequin dress with cape

With this ‘70s theme party outfit idea, you can really unleash your disco diva!

Gold was the go-to metal in the 1970s, so why not rock an outfit head-to-toe in this shimmering color? In the ‘70s, women were embracing their power and strength—and a bold look is perfect to show that off. 

This dress’ billowing cape mimics bell sleeves, which were very popular during this time. We love that this dress offers a modern take on a ‘70s staple.

While there’s lots of fabric, this 70s party outfit idea doesn’t neglect your shape. Its mermaid silhouette and built-in waistband enhance your curves and create a flattering, feminine look. 

Gold sequin dress with cape

Get the look: GL3062 Full Sequin Cape Sleeve V-Neck Long Dress w/ Leg Slit

2. Gold velvet and sequin dress with feathers

When we said gold was the “it” metal in the ‘70s, we weren’t joking! So we’re bringing you multiple gold 70s party outfit ideas. This number ties in with several other 1970s trends, such as velvet, feathers, and puff shoulders. 

Velvet sits underneath the sequins here, creating a very unique texture. It also adds thickness, so if your party is in the evening or in colder months, it’s a great option for hitting the theme while staying warm.

Feathers were a favorite in the 1970s as well—especially detailing sleeve cuffs. They capture the carefree, fun nature of ‘70s fashion and would be perfect for a party atmosphere. 

Want to check off one more ‘70s style? Puff shoulders! They’re making a comeback, today, too. So this ‘70s theme party outfit idea will totally show off your strong pulse on trends.

Gold velvet and sequin dress with feathers

Get the look: GL3122 Puff Shoulder 3/4 Sleeves Feather Velvet Mermaid Dress

3. Fuchsia sequin mermaid dress

The 1970s was all about expressing your individuality. So if you’re feeling something luxe, go gold! Something neutral? Brown is great. Bold and bright? Hello, fuchsia!

Fuchsia and bright pink shades were very popular in the 1970s, especially paired with bright yellow, orange, and green. 

Here, the iridescent sequins showcase the popular pink and orange combo and we’re all for it. This 70s party outfit idea also features a lace-up back. The laces offer a modern take on the 1970s fringe and tassel trends. Plus, the lace-up back will cinch your bodice and make your waist look snatched! Bonus points!

Fuchsia sequin mermaid dress

Get the look: GL3127 Straight Across Lace-up Back Sequin Mesh Mermaid Dress

4. Sienna floral applique A-line dress

What about ‘70s party outfit ideas that’ll show off your inner flower child? Look no further. This sienna A-line dress is just the thing for you. 

If you follow our blog, we’re big fans of floral applique! It creates a unique 3D texture to your dress, which is guaranteed to turn heads. But for a 1970s theme party, it’s even more perfect. Flowers were very popular during this decade—and floral applique will ensure this trend is front and center for your look. 

We also love that this 70s party outfit idea offers comfort. Loose bottoms and skirts were very popular during this time, as women were entering the workforce. Yes, ladies in the 1970s also liked comfortable options! So if comfort is important to you as well, opt for an A-line silhouette. It flows along your hips and legs, which is perfect for dancing the night away. 

Sienna floral applique A-line dress

Get the look: Gl3018 Floral 3D Applique and Embroidery Embellished Bodice A-Line Chiffon Dress

5. Pink floral mini dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves

If you love the above option for its whimsical vibe, but wish it was shorter, then take a look at this mini dress.

Mini dresses were all the rage during the 1970s. At parties and festivals, women liked to show off their legs. This ‘70s theme party outfit idea offers a shorter hemline, while still creating a “hippie chic” look. 

As you can see, it also has floral details—but instead of applique, they’re highlighted through sequin embellishments. If you love a little shimmer and shine, you’ll adore this take on the ‘70s trend!

Off-the-shoulder sleeves also add to this look’s feminine, carefree vibe. We love that they’re secured by spaghetti straps. No need to adjust your outfit throughout the evening! 

Pink floral mini dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves

Get the look: GS1996 Sequin Sheer V-Back Glitter Mesh Homecoming Dress w/ Sweetheart Neckline

Found your 70s party outfit idea?

We’re glad you found helpful outfit inspo for your themed event! If you’re off to a ‘70s party, we have a feeling you hang out with a fun bunch—and this won’t be the last theme party you’re off to.

So we prepped outfit ideas for all types of theme parties—including 2000s and 90s-themed parties. Check ‘em out, friends!

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