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Metallic fabrics, shiny materials, bright colors, form-fitting silhouettes—this is the 2000s, ladies! It was definitely a fun time for fashion. So if you find an opportunity to step back in time and rock a 2000s party dress, we say take it seriously!

If you’re off to a 2000s themed party, then first of all, we’re jealous! Can we come too? Okay fine, we’ll sit this one out. But at the very least, let us help you find the perfect 2000s party outfit.

Our inspiration today comes from the red carpet from 2000-2009. Whether your inner star is Fergie, Britney Spears, Kiera Knightley, or Mandy Moore—we’ve got a 2000s party dress for you!How to Dress Up for a 2000s Theme Party: Five Dress Ideas

Theme parties are a great excuse to move away from your everyday attire and rock something different. Hey, you may even find something you want to incorporate into your daily wardrobe! Ready to see what you’re working with? Say hello to Y2K with these five 2000 party outfit ideas.

1. Fuchsia sequin mermaid dress

Nothing screams a 2000s party dress like a fuschia sequin mermaid dress. A bold color, body-hugging silhouette, glimmering sequins—this gown has it all! 

Pink was a 2000s favorite. But bright hues, like hot pink and fuschia, were all the rage. So you really can’t go wrong with this color for your 2000s party outfit.  Sequins—or any kind of sparkle, really—are also a great way to unleash your inner Y2K queen. Feel free to go big and rock head-to-toe sequins. 

Dresses in the 2000s were often form-fitting. So mermaid dresses are a great pick. What necklines were typical during this time? Straight across and halters were very popular back then—and in our opinion, the perfect finishing touch for your 2000s-inspired look.

Fuchsia sequin mermaid dress

Get the look: GL3127 Straight Across Lace-up Back Sequin Mesh Mermaid Dress

2. Pink satin mermaid dress

As we mentioned, pink was the color of the 2000s. So any shade—whether it’s fuschia, bubblegum, or blush—will be a great choice for your 2000s party outfit. 

This next 2000s party outfit idea not only brings a Y2K favorite color, but also a fabric: satin. From daily attire to red carpet looks, satin was everywhere! It’s making a big comeback right now, so you’ll find plenty of satin dresses to choose from. (Pro tip: you can also filter through our catalog to find all our satin options.

This 2000s party dress also has a straight across neckline (which you already know was popular during this decade) and off-the-shoulder sleeves. We could totally see J.Lo rocking this dress at the 2003 Grammys. Anyone else?

Pink satin mermaid dress

Get the look: GL3059 Gathered Bodice Satin Mermaid Dress w/ Straight Across Neckline

3. White iridescent A-line dress

The fashion trends of this decade were all about pushing boundaries and having some fun. When you enter your Y2K party, you don’t want to blend in. Your 2000 theme party outfit should make you stand out!

Shiny materials and fabrics are an easy way to capture this theme. But if you’re ready to take it up a notch, we recommend trying on an iridescent dress! Iridescent simply means “showing luminous colors that change when viewed at different angles.” As you can see here, this white dress also shows off hints of pink, purple, and blue depending on where the light hits it. So fun, right?

If you’re looking for a looser silhouette for your 2000s party dress, we recommend A-line. It accentuates your natural waistline and flatters all body types. (Plus, it gives you extra room to nail all your signature dance moves!)

White iridescent A-line dress

Get the look: GL3028 Illusion Sweetheart Sequin A-line Dress w/ Side Slit

4. Teal satin strapless mermaid dress

Similar to iridescent sequins, this satin fabric with a pearly finish is totally Y2K. Paired with teal—a 2000s favorite? You’ve got yourself a fab 2000s party dress!

Strapless dresses were very popular during this decade. And they’re making a comeback now, too! You can opt for a straight-across neckline or a sweetheart neckline for a more feminine feel. 

Ruching was also a trend in the 2000s—and we’re glad to bring it back. Ruching is very versatile and it can be found on the bodice, skirt, or sleeves. It not only adds interest to your look, but it’s also pure magic when it comes to hiding any trouble spots. Cute and flattering? Sign us up!

Teal satin strapless mermaid dress

Get the look: GL2894 Sweetheart Ruched Mermaid Long Dress w/ Slit

5. Multicolor tulle babydoll dress 

Babydoll dresses were all over the red carpet during the 2000s. They’re a great choice if you’re looking for more casual 2000 theme party outfit ideas. 

You can easily dress down babydoll dresses even more with sneakers. A pair of Converse would look super cute with this dress. (And it would totally give you your Avril Lavigne moment.) 

The asymmetrical neckline, layered tulle skirt, and multicolor fabric and jewels make this look playful, yet edgy. We recommend having some fun with your makeup and hair. A bold eyeshadow? You’re making this theme outfit look easy!

Multicolor tulle babydoll dress

Get the look: GS2033 One Shoulder Rolled Hem Short Dress with Jewel Embellished Bodice

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