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As we near the winter months, those winter wonderland party invites are likely starting to hit your inbox. And that means you need chic (but also classy!) winter wonderland party outfit ideas.

Formal winter party dresses are tricky to find. Of course, you want to look glamorous, but you also want to stay warm and comfortable. To avoid the scramble and stress, it’s best to explore your options now.

That’s where we can help. We’ve scoured our full catalog of dresses to compile a list of five glam winter party dress ideas, so you can easily find an outfit that’ll turn heads at your upcoming winter wonderland party!

❄️ Five Formal Winter Party Dress Ideas You’ll Love ✨

Ready to find your winter wonderland party outfit? Let’s dig into these five ideas from our style experts.

1. Silver beaded trumpet dress

When it comes to winter wonderland party outfit ideas, there are several colors that are absolutely perfect. Silver is one of them.

When we think of winter, we think of snow, ice, and cold temperatures. Silver brings those vibes—plus, some sparkle! And who doesn’t want to rock sparkle for their winter wonderland party outfit?

To really embrace this theme, we recommend looking for dresses with embellishments and embroidery that look like snowflakes, icicles, or frost. Doesn’t this sequin embroidery look like frosted leaves or twigs? Nailed it!

To stay warm, look for dresses with additional materials or layers. This dress has feather details along the neckline and mesh layers on the skirt. It adds warmth, but also stylish flair! Yes, you get the best of both worlds.

Silver beaded trumpet dress

Get the look: style GL3117 | Sequin Sweetheart Mesh Trumpet Dress w/ Feather Embellishment

2. Silver velvet long sleeve mermaid dress 

This winter party dress idea proves that dark silver shades work well for the occasion, too. And as you can see, we’re embracing all the sparkle here with head-to-toe sequins. These embellishments add a protective layer against the cold and create a dazzling look that’ll catch the light beautifully.

Beneath the sequins is velvet fabric. Velvet is one of our favorite fabrics for winter wonderland party outfits. It’s ultra warm and offers a soft, unique texture. It’s a great choice if you’ll be mingling outside at any point in the evening.

Long sleeves, as well, are a great way to keep your look comfortable and classy without having to wear a jacket. If you want an extra layer, all you’ll need is a shawl.

When it comes to silhouettes, mermaid dresses will create a sultry look instantly. They’re also great for emphasizing your curves. To accentuate your hourglass shape, look for a voluminous skirt or sleeves with puff shoulders.

Silver velvet long sleeve mermaid dress

Get the look: style GL3122 | Puff Shoulder 3/4 Sleeves Feather Velvet Mermaid Dress

3. Iridescent white sequin A-line dress

Nothing screams a winter wonderland party like snow, which means nothing screams a winter wonderland party outfit idea like a white dress!

But don’t be fooled, this isn’t just any ol’ white dress. It’s covered in iridescent sequins, which means as you move, different colors will appear. It’s subtle, yet so magical—perfect for a winter wonderland-themed event.

If you’re looking for a silhouette that’s comfortable and flattering, then A-line will be your best bet. A-line dresses flow loosely along your legs and hips, providing plenty of room for you to walk and dance freely. But they also cinch the waist, creating an hourglass shape.

We also love white dresses because they’re neutral and will easily match your accessories, jackets, and shawls. Anything fabulous will do!

Iridescent white sequin A-line dress

Get the look: style GL3028 | Illusion Sweetheart Sequin A-line Dress w/ Side Slit

4. Blue glittery A-line dress

Blue, of course, is another classic color for winter party dress ideas. Yes, of course, the color reminds us of chillier temperatures. But did you know that the sky also looks bluer in the winter due to the angle of the sun and lower humidity layers?

Blue, therefore, is the perfect backdrop for your winter wonderland party outfit. Next, you’ll want to find ways to jazz up your dress so it matches the magical feel of your event.

Embellishments like glitter, sequins, and beads are an easy way to turn your look into a party favorite. Your choice of fabric will also impact the vibe of your outfit. For a luxe look, choose satin or velvet. For a whimsical feel, try something airy like mesh.

If the latter is what you’re going for, try on a dress with a layered mesh skirt. You’ll literally look like you’re floating across the venue! We’re also big fans of detachable layers and sleeves. These puff sleeves are absolutely adorable—and they’ll even provide some warmth.

Blue glittery A-line dress

Get the look: style GL3118 | Sequin Glitter Sheer Bodice Illusion Sweetheart A-line Mesh Dress

5. Blue velvet asymmetrical mermaid dress

If you want to wear blue to your winter wonderland party—but want something a bit more bold—then opt for a navy number made of velvet and sequins.

As we shared earlier, this combo creates an eye-catching texture while keeping you warm. It’s a win-win! If you’re not scared of mixing fabrics and details, look for a dress that also features feathers. Did you know they’re very trendy right now?

Another way to stand out is with an asymmetrical hemline or neckline. It’s a small detail that’ll immediately bring some personality to your look and show that you like to experiment with your style. To take this striking winter party dress idea to the next level, rock an asymmetrical hairstyle, too.

navy velvet asymmetrical mermaid dress

Get the look: style GL3154 | Asymmetric Sleeveless Feather Sequin Velvet Mermaid Dress

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