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It's the time of year when we start thinking about all our Christmas events—and all our Christmas outfits! Which begs the question: what colors do we wear for Christmas一besides red and green, that is.

Of course, we're not knocking these festive shades off. During the holiday season, they're always a great choice and you can find plenty of dresses in these hues in the GLS catalog. But we're here to show you other fabulous options that are just as fun and festive.

🎄 Six Colors That Should Be on Your Christmas List 📝

Let’s skip greens and reds this year and give these gorgeous shades a chance to shine.

1. Navy

Blue is a quintessential winter color. It reminds us of all things cold and icy—even if we live in a warmer climate. So it's no surprise that navy is one of the top colors to wear for Christmas. It helps you get in the Christmas spirit no matter where you live!

An easy way to dress up this shade is by adding sparkle. You could choose a dress with a shimmery fabric or decorated in glitter, sequins, or jewels. (Or both一it's the holidays, after all!)

Get the look: style GS1626| Off-the-Shoulder Glitter Mesh Short Dress

2. Eggplant

Another dark color we love to wear for Christmas is eggplant. It's warm, like maroon or burgundy, but much more rich and opulent. If you're a gal who's ready to glam up this holiday season, this shade is for you.

With that said, it's still important to pick your fabric carefully. If you're headed to a formal holiday event, we recommend fabrics like silk or satin instead of materials like cotton or jersey. These luxe fabrics will bring the vibe you're looking for!

Purple Satin Scoop Neck Dress

Get the look: style GL2531 | Scoop-Neck Satin A-Line Dress with Sheer Back

3. Black

Surprise, surprise: black is on the list of colors to wear for Christmas. That's because it's sleek, timeless, and can easily be dressed up for parties and other events.

It doesn't take much to turn this color into a festive outfit. Choose a dress made of a fancy fabric (like velvet or satin) or decorated with dazzling embellishments (like glitter, sequins, or jewels.) The cut and silhouette of the dress will also impact the overall look.

Don't forget the power of accessories. A little black dress paired with statement jewelry, a showstopping pair of heels, or a red lip can also bring your Christmas look to life.

Black Velvet Bodycon Short Dress

Get the look: style GS3087 | Ruched Bodice Velvet Bodycon Short Dress w/ Leg Slit

4. Champagne

Champagne is an excellent color to wear for Christmas—especially if this is an extra special time of year for you.

Just like the drink, this color is typically reserved for fancy events and celebrations. (We never see gals wearing champagne when running errands, do we?) If you're looking for an ultra-luxe shade, this is it.

Champagne is also a great color to wear for the holidays because it has warm, comforting undertones. It would fit perfectly amongst cozy holiday decor and a glowing fireplace.

Champagne Sequin Bodycon Dress w/ Slit

Get the look: style GL1814 | Illusion Deep V-Neck Ruched Sequin Bodycon Dress w/ Slit

5. Silver

Like champagne, metallics (like gold and silver) are colors reserved for special occasions, making them perfect to wear for Christmas. They level up any dress thanks to their shimmer and shine!

If you plan on ringing in the new year in gold (a classic choice), then opt for silver for your Christmas looks. This color is associated with wealth, glamor, grace, and elegance. It checks off all the boxes for a formal Christmas event, like a gala, office party, or fancy dinner!

Silver V-Neck Glitter Mesh Dress

Get the look: style GS1979 | Sheer Bodice V-Neck Glitter Mesh Homecoming Dress

6. White

White is a color that can sometimes feel hard to pull off—especially during the winter when we gravitate toward darker shades. But trust us, this color is great to wear for Christmas.

Whether it snows where you live or not, we all dream of a white Christmas. Wearing this shade will bring those vibes to any holiday party. Like black, it's effortlessly sleek and you can dress it up or down. Fancier fabrics, like lace and satin, and embellishments can certainly dress it up. Or, rock some chic accessories, like a gold herringbone necklace or pearl drop earrings.

White Sweetheart Lace Short Dress

Get the look: style GS1611 | Strapless Sweetheart Lace Short Dress

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