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For hundreds of years, this fabric operated as a status symbol. Today, people still view it as a very luxurious textile, which is why they save it for fancy occasions. It makes sense—velvet creates a high-end look and feel that's truly unmatched! But you know that, and it's why you're here today: to find out how to rock a velvet holiday dress this season. So let's get to it!  

🎀 Five Tips for Rocking Velvet Holiday Dresses ❣️

Ladies, we are so excited to hear you want to wear a velvet holiday dress. Now, it's time to nail down the details. Here are five tips for bringing your holiday fit to life.  

1. Wear a festive color

Now, you don't have to wear a festive color, like red or green. But if you're looking for a velvet Christmas dress, these classic hues are a great way to feel extra festive. For those who like to wear bright colors, you could rock a vibrant red or green. Otherwise, you could choose a dark shade, which is very common in the winter months. Don't worry, you'll still stand out! Velvet gives an amazing depth of color. So if you choose a gemstone color, like ruby, emerald, or sapphire, you'll turn many heads. Not sold on wearing red or green? Here are six other colors you can wear for Christmas.  
lapis blue cowl neckline bodycon dress
Get the look: style GL3081 | Ruched Bodice Velvet Bodycon Long Dress w/ Leg Slit

2. Play with different textures

This year, in general, we're seeing a lot of people mix and match textures. Velvet holiday dresses are no exception. Velvet creates the perfect canvas for sequins, glitter, jewels, and other embellishments. You could wear a velvet holiday dress completely covered in these sparkling details if you dare. Not only will it create a dazzling look, but imagine how it'll feel. (Talk about sensory overload!) Prefer to keep the velvet the star of the show? We get it. Instead, you can incorporate different fabrics and textures through your accessories, such as your purse, shoes, or coat.  
Green Velvet Bodycon Short Dress w/ Sequin
Get the look: style GS3086 | Asymmetric Velvet Bodycon Short Dress w/ Sequin

3. Add a touch of silver or gold

Velvet pairs beautifully with silver and gold. So if you're looking for ways to dial up the glam, add some metallic accents! A little goes a long way. A piece of jewelry or a metallic pair of heels will certainly do the job. You can also incorporate silver or gold into your dress. If that's the route you take, we recommend looking for a velvet holiday dress with a decorated waistline. Why? Like a belt, it'll accentuate your hourglass shape and shrink your waist!  
black velvet silver jewel waist uback mermaid dress
Get the look: style GL2559 | Jewel Accented Waist Line V-Neck Velvet Dress w/ U-Back

4. Choose a flattering silhouette

Speaking of your hourglass shape, let's make sure you show it off in your holiday velvet dress! Because velvet is a very thick and textured fabric, choosing the right silhouette is very important. Straight, loose silhouettes (like we see on a shift dress) aren't ideal for a heavy fabric like velvet. You'll lose all your shape! Instead, we recommend trying on silhouettes that are a bit more form-fitting, like bodycon or mermaid-style. The dress doesn't have to be skin-tight, but it should follow your body's natural curves.  
gold velvet sequin sweetheart mermaid dress
Get the look: style GL3080 | Halter Neck Velvet Sequin Long Dress w/ Ruched Bodice

5. Do your hair and makeup

As you know, velvet symbolizes wealth, glamor, prestige, and indulgence. It's not a fabric that you wear when running errands. Therefore, if you wear a velvet holiday dress, you must do your hair and makeup! Now, if you're a low-maintenance gal, there's no need to book an appointment at a salon. You can keep your hair and makeup simple—just make sure it looks sleek. For example, if you throw your hair in a low bun, use hairspray to keep the baby hairs at bay. If you wear a red lip, use a lip liner to make sure the lines are nice and clean. It's all about the execution, ladies!  
emerald green velvet strap open back short dress
Get the look: style GS3084 | Velvet Sequin Bodycon Short Dress w/ Side Slit

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