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Of course, we all want to look our best on New Year's Eve. But for many of us, it's a very cold time of year, isn't it?! So if you're going out—let's say to a fancy party, club, or restaurant—you're probably looking for New Year's Eve outfit ideas for cold weather. Yes, this makes it harder to find the perfect fit, but it's not impossible. We’ve scoured our full catalog and found a couple of dresses we think you’ll love.  

❄️ Four Cold Weather New Year’s Eve Outfits You’ll Love ✨

Get excited for your New Year's Eve plans because you're about to find a cold weather New Year's Eve outfit that's just as chic as it is warm!  

1. Velvet long mermaid dress

Our first tip when looking for cold weather New Year's Eve outfits is to keep an eye out for thick and heavy fabrics, like velvet, silk, crepe, or brocade. Velvet is one of our favorite winter fabrics, especially for luxe New Year's Eve parties. Velvet is a soft pile fabric with a high thread count, making it effective for trapping heat. It also feels amazing against the body—as if you're wearing a cozy blanket! Opt for a long dress with a form-fitting silhouette (like mermaid) to take advantage of its warm and soft feel. While velvet is warm, it's anything but drab. Its luminous sheen creates a high-end appearance that's perfect for special occasions. You also get an amazing depth of color with a fabric like velvet, so we recommend taking advantage and choosing a gemstone color like ruby, emerald, or sapphire. 💞 Style tip: Your outerwear plays a key role in your New Year's Eve outfit, so take the time to find one that's fashionable and warm—like a faux fur cropped jacket.  
burgundy velvet mermaid dress
Get the look: style GL2559 | Jewel Accented Waist Line V-Neck Velvet Dress w/ U-Back

2. Metallic applique dress with high neckline

Another tip for finding a cold weather New Year's Eve outfit is to look for a dress with multiple layers of fabric or embellishments. These layers create a barrier between you and the cold breeze. (Think of it like body armor.) But of course, for New Year's Eve, you need some shimmer and shine. So our recommendation is metallic applique. Applique is a weaving technique where one fabric is stitched on top of the other, creating a 3D appearance. In this case, metallic embellishments are woven on top of the underlying fabric. As you can see, it creates tremendous sparkle, a unique texture, and a flattering design that elongates the body—all while protecting you from the frosty outdoors! 💞 Style tip: A long hemline and high neckline will provide extra coverage to keep you warm. You can also wear your hair down to protect your neck from the cold breeze.  
charcoal mesh high neck mermaid dress
Get the look: style GL2677 | Metallic Applique Embellished Mermaid High-Neck Long Dress

3. Asymmetrical short bodycon dress

We're now going to show you some New Year's Eve outfit ideas for cold weather that feature shorter hemlines. That's right, you can totally wear a short dress to your New Year's Eve festivities! As we said, one way to stay warm is by choosing thick and heavy materials. Layers of fabric and embellishments will also help protect you from cold gusts of air. Bring on the sequins, feathers, jewels, and applique—anything goes on New Year's Eve! Sleeves are another simple solution for braving cold weather. Asymmetrical sleeves are very trendy right now—so if one shoulder can handle a bit of cold, it's a stylish choice for this year's New Year's Eve parties. 💞 Style tip: Tights can be a woman's best friend on New Year's Eve! Choose barely-there nude or sheer black if you're looking for extra coverage.  
fuchsia sequin bodycon dress
Get the look: style GL3092 | Asymmetric Sequin Bodycon Short Dress w/ Feather Embellishment

4. Tulle bodycon dress with long sleeves

If an asymmetrical look isn't for you, that's okay! There are other cold weather New Year's Eve outfits that feature a short hemline, like this tulle long-sleeve bodycon dress. A long-sleeve short dress has been a New Year's Eve staple for years. You can flaunt your legs while still keeping your arms and chest covered. Now that's what we call a good compromise. If you get cold easily, choose a thicker fabric over tulle or mesh. But if you're mainly indoors and dancing the night away, a breathable and sheer fabric may actually come in handy. 💞 Style tip: Knee-high boots are very stylish right now—especially paired with short dresses and skirts. Take advantage of the trend for your cold weather New Year's Eve outfit!  
champagne crew neck dress
Get the look: style GL2134 | Long Sleeve Bodycon Short Dress Accented with Jewel and Sequin

It’s Time to Get Dressed for the Holidays!

From Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve, we've got plenty of looks to inspire all your holiday outfits.  

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