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We love themed parties! And masquerade themes are one of our favorites. It’s still an opportunity to dress to impress, but with an added twist: You get to wear a fun mask!

The party is sure to be a blast, but what do you wear? If you’re looking for outfit ideas for a masquerade party, you’ve come to the right place ‘coz we’ve got all the inspiration that you need!

5 Mysterious Masquerade Party Dress Ideas

Here are alluring masquerade party outfit ideas to inspire your look for your upcoming masquerade party. Let’s dig in!

1. Red sequin A-line dress with corset bodice

When it comes to masquerade party dress ideas, red is always a popular one, alongside black and gold. We can see why. It’s an eye-catching color that will turn heads and get people guessing who you are. It’s vibrant, sultry, and flattering on all skin tones. Talk about a triple threat!

Corset bodices are very popular for masquerade-themed parties. Why? Masquerade balls originated in the 15th century, when corset bodices were very popular! We love that this dress highlights your curves without being too revealing. Its corset top and lace-up back accentuate your hourglass shape, but the A-line silhouette ensures the rest of the dress falls loosely against your body. Yes, the best of both worlds.

Mask inspo: A red and black mask will tie this look together easily. To zhuzh up your mask, look for one with feathers!

Red sequin A-line dress with corset bodice Red sequin A-line dress with corset bodice

Get the look: GL3132 Sequin Lace-up Back Sweetheart A-line Dress w/ Side Slit

2. Black sequin mermaid dress with detachable cape

Of course, we can’t share mysterious masquerade party outfit ideas without showing you a slinky black gown.

Mermaid silhouettes are a great choice if you want to embrace your inner Marilyn Monroe and show off your curves. A high slit in the skirt, off-the-shoulder sleeves, and a sweetheart neckline are other ways to add some fierceness to your masquerade party outfit.

If you want a mysterious look—but still want to stand out—look for eye-catching fabrics and embellishments, like satin, glitter, or sequins. A detachable mesh cape will also pique others’ curiosities and perhaps even prompt them to strike up a conversation!

Mask inspo: The great thing about black masquerade dresses is that you can choose any color of mask that you want. For a sleek look, opt for all black or black and gold. For a bold look, choose a vibrant gemstone shade, like emerald green.

Black sequin mermaid dress with detachable cape

Get the look: 3-D Flower Applique Sequin Mermaid Dress w/ Detached Mesh Cape

3. Champagne glitter mesh babydoll dress

If red and black aren’t your colors—but you want a classic masquerade look—then you can’t go wrong with a gold or champagne dress. These luxurious hues are perfect for a masquerade party.

This masquerade party outfit idea is a great short dress option. Whether the dress code is less formal, or you want to show off your legs (Don’t blame ya!), we always recommend babydoll silhouettes for this party theme. With their tight bodices and flared skirts, babydoll dresses offer a playful, modern take on 15th-century masquerade ball gowns.

Mask inspo: Choose any color you’d like. But weave in gold, if you can, to tie together your look. Red and gold, black and gold, green and gold—the options are endless!

Champagne glitter mesh babydoll dress

Get the look: GS2834 Beads Accented Sweetheart Neck Glitter Mesh Short Dress

4. Green mesh A-line dress with beaded bodice

Now it’s time to explore a few unique (but still mysterious and alluring!) masquerade party outfit ideas. 

We absolutely adore this green A-line dress. Its dark green hue creates a striking yet moody look, which is fitting for a masquerade ball, don’t you think? It also creates the perfect backdrop for sparkling details, like sequins, jewels, and beads. It really makes the designs stand out. 

When it comes to masquerade party dress ideas, more is more. (Yes, you read that right!) Whether it’s through your embellishments, fabrics, or mask choice, you can bring the drama. And if you’re rocking an A-line dress, go big with your skirt. Mesh and tulle are great fabrics for adding volume without too much weight. 

Mask inspo: It’s time to bring the sparkle. Opt for a neutral color and then layer on the sequins, glitter, and jewels.

Green mesh A-line dress with beaded bodice

Get the look: GL3137 Jewel Bead Illusion Sweetheart Sheer Bodice Mesh A-line Dress

5. Purple sequin and velvet bodycon dress

While gemstone shades are not as popular as black, gold, or red, they’re favorites around here at GLS Collective. When it comes to our outfit ideas for masquerade parties, we’re all about the glam. And gemstone colors—like amethyst, sapphire, and emerald—scream luxury. 

If you like where we’re going, then here’s our next recommendation: choose a fabric that shimmers. Glitter or sequins will bring the sparkle. But satin is a great pick too—for a smooth, lustrous look. 

Mask inspo: This masquerade party outfit idea is all about texture. Choose a neutral color but layer on the fabrics and embellishments, like feathers and lace.

Purple sequin and velvet bodycon dress

Get the look: GL3081 Ruched Bodice Velvet Bodycon Long Dress w/ Leg Slit

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