Are you about to celebrate your quinceañera party? We bet you want to look fantastic!

That day is very special because the celebration is all about you and the transition from girlhood to womanhood. Your family, best friends and loved ones will be present there that day.

Among all the elements that you should consider for your quinceañera party, the most important is your dress. Many other decisions depend on it, such as the shoes, hairstyles, and type of jewelry you’ll be wearing. It can also influence the decoration of the venue and the style of the invitations.

As we know it’s an important decision, we want to share some tips for choosing the best quinceañera dress for you.

Tip 1: Choose the silhouette you like best

Burgundy quinceañera dress

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Although most quinceañera dresses are characterized by having a princess-style silhouette, there are also less sumptuous options.

Simply choose the silhouette you like best, it's your moment and all eyes will be on you, so if you want to be a princess, be it.

If you like to break with the conventional style, then choose a less voluptuous quinceañera dress and that doesn’t stick with the classic silhouette; for example, a high-low skirt dress. It's up to you.

Tip 2: Choose the color of the dress according to your skin tone

Red Quinceanera Gown

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Some colors go better according to our skin tone.

If your skin is dark, perhaps you’ve realized that practically all colors look good on you. However, brighter tones such as yellow, fuchsia, green, or electric blue make you look spectacular. On the other hand, if you prefer to make a nice contrast, then go for pastel colors or white tones.

If you are olive-skinned, avoid beige tones as they don’t favor you so much. Choose eye-catching colors like violet, orange, vermilion red, salmon, or yellow.

If your skin is white, the first thing you should do is get away from light tones. Your skin looks beautiful with dark and saturated colors like turquoise, burgundy, red, emerald green, or even gold.

Tip 3: Choose the dress according to your body type

Pink Ruffled Quinceanera Gown

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All bodies are different and there are dress styles that favor us more than others.

If you are a short girl, a waist-cut dress looks beautiful on you, as they help stylize your silhouette, making visually longer the lower part of your body.

If you are thin, wide skirt dresses or with ruffles will help you give more volume to your figure. If, on the contrary, you are of robust complexion, an empire-cut dress that marks your waist will be very flattering for you.

If you have a large bust, round-neck and sweetheart necklines will make you feel quite comfortable and look great; avoid halter necklines. If you have a smaller bust size, then choose a corset that fits your waist.

Now, you’re ready to go and find your dream quinceañera dress! Remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your dress so you can enjoy your party non-stop.

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