FASHION RETAIL / Jan 06, 2020


One of the best strategies to attract new customers and create loyalty in existing ones is organizing in-store events and promotions. It’s a way to surprise customers and let them know the treasures they can find in your boutique.

It is recommended to prepare an agenda at the beginning of the year so that events and activities can be planned in advance and communicated through your brand’s social media and communication channels.

There are so many opportunities to organize an event and get the attention of your customers, but the best times to “make noise” within the fashion industry are the following:

Beginning of a new fashion season

Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, every season of the year, comes with novelties in the fashion world, so each one is an ideal time to organize an event. A fashion runway in your store, where some of your best pieces are shown to the public, is a great way to catch the attention of new customers.

Before prom season

Prom season is exciting for dress boutiques. Hundreds of girls are looking for a new dress to wear at their big party of the year and your store must be ready for it.

Organize an event to show your prom dresses stock. Do it a couple of months before the season starts. It’s a great time of the year to show off and increase your sales.

Anniversaries and special dates of your store

If your store celebrates another year of its opening or an important moment arrives for your business, celebrate it big and invite your followers. It is one of the best moments to organize a fun activity and highlight your brand.

Clearance Sales

It’s very easy to organize special sales to liquidate the clothes that remain from past seasons. Offer those pieces at lower prices than usual, but take the opportunity to showcase your new clothing collections.

It’s an excellent strategy to create events to attract the attention of new clients and remind existing ones that you are there. Of course, the most important thing is to offer premium quality pieces in your boutique.

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