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Yes, choosing a prom dress can feel overwhelming. But if you're going with a date, it makes the choice even more difficult! Not only do you want to shine as an individual, but you also want to stun as a pair. Cue: going on a mission to find an amazing couple's prom outfit. When you're considering someone else, finding the perfect look isn't easy—and we totally get that. But we're here to help you find a prom dress that will complement your date and make both your looks extra special.  

🎀 Five Fab Dress Ideas for Your Couple’s Prom Outfit 💕

Ladies, you're in luck. Here are five dress options that'll take your couple's prom outfit to the next level.  

1. Gray embroidered mermaid dress with detachable layer

Neutrals match anything—so if your date already has an outfit (or doesn't really dabble in bright colors), this gray mermaid dress is a gorgeous option for your couple's prom outfit. There are many details that make this prom dress a showstopper. First, let's take a moment to admire its embroidery. The defined floral design totally pops against the nude backdrop, doesn't it? But that's not all: a gray detachable mesh layer wraps the embroidered dress and adds dramatic volume to the skirt (which will look great in photos). Once you hit the dance floor, you can remove this layer if you'd like—so you can really let loose and dance the night away with your date. (Yes, it adds functionality to your couple's prom outfit, too!)  
Gray embroidered mermaid dress
Get the look: style GL3158 | Embroidery Jewel Mermaid Dress w/ Detachable Waist Long Mesh Layer

2. Black asymmetrical dress with long side layer

This black prom dress is another excellent option if your date (or you!) prefers a neutral palette. Black matches other neutral colors—and bright colors—so your date can wear whatever color they want. Black isn't necessarily simple, though. It can create a striking look, especially if you choose a bold cut, silhouette, or fabric. Bonus: this dress covers all three. First, let's discuss the silhouette: Mermaid dresses are incredibly feminine—they hug all your curves. The slit in the skirt and neckline make the dress even more gorgeous. Asymmetrical necklines are very trendy right now. And this long side layer accentuates the asymmetrical design. Lastly, this dress is made of glitter crepe. So when the light hits this dress, all eyes will be on you and your date.  
Black asymmetrical dress
Get the look: style GL3136 | Glitter Asymmetric Ruched Side Mermaid Dress w/ Side Long Layer

3. Green A-line dress with embellished bodice

There are subtle ways to make your couple's prom outfit really pop—and this dress is proof. While the green is a darker shade, the embellishments, fabric, and silhouette make this look a real winner. A voluminous A-line skirt with mesh layers will make it look like you're gliding alongside your date. And the bead and jewel embellishments totally sparkle against the darker fabric. Pro tip: Throw on a pair of dazzling earrings to shine even more! So what does your date wear? A metallic color, like gold or silver, will pick up the shimmer in this dress' bodice or accessories. Together, you'll look effortlessly polished.  
Green A-line dress
Get the look: style GL3137 | Jewel Bead Illusion Sweetheart Sheer Bodice Mesh A-line Dress

4. Yellow mermaid dress with sheer side slit

Now, we'll show you some colorful options for your couple's prom outfit. Because, of course, if you and your date prefer to wear vibrant shades, this is certainly a way to stun your friends! This year, neon yellow, lime green, and hot pink are all super trendy. But they certainly require some confidence to rock 'em. Considering one of these bright shades? We say: Go for it! There are few occasions where you can push fashion boundaries—and prom night is one of them. Another way to turn heads? A sheer side slit in the skirt, like this one. While eyes will be on both of you in this color, this detail will definitely score you bonus points for being extra fearless.  
Yellow sheer mermaid dress
Get the look: style GL3144 | Sequin Lace-up Back Velvet Mermaid Dress w/ Sheer Side Slit

5. Magenta asymmetrical dress with sequins and feathers

If you're keen on a colorful couple's prom outfit, here's another vibrant dress you must see! Magenta—a blend between red and violet—is a shade that's definitely reserved for powerhouse couples. It's a rich and intense hue that'll make you two stand out in a crowd. Of course, if you're rocking a color like this one, you're not afraid to turn heads. So we recommend committing to a bold look. Explore mixing and matching fabrics and textures (like sequins and velvet) for a unique appearance. Feathers are also all over the fashion scene right now. We love that the sleeve and skirt here are lined with these stylish details. To complete your couple's prom outfit, ensure your partner incorporates some of these fabrics and textures in their look too!  
Magenta asymmetrical dress
Get the look: style GL3154 | Asymmetric Sleeveless Feather Sequin Velvet Mermaid Dress

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