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POV: you're looking for the perfect prom dress, but you're finding it hard to keep track of all the trends and options. We feel you—there's a lot out there!

So we're going to help you out one blog at a time. Last week, we shared trendy prom dress ideas. This week, we're showing you fab prom color ideas—not only for you, but also for your girlfriends. Yes, all these prom color ideas look stunning together. No clashing combos here!

🎨 Six Prom Color Ideas That Look Great on Anyone 💘

Yes, that's right. These prom color ideas look great on any skin tone and hair color. So check them all out and choose the one you like best!

1. Pink 💗

As you probably know, pink is one of the hottest colors this year—from bright hues like fuchsia, hot pink, and magenta to pale ones like blush and rose. You really can't go wrong with any shade of pink.

One of our favs? Classic pink. It's not too bold, but still brings oomph to your look.

If you want to create a fashion-forward look, pair this stylish color with trending fabrics, like sequins and velvet. Even better? Try iridescent sequins. This will capture the mermaid aesthetic that's hitting the fashion world right now.

pink floral embroidered prom dress

Get the look: style GL3142 | Floral Embroidery Sequin Velvet Mermaid Dress w/ Wide Side Slit

2. Lilac 💜

Who else is over-the-moon happy that lilac is one of the top colors in fashion this year? Of course, we had to include it in our list of prom color ideas!

Lilac brings out your natural glow and looks stunning on any skin tone. So it'll bring a warm, romantic feel to any prom dress you choose.

We recommend pairing this color with another hot trend: corset tops. It'll bring sex appeal, glamour, and femininity to your look instantly.

lilac sheer mesh prom dress

Get the look: style GL3114 | Bead Sheer Bodice Mesh Mermaid Dress w/ Wide Side Slit

3. Light blue 💙

Our next prom color idea is light blue. Any shade will do—pastel blue, sky blue, powder, or smoky blue. You've got lots of options.

You can also opt for shades with hints of green or purple. Light turquoise or periwinkle are stunning choices. (In fact, periwinkle was named the color of the year in 2022 and its popularity is still going strong!)

This whimsical color deserves airy fabrics. But don't stop there. Sheer fabric offers the perfect backdrop for unique additions, like floral applique.

light blue floral prom dress

Get the look: style GL3134 | Feather Sheer Bodice Asymmetric A-line Dress w/ Flower Applique

4. Champagne 💛

Metallic shades are going to take prom by storm. Which one do we recommend? Our fourth prom color idea is champagne.

Its shine creates a striking look for any prom dress, but it doesn't clash with the other prom color ideas we've listed today. So while you're sure to stand out at prom, you won't stick out in photos with your friends. (Win-win, right?)

A chic look like this deserves a sleek hairstyle and fierce makeup. Don't be afraid to try something bold—this prom color idea can handle it.

champagne crepe prom dress

Get the look: style GL3151 | Jewel Sequin Illusion V-neck Sheer Bodice Mermaid Dress

5. Coral 🧡

Bright colors are totally in. Want a prom color idea that's bright—but not too bright? Enter: coral.

Coral is a perfect choice if you love to rock colorful hues on the daily, but don't want to wear something like neon yellow or orange. In our opinion, it offers just the right amount of brightness.

This is another excellent prom color idea for the mermaidcore trend. Bring on the mermaid silhouette and iridescent sequins!

coral sequin prom dress

Get the look: style GL3143 | Jewel Bead Lace-up Back Mesh Mermaid Dress w/ Ruffle Slit

6. Olive green 💚

Olive green is a prom color idea that's understated yet so chic. We see so many jewel tones at prom, like emerald—so it's refreshing to see a unique approach to this classic color. If you're someone who doesn't want to fit in, this is the color for you!

Plus, this shade brings out your natural tan. How could you say no to an effortlessly bronzed look? To accentuate your sunkissed glow, accessorize with gold jewelry and dust your skin with bronzer.

olive green sweetheart prom dress

Get the look: style GL3147 | Sequin Illusion Sweetheart Lace-up Back Velvet Mermaid Dress

You’re This Close to Finding Your Prom Dress

We can feel it! You’re getting closer to finding the perfect dress for prom night. If you want to start looking at options, take a peek at our catalog. There are tons of new additions for you to see!

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