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As prom dress experts, we hear these questions all the time: How much is the average prom dress?

When shopping for a dress, this is a very important question to ask because it helps you prepare a budget. But we’ll let you in on a secret: there’s really no one answer. In reality, you can find an array of beautiful prom dress options no matter your budget.

But to help you get a sense of prom dress prices and narrow your options, here are six prom dresses under three different price brackets.

Average Prom Dress Cost: Dress Options for All Budgets

Our goal at GLS Collective is to offer luxury dresses at affordable prices. All of these prom dresses are under $500. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Prom dresses under $250

Slay without breaking the bank with these dresses:

This Asymmetrical sequin mermaid dress

The average price of a prom dress totally varies—but it’s very easy to find gorgeous gowns for under $250.

Take this fuchsia mermaid dress as an example. Its color and silhouette are very trendy, while the asymmetrical neckline adds a unique touch. The high slit in the skirt allows you to rock your favorite pair of fancy heels. And it's covered head to toe in sequins!

This luxe dress will totally turn heads. Our styling tip? Keep your hair and makeup simple and let your dress shine (literally)!

hot pink sequin mermaid prom dress

Get the look: GL3204 Asymmetric Sequin Mesh Mermaid Long Dress w/ Cut-out Front

This metallic sequin and glitter mermaid dress

The average prom dress cost for this dazzling gown is also under $250. We know—it’s hard to believe. The metallic embellishments totally make it look more expensive, don’t they?

As you can see, you don’t need to spend a ton of money to create a luxe look. We recommend looking for prom dresses with silver or gold embellishments, like sequins and glitter, to dial up the luxury.

Black is the perfect backdrop for metallic embellishments. It really makes them pop! We recommend embracing this glamorous vibe and accessorizing with a sparkling pair of earrings or lariat necklace.

black mesh metallic mermaid prom dress

Get the look: GL3370 Metallic Sequin Glitter Mesh Mermaid Long Dress w/ Side Slit

Prom dresses $250-350

Glitter mesh A-line dress

This mesh A-line dress is a stunning option if you’re budgeting for a higher average prom dress cost. Its voluminous A-line skirt will make you feel like a royal. And prom is totally an event to dress the part.

The corset-style bodice, paired with the full skirt, accentuates your curves and hourglass shape. It's also decorated with floral applique, creating a soft, whimsical vibe.

The mesh fabric is covered in glitter, so you’ll shimmer under the evening lights. There’s so much to appreciate here—and yet it’s still such an affordable price! To complete this look, our experts recommend styling your hair in soft waves.

green mesh prom gown

Get the look: GL3202 3D Flower Glitter Sheer Bodice Mesh A-line Long Dress w/ Side Slit

Silver embellished mermaid dress

When asked how much the average prom dress is at GLS Collective, our answer is that you can find many options and styles for a few hundred dollars. But of course, some are priced lower and some higher.

This gorgeous silver mermaid dress is under $350 as well, but the head-to-toe sequins make it look much more expensive. The detachable waist drape also helps create an upscale vibe.

Plus, we love the strappy bodice. It’ll make you feel more secure, all while making a bold fashion statement (we always love a 2-for-1 deal!).

How should you style this dress? We recommend eye-catching silver shoes and jewelry. Embrace the sparkle, ladies!

silver lace mermaid prom gown

Get the look: GL3273 Jewel Sheer Bodice Mesh Mermaid Long Dress w/ Detachable Waist Drape

Prom dresses $350-500

Asymmetrical embellished mermaid dress

If you’re expecting average prom dress prices to hover around $350-500, we have options for you, too.

This yellow mermaid dress pulls out all the stops: a detachable waist drape, feathers, sequins, beads, you name it. They all come together to create a showstopping look.

The sunshine yellow color, paired with the embellishments, is totally giving sun goddess, don’t you think? We recommend finishing your look with bronzer and highlighter to create a sun-kissed effect.

yellow mesh mermaid prom gown

Get the look: GL3278 Asymmetric Feather Mesh Mermaid Long Dress w/ Detachable Waist Drape

Strapless ruffled trumpet dress

This last black prom dress makes quite the fashion statement. It has a trumpet silhouette, which is accentuated by a full ruffled skirt. You definitely won’t blend in with a silhouette like this one.

The strapless bodice offers balance to the look, so you won’t feel too covered up in fabric. Show off those collarbones and shoulders by sweeping your hair to the side!

black sequin sweetheart dress

Get the look: GL3315 Sequin Sheer Bodice Ruffled Skirt Strapless Mesh Trumpet Long Dress

Let’s find the right dress for your budget

So, how much should a prom dress cost anyway? We hope you never feel pressured to buy a dress based on what you think you should be spending. As you can see, there are beautiful prom gowns for all budgets. So we recommend setting a budget that you feel comfortable with. 

While the average prom dress cost is hard to nail down, we hope you have a better sense of prom dress prices and what types of dresses you can find for your budget.

If you found a prom dress you loved in this blog or our online catalog, we recommend reaching out to a store near you to try on the stunning number! Or, if you’re still exploring, take a look at these blogs for more prom dress inspo: 

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