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You spent months dreaming about the perfect wedding dress. All the details swirled through your head—the silhouette, the fabric, the length. But one aspect you probably didn't think too much about is the neckline.

Most of us focus more on the skirt style or train when envisioning that walk down the aisle. However, the neckline completes the look and feel of your gown. It frames your face and draws eyes to your beautiful features. The neckline you choose can enhance your best assets or distract from problem areas. So before you decide on that perfect dress, we suggest you get up to speed on the neckline options. With the right neckline, you'll look and feel like the princess bride you deserve to be!

Eight wedding dress necklines loved by brides

Understanding your options will help you select the most flattering design. Here are eight different wedding dress necklines worn and loved by brides.

1. Sweetheart neckline

The sweetheart neckline is a wedding dress neckline that’s very popular because of its romantic vibe. Shaped like the top half of a heart, it’s a beloved choice for wedding dresses due to its romantic appeal, which perfectly captures the vibe on that special day.

Sweetheart necklines are also a great choice for brides who want to show off their curves. This type of neckline highlights your décolletage, draws attention to your shoulders, and emphasizes your hourglass shape.

If you love this type of wedding dress neckline but want a more modest look, you can opt for a semi-sweet neckline (which is cut higher on the chest) or an illusion sweetheart neckline (which consists of sheer fabric overlay).

Sweetheart Embroidered Mermaid Wedding Gown

Get the look: style GL3009 | Sweetheart Embroidered Mermaid Wedding Gown w/ Open Back Laced Up

2. Off-the-shoulder neckline

The off-the-shoulder wedding dress neckline is another great option if you want to create a romantic, feminine vibe. Oftentimes, they also feature the sweetheart shape, but sometimes you’ll find straight-across cuts as well.

As the name implies, off-the-shoulder wedding dress necklines sit below the shoulders to highlight your collarbone and shoulders. They look great on all figures and bust sizes, so we recommend giving this style a try at your next shopping appointment!

Jewel Embroidery Off Shoulder Wedding Gown

Get the look: style GL3481 | Jewel Embroidery Off Shoulder Mesh A-line Wedding Gown

3. V-neckline

V-necklines are one of the most popular wedding dress necklines. They’re sexy, flattering, and comfortable!

V-necklines create the shape of the letter “V” (Surprise, surprise!). This shape draws attention to a small waist and opens up the shoulders, creating an hourglass shape. It’s great for those who want to create the illusion of bigger curves.

We love that they can also be as daring or modest as you’d like. (Below, we’ll show you a plunging V-neckline!)

Rhinestone and Embroidery Embellished Long Dress

Get the look: style GL1982 | Rhinestone and Embroidery Embellished Chiffon Long Dress

4. Deep V-neckline

Looking for wedding dress necklines that bring the heat? Keep an eye out for deep V (also known as plunging) necklines. As you may have guessed, this low-cut neckline is an accentuated V shape. It’s often found on the red carpet, so if you’re looking for a fashion-forward style, this could be it!

In addition to creating a dramatic effect, it also elongates your frame. So if you’re a shorter bride looking for extra height (without wearing extra high heels), this may be a great choice. You can also try on illusion deep V-necklines if you love this look but want more coverage.

Get the look: style GL1903 | Illusion V-Neck Sheer Side and Back Mermaid Wedding Gown w/ Detachable Mesh Layer

5. Strapless neckline

Strapless cuts are everywhere, including wedding shops. If you plan on showing off your collarbone and shoulders, we recommend hopping on this trend!

Usually, strapless necklines are sweetheart or straight across. To feel secure in a strapless gown, we recommend seeing a tailor. They will make sure the dress fits like a glove. Using double-sided dress tape will also give you peace of mind!

Jewels Embellished Strapless Wedding Dress

Get the look: style GL2201 | Jewels Embellished Strapless Wedding Dress with Tail

6. High neckline

Exploring wedding dress necklines for a conservative or religious ceremony? Or maybe, you simply want to create a modest, understated vibe? High necklines are a great option. They offer fuller coverage and a timeless look. Instead of drawing attention to the collarbone, décolletage, or bust, sleeveless high necklines will highlight your shoulders and arms. Alternatively, you may want to explore illusion necklines as seen below. They add more coverage while bringing dimension to your look.

Get the look: GL1952

7. Straight across neckline

Like strapless necklines, straight-across necklines are having a major moment, thanks to the revival of ‘90s fashion. If you’re known to always rock the latest trends, why not try this style? This cut will show off your décolletage and collarbone while remaining quite modest.

Embroidery Bead Sheer Bodice Open Back Mesh Wedding Gown

Get the look: style GL1982 | Embroidery Bead Sheer Bodice Open Back Mesh Wedding Gown

8. Boat neckline

Many brides forget about boat necklines, but they’re a beautiful option! A staple of Old Hollywood, they instantly create an elegant, timeless look.

Boat necklines stretch wide across your neck and sit just past the collarbones. They look great on all figures, but we find that those with smaller busts or pear-shaped figures love this style.

In terms of coverage, boat necklines are very similar to scoop necklines. If you’re a fan of that style, then you should also give boat necks a try!

Embroidery Bead Sheer Bodice Wedding Gown
Get the look: style GL2596 | Boat-Neck Embroidered Mesh A-Line Wedding Gown

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