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A sweetheart neckline is as feminine and romantic as it sounds—it has a high back, low-cut front, and is shaped like the top of a heart. For an occasion like your wedding, it’s absolutely fitting.

What’s extra sweet about a sweetheart neckline? It’s one of the most versatile, flattering necklines around. It can work to enhance (and create the illusion of) curves. Plus, it elongates the neck and torso, adding balance to the overall silhouette.

A sweetheart wedding dress can have sleeves, straps, or no straps at all. Yes, you really have all the options!

That’s also true for how you style and accessorize it. While versatility is great—it can also be overwhelming to whittle down the options to create your perfect look.

We know you’ll look stunning in a sweetheart wedding gown no matter what. But to help you create a look that’s true to you, here are five ways to rock the neckline on your big day.

1. A strapless dress with a statement necklace — for the bold bride

bride in dress with sweetheart neckline

Get the look: style GL2591 | Sweetheart Embroidered Mesh Mermaid Wedding Gown

Calling all the bold brides out there—this look is for you.

You’re the kinda gal who doesn’t want to hide behind any jewelry or a bold lip. It’s just you and a slinky silhouette.

Want to further accentuate an hourglass figure? Bare your shoulders with a strapless or off-the-shoulder gown.

Throwing your hair up in a low, messy bun exudes confidence. But if you want to choose a bold accessory, some dazzling teardrop earrings would look stunning.

2. An off-the-shoulder gown with tousled tresses — for the laid-back bride

white off shoulder flower applique chiffon long dress

Get the look: style GL3018 | Floral 3D Applique and Embroidery Embellished Bodice A-Line Chiffon Dress

Love the sweetheart neckline but looking for a laidback feel? This one’s for you.

Instead of a glamorous updo, keep your hair down in loose curls. Or, feel free to pin one side or put it in an updo for a little bit more structure.

Wedding gowns with off-the-shoulder sleeves are all the rage right now. Why? They capture so many looks at once—sexy, romantic, feminine, carefree, you name it. No need to add any necklace here if you don’t want to. You can totally rock the feminine neckline as it is!

But come on, it is your wedding day after all—add some sparkle to your look with some shoulder-grazing earrings.

3. A long-sleeve gown with a tiara — for the glamorous bride

bride in long sleeved dress

Get the look: style GL1937 | Cut-Away Shoulder Sheer Sleeve Embroidered Sweetheart Mesh Wedding Gown

For those who are taking this opportunity to dress like a queen (No shame, we’re with you!)—this look has your name written all over it.

What makes it look so regal?

First, the sleeves on this off-the-shoulder gown mimic long, white gloves that a princess would wear. (Anyone else seeing Anne Hathaway in the Princess Diaries?)

But the clear giveaway is obviously the tiara—the model pulls her hair back and adorns her updo with a stunning sparkly headpiece.

If you decide to go for the decorative sleeves and a glamorous tiara, skip the earrings and necklace. A bare neckline will provide balance to your look.

4. A spaghetti strap dress with a floral headpiece — for the boho bride

bride in spaghetti strap dress

Get the look: style GL1951 | 3D Floral Embroidery Sweetheart Mesh Wedding Gown

Yes, the sweetheart neckline can also be rocked by the free-spirited bride. How exactly can you make it airy and whimsical?

Spaghetti straps are a great way to dial down the glamour. If you’re having a rustic, low-key wedding, a gown like this would be perfect!

For your hair, you have plenty of options. You can do a simple bun, rock a half updo or a low braid, or wear your hair completely down and untamed.

If you decide to pull your hair into an updo, add some more boho flair with a floral or botanical headband. While the model wears a rhinestone one, you could get away with a real flower crown for this look.

5. A sleeveless gown with an illusion sweetheart neckline — for the elegant bride

illusion sweetheart wedding dress

Get the look: style GL2598 | Cut-Out Back Embroidered Mesh Mermaid Wedding Gown

Love the idea of a sweetheart wedding gown but apprehensive about a deep neckline? Well, there are ways around that—you can find a gown that creates the illusion of one.

How? The designers add a see-through fabric, like mesh, to the top of the bodice to add some coverage. Don’t worry, you still get the same benefits of a sweetheart neckline—like accentuated curves and an elongated neck.

But because you technically have some fabric covering your chest, skip a necklace. Instead, pull your hair up, and opt for chic earrings or a hair clip.

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