Sugar and spice and all things nice aren’t just for little girls! Turning fifteen and looking for the perfect dress to rock your quinceañera? Here are our top princess-themed quince dresses to make everyone swoon on your magical day. Wishes do come true with these 7 beautiful Disney-inspired quinceañera creations!  

1. Baby Blue Glitter Dress with Cut-Away Shoulder 

If princesses had backup dresses tucked away in their pumpkin carriages, this princess-themed quince gown would be it. In dreamy mesh, this Cinderella-inspired quinceañera dress cascades to the floor, perfect for a night of unforgettable dancing. A sweetheart neckline meets the unique cut-away shoulders, blending classic charm with a modern twist. The back is all about drama with an intricate corset flowing into an open design. Subtle beads and glitter give it that magical shimmer, ensuring you'll light up any ballroom. Choose from hues of baby blue, sunshine yellow, soft blush, or rich burgundy. Whatever you pick, you're all set to dazzle in this Cinderella-inspired quince dress—no glass slipper required.  

baby blue glitter dress with cut away shoulder

Get the look: style GL2910 | Cut-Away Shoulder Glitter Mesh Quinceanera Dress


2. Lilac Butterfly Applique Gown with Mesh Layer

Sleepy princesses might skip a few royal snoozes if they saw this Elizabeth K gem for their quince! Spun from lovely mesh that could rival her silkiest sheets, this Sleeping-Beauty-inspired quince dress gracefully flows just like any proper princess OOTD.

Its 3-D butterfly appliques suggest a metamorphosis, while the sweetheart neckline and off-shoulder sleeves give a nod to timeless elegance. That corset back ensures you're snugly wrapped, whatever fairy mischief is afoot. For color choices, there’s lilac, red, or blush.

Embellished with beads, embroidery, glitter, jewels, and sequins, it's just the princess-themed quince dress to keep the party spellbound.

lilac butterfly applique gown with mesh layer

Get the look: style GL3110 | 3-D Butterfly Applique Glitter Gown w/ Long Mesh Layer

3. Yellow V-Neck Gown with Floral Applique

Slide into this Disney-inspired quinceañera gown and feel like you've leaped straight into an enchanted tale. Crafted from soft mesh, its floor-length elegance ensures every step you take is a moment in itself. With a flattering V-neck and off-shoulder sleeves, the design oozes timeless charm. The corset back seals the promise of a perfect fit. Gracefully adorned with embroidery and jewels, it's every bit the dress fit for a magical evening. As for colors, take your pick from iconic yellow, royal blue, blush, baby blue, or lilac. So, go ahead and make an entrance that won't be forgotten any time soon.  

yellow v neck gown with floral applique

Get the look: style GL2802 | Floral Embroidery and Jewel V-Neck Mesh Ball Gown

4. Purple Butterfly Gown with Sheer Bodice and Cape

Imagine if long-tressed princesses decided to host a ball right in their lantern-lit kingdoms. Our pick for them would be this Rapunzel-inspired quinceañera gown made from the sweetest dreams. Regally romantic, this purple ball gown seems woven from the hues of a twilight sky. Fluttering across it are unique iridescent 3-D butterfly appliques. Floral sequin embellishments bloom subtly, adding layers to the allure of this masterpiece. The sheer bodice meets an off-shoulder design, perfect for any maiden longing for adventure. The sprinkle of glitter captures the magic of a thousand lights. Drape the long mesh cape behind, and you'll exude the mystery and glamor of the tower-residing princess, all ready for a new chapter in her life. Adorned with a zipped corset back, this Disney-inspired quinceañera masterpiece ensures you’ll mesmerize as much as princess-sung melodies.

purple butterfly gown with sheer bodice and cape

Get the look: style GL3171 | 3-D Butterfly Sheer Bodice Gown w/ Long Mesh Cape

5. Tiffany Floral Sweetheart Dress

Looking to channel a bit of the Agrabah magic for your quince? This royal princess-themed quinceañera gown might just be what you need once you immerse yourself in your whole new world. Designed with the dazzle of a starlit desert night, its mesh fabric effortlessly glides to the floor. The sweetheart neckline whispers tales of romance from Arabian nights, while the cut-away shoulder adds a touch of modern-day royalty. The corset back for this princess-themed quince dress is perfect for ensuring you're wrapped just right—no genie required. And with a sprinkle of appliques, glitter, and sequins, it's a shimmering tribute to the princess in you. In blush, burgundy, lilac, navy, or Tiffany, you're set to leave an impression as timeless as a classic fairy tale.

tiffany floral sweetheart dress

Get the look: style GL1975 | Glitter Mesh 3D Floral Applique Sweetheart Dress

6. Green Gown with Drape and Feather Embellishment

Swap your mermaid tail for this royalty-themed quinceañera ball gown in the deep green color of sea corals. Dazzle them with this gown right out of the blue depths’ treasure trove. Gliding gently as the ocean's waves, its mesh fabric caresses the ground you walk on. The sweetheart neckline sings a melody reminiscent of poignant under-the-sea ballads, while the off-shoulder sleeves add that dash of earthly sophistication. Conjure your own splash of sophistication with a side mesh drape complemented by a detachable feather embellishment. The corset and open back ensure you're draped in regal perfection amidst the sprinklings of appliques, glitter, and sequins. Pick your fave shade between black and green, and you're set to make waves and turn heads in your princess-themed quince dress!

green gown with drape and feather embellishment

Get the look: style GL3101 | Mesh Dress with Side Drape and Feather Embellishment

7. Sage Flower Applique Sweetheart Gown

Ever thought about how it'd feel like to be a beautiful princess? Wonder no more with this ethereal Disney-princess-inspired quinceañera ball gown in Sage. Made with delicate mesh, this floor-length ball gown twirls like a dream. With a sweetheart neckline and off-shoulder sleeves, this princess-themed quince dress has a corset back (hello, customizable fit) that zips open for a quick escape from midnight-ball situations. Embrace your inner royalty with this opulent ensemble adorned with exquisite appliques, sparkling beads, shimmering glitter, dazzling jewels, and glistening sequins. So dance the night away, lovely princess!

sage flower applique sweetheart gown

Get the look: style GL3102 | 3-D Flower Applique Sweetheart Neckline Ball Gown

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