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The mother of the bride plays a key role in the wedding. She is one of the main characters and the bride's favorite partner in crime.

For this reason, we create this style guide exclusively for the mother of the bride. If your daughter is getting married, take note to have a classy and impactful look.

1. Dress style

Dress style mother of bride

Get the look: style GL2686 | Beads Embellished Bodice Chiffon Long Dress

There are dozens of dress styles to choose from. To make your decision a little easier, a good idea is that you compliment the bride. That is, if her wedding dress will have lace, yours should too. If it is of vaporous fabrics, then choose one with those types of fabrics too.

Communicate with your daughter so you can both decide the dress style you want for that big day.

Once you’ve chosen the style of the dress, you can think about the color.

2. Color of the dress

Red Mother of Bride Dress

Get the look: style GL1982 | Rhinestone and Embroidery Embellished Chiffon Long Dress

The color of the dress depends mainly on whether it'll be a day or night wedding.

If it's a daytime wedding, you can go for bright colors like yellow, mint, and coral. Just make sure you're not going with the same color as the bridesmaids.

If the wedding will be at night, then a dark-colored dress is the most elegant option. While black is the first color that comes to mind for an evening event, shades like gray, aubergine, burgundy, and navy blue look incredible and elegant too. If you're more of an extrovert, choose a red dress, which, with the right accessories, will make you look lovely.

If you want to go for a more classic and timeless look, you can choose a neutral color. Shades such as beige, mauve, champagne, silver, and rosewood work well both day and night.

3. Shoes

coral chiffon sleeveless a-line dress

Get the look: style GL2118 | Beaded Chiffon Floor Length Dress with Sheer Neckline and Side Slit

The shoes are the main complement of any dress. On this special occasion where you will be standing for a long time greeting guests or dancing on the dancefloor, it’s better to prioritize comfort over design. Look for a pair of beautiful shoes that are comfortable enough to wear for a long time.

Choose a neutral tone so that you can use those shoes with many other colors of dresses.

4. Accessories

babyblue lace bodice off shoulder sleeves

Get the look: style GL2697 | Lace Embellished Bodice Chiffon Mermaid Long Dress

Accessories are essential for any look, and their style must depend entirely on the dress.

If you choose a simple dress, your accessories can have a more prominent role in your overall look and be flashy with large earrings or a necklace with an eye-catching colorful jewel. But if your dress already has rhinestones and other details, the best is to keep the accessories simple. For example, classic pearls are discreet and elegant.

5. Hair and makeup

mauve tulle cut away shoulder a-line dress

Get the look: style GL2610 | Sweethearted Chiffon Long Dress w/ V-Back

After checking out of your list for all of the above, it's time for hair and makeup. Once again, the time of day in which the wedding takes place is key.

If it's a day wedding, choose soft and natural makeup, with pink and peach tones that'll give a delicate touch of color to your face.

On the contrary, weddings at night allow more intense makeup with smokey eyes and bright red lips.

As for the hairstyle, an updo is always a good idea: it's timeless, elegant, and lasts longer than the loose hairstyles.

Now you're ready to be a stunning mother of the bride!

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