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All women look to have a personal style. We always think that others are better dressed than us, that they have a more elaborate style, or that they have a special gift for choosing clothes that make them look fantastic.

But in reality, our style evolves with us throughout life, so it's normal to be in a constant search. Changing styles is quite good because it means that we change over time; that we mature and see the world differently. Our needs evolve constantly, and that allows us to stay creative.

No matter what stage of life you are in, these tips will help you find and define your personal style of the moment.

Tip 1: Choose the story you want to tell with your clothes

A woman wearing leather pants and a loose-fitting blouse

It is said that looks can be deceiving. We have the great advantage of being able to tell all the stories we want with our clothes. Elegant, sexy, glamorous, rockstar... we can decide it with the way we dress.

Of course, the best thing is to dress according to our personality, the idea we make of ourselves, and the one we want to transmit.

Think about it for a moment: what do you want to say about yourself through your clothes? That you're a happy person? That you're an introvert or an extrovert? That you like simplicity? Everything is possible and 'you're free to dress according to your wishes. Also, you can decide to be all these people on different days; there are no rules.

So, imagine the person you want to be and define what clothes you could wear to be that person.

Tip 2: Create your basic kit

A woman with casual outfit

It's convenient always to have basic clothes in your closet. A white shirt, jeans, a comfortable skirt, and the classic "little black dress" are some of the essential pieces.

So, you must define the basis of your wardrobe, that is, the clothes you can't live without. This basic kit is the key to your personal style and it can give you an idea of what you like to wear the most. For example, maybe for your jeans are essential, while for your best friend can be skirts or dresses.

Make a list of the clothes you have used the most in the last year and write why. This will make your favorite items jump before your eyes, and it'll be easier to see what your current style is and decide whether you like it or not.

Tip 3: Does your fashion style adapt to your lifestyle?

A woman wearing casual clothes

You have a vague idea of your ideal style and the story you want to tell, but, does this story really fit your lifestyle? Is it an ideal style for your day to day or, on the contrary, it has nothing to do with your daily life?

Maybe you’re a busy person who runs all day; then you need to give priority to have comfortable clothes, instead of an elegant outfit difficult to wear with the daily hustle. Please note that having comfortable clothes doesn’t mean slobby, you can look chic and stylish without sacrificing comfort.

Always try to give more importance to clothing that fits your lifestyle. If you have trouble defining your style, this is a great way to find it. Besides, you can always come up with ways to improve your outfits if you feel the need or desire to do so.

Tip 4: Buy the right clothes

Long dress with high neck

You'll have less difficulty defining your style if you buy the right clothes. That is, those pieces that you would like to use always and that adapt to your lifestyle and the story you want to tell. And yet, making purchase mistakes is also a good long-term way of knowing what you want or rather what you no longer want.

Don't feel guilty if you regret having bought that green jumpsuit you never wore (because you don't wear jumpsuits, nor do you like green, but it was so beautiful that you couldn't resist. Mistakes are also necessary for life.

On the other hand, it's common to have the idea that we need to have a lot of money to look elegant and well-dressed. This is a mistake. Style can't be bought, so it doesn't matter how much you spend on clothes.

Tip 5: Get inspired and stay creative

A woman wearing a casual sage-colored dress

Your style doesn’t define you for your whole life. You have the right to make it evolve and adapt it. Fashion is a great playground, so you have to have fun with it.

Even if you feel comfortable with your current style, never stop inspiring yourself. With social media, it’s very easy to find inspiration that will encourage you to try a new trend, a color you never thought to use, or to dare to wear a type of clothing that until now you have never used.

In fashion, never say never.

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