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We love a good day party, don’t you? Out of the house by noon, back by dinner, and in bed by nine?! Yes, please!

However, dressing for a day party is a whole ‘nother story. It can admittedly be a bit tricky because you don’t want to feel overdressed, right? Yes, day party outfits are typically more casual than evening party outfits. But of course, that doesn’t mean you have to dress frumpy or boring!

So, what do you wear to a day party? Need help striking the right balance? Let us show you our favorite day party outfit ideas.

🌼 Five Fabulous Day Party Outfit Ideas 🌞

Wondering what to wear to a day party? We’re here to help! Here are five cute cocktail dresses perfect for your next daytime affair.

1. Mesh dress with floral applique

When it comes to day party outfits, you can totally have fun with color—especially if your party is happening in the spring or summer months. Bright colors, like sunshine yellow, typically signify a more relaxed, casual look. (Plus, they bring out your summer glow, and that’s always a win!)

Other ways to keep your look appropriate for a day party is through the length and silhouette of your dress. Loose silhouettes, like A-line and babydoll, and shorter lengths are our top recommendations.

If you’re off to an outdoor day party, floral applique is one of our favorite details. The stitching creates a 3D texture that’s super unique and the florals match the vibe of an outdoor venue. Trust us, you’ll be scoring compliments left, right, and center!

yellow mesh dress with floral applique

Get the look: style GS3091 | Mock Two-Piece Babydoll Short Dress w/ 3-D Flower Applique

2. Lace dress with floral applique

Love the look of floral applique but want to rock a more neutral color? Check out this day party outfit idea!

Gray is one of our top recommended neutral colors. It’s flattering on any skin tone and looks great year-round. In the summer, you can rock a pair of white or nude heeled sandals. In the winter, you can style this dress with a pair of dark heels. It’s super adaptable!

Because many day party outfits are short dresses, we recommend keeping the neckline modest to balance out your look. A high crew neck is always a great option. To complete this outfit, pull your hair up in a chic low bun.

gray lace dress with floral applique

Get the look: style GS1604 | 3D Floral Applique Lace Short Dress

3. Satin dress with embellishments

Looking for a little more shimmer and shine for your day party outfit? It’s time to bring out the satin, sequins, and rhinestones. (Don’t worry, we won’t go overboard.)

As you can see, shiny fabrics and embellishments are still appropriate for daytime dresses. It’s all about balance. Instead of head-to-toe sequins, opt for a dress that’s lightly decorated with them.

Want to draw attention to your natural hourglass shape? Here’s a little pro tip: find a dress with a bedazzled waistline. You get some sparkle, plus a built-in belt that creates a slimming effect.

Another way to enhance your curves is by choosing a voluminous skirt. You can achieve this through certain fabrics (mesh and tulle are popular) or through added layers, as you can see in this dress. Bonus points? Full skirts are a lot more fun to dance in!

blush satin dress with embellishments

Get the look: style GS1603 | Sequin and Rhinestone Bodice Satin Short Dress /w Side Pockets

4. Short two-piece embroidered dress

Another style we recommend for day party outfits is a two-piece dress. It’s unique, flattering, and fun.

While this specific two-piece dress features a form-fitting pencil skirt, the length is slightly longer to make it appropriate for daytime wear. The beautiful peach color, and floral embroidery, also signify that this is a day party outfit.

But the delicate floral embroidery isn’t just decorative. As you can see, it lines the waistline and collarbone, which serves to accentuate your hourglass shape. (Yes, you get a 2-in-1 here!)

This day party outfit idea is super easy to dress up or down. To make it more casual, you can wear sandals or wedge heels. Easy peasy.

peach short two-piece embroidered dress

Get the look: style GS1439 | Two-Piece Embroidered Pencil Skirt Dress

5. Long two-piece lace dress

Okay, so what if you’re going to a daytime party that’s calling for something fancier? Great question, let us show you a long dress option.

Long dresses, as we suggested, are usually reserved for evening or nighttime events. However, there are of course exceptions. And at the end of the day, you should wear what you want to wear!

This long dress is a great day party outfit option because its color and style ensure that the look isn’t too formal. Bright colors, like this pink shade, are a great way to make a dress more casual. And two-pieces also create a laid-back look.

Lastly, to show off your curves, we recommend choosing a mermaid-style skirt. This silhouette will hug your hips and legs and then flare out at the knees. Va-va-voom!

pink long two-piece lace dress

Get the look: style GL2271 | Mock Two-Piece High-Neck Lace Long Dress

Complete Your Day Party Outfit with These Tips

Let’s turn your day party outfit idea into a reality! Find more dresses in our full catalog and check out these blogs for styling tips:

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