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One of the most important moments for any girl is just around the corner: prom night! And, of course, you'll want to look wonderful and for that, the essential element in your look is the dress.

There’s a wide variety of prom dress styles, so for some girls, the choice can be stressful, but don’t worry! We've created a basic guide on the different prom dress styles and the attributes that each one of them highlights the most. This way it’ll be much easier to choose the dress that will make you shine all night.

❣️ First of all, let’s talk about shapes...

1. Mermaid

Mermaid silhouette dress

Get the look: style GL2555 | Jewel and Beads Embellished Tulle Mermaid Long Dress

The mermaid shape is beautiful, fun and elegant. It accents the waistline and hips, so it’s ideal for girls that are not that curvy and want to highlight these parts of their bodies.

2. A-line 

Get the look: style GL2655 | High-Neck Sequin Embellished Tulle A-Line Dress

A-line dresses are full of princess-style charm. They are also very flattering for slender girls as they help add dimension around the hips and give volume to the lower part of the body.

3. Empire waist

Empire waist long dress

Get the look: style GL2649 | Sweetheart Strapless Glitter Mesh A-Line Dress

An empire waist dress is always in style. It’s an elegant option for any body size and shape that gives a delicate accent to the bust.

4. Straight

Glitter mesh long dress

Get the look: style GL2509 | Strap Neckline Glitter Mesh Mermaid Long Dress

A simple straight dress can be the most elegant of all. If you don’t like to be surrounded by much fabric and just want to go all the way simple, a straight line dress will be ideal for you.

5. Two-piece

embroidered two-piece gown

Get the look: style GL2272 | High-Neck Mock Two-Piece Long Dress

Two-piece dresses are on fire! They are fun and an instant eye-catcher. They can be very flattering for short and petite girls, but also for tall misses.

❣️ Now, let’s go with necklines...

1. V-neck

Prom dress with v-neckline

Get the look: style GL2618 | Sheer Bodice V-Neck Glitter Mesh A-Line Dress

The V-neck is one of the most popular necklines in dresses. It’s flattering for all types of body shapes.

2. Sweetheart

Gala dress with sweetheart neckline

Get the look: style GL2941 | Embroidered Bodice Sequin and Glitter Embellished A-Line Dress

A sweetheart neckline will always draw attention to the chest area. It’s sexy but sweet at the same time. It helps enhance the bust, so it’s a good option for girls that have a smaller bust size.

3. Strapless

Strapless long dress

Get the look: style GL2650 | Straight Across Neckline Glitter Mesh A-Line Dress

An all-time favorite… There’s a reason why strapless is one of the most popular necklines: it is elegant, fun, chic, and looks great on all girls! You can’t go wrong with a strapless dress.

4. Off the shoulder

Dress with off shoulder neckline

Get the look: style GL2542 | Sequin Embellished Off-The-Shoulder Long Dress

Under the same premise of strapless, this style shows off both shoulders and the neck area, but it does have straps that go just beneath them creating a beautiful neckline.

5. High neck

Mermaid dress with high neckline

Get the look: style GL2627 | Sequin Embellished Mesh Long Dress w/ Cut-Out Back

High neck style is great for girls with a large bust as it disguises it. It’s timeless, elegant, and comfortable.

6. One shoulder or asymmetric

Black dress with asymmetrical design

Get the look: style GL2143 | One Shoulder Jersey Floor Length Dress with Jewel Accents and Sheer Bodice

This neckline always gives a modern and fun touch. It helps add dimension to the shape of the body, so it’s especially good for skinny girls.

What about fabrics and details? 💞

Of course, the fabric choice has a lot to do with the preference of each girl. However, it is important to mention that heavy fabrics give more volume to the body than those that are vaporous.

As for details, don’t be shy, if you like sparkle, go all the way with beads and all kinds of crystals that give a super chic and elegant look to prom dresses.

If you’re more of a simple-style gal, then opt for a plain dress that will make you shine in a sleek way.

Are you ready for one of the best nights of your life? Enjoy your prom to the fullest with the ideal dress for you!

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