FASHION TRENDS / Oct 01, 2019


Are you a girl who loves being in the latest fashion trend? If you missed the most important fashion shows, here are 5 trends that will take over all wardrobes this fall.

Colors, coats, handbags, belts, and hats. A bit of everything so you can put together an out-of-a-magazine look this fall season.

1. Belt over jacket

A woman wearing a belt over her jacket

One of the great trends for autumn is belts. But, this season they come in a very peculiar way: on top of the jacket. That's right, if you have a coat or jacket that you love, spice it up by placing a belt over it. It can be thin, thick, simple, or super flashy, that’s up to you. But the idea is to put it over your jacket.

2. Super long coats

Woman wearing a long coat

A nice coat should always be part of any wardrobe. But, this fall, super long coats are the ones that will dominate the streets. In addition to their extra length, they must be thick and made of heavy wool to provide extra warmth during the cold season.

3. Color: Mauve

A woman wearing a long mauve dress

Get the look: style GL2824 | Chiffon Ruched Sweetheart Long Dress

Every season has its own color trends and this fall gives us a big surprise with a color that we usually see more in spring: mauve. This purple hue is super versatile, looks beautiful in all skin tones and you can easily combine it with other colors. Say goodbye to the classic autumn terracotta tones and make room for mauve.

4. Statement hats

A woman wearing a hat

Say goodbye to beanies and berets; it's time for statement hats made of thick materials to match with season sweaters and coats. A hat is an excellent accessory to a casual look. If your wardrobe is not that big, a couple of hats will help you give a different touch to the same outfit.

5. Tiny handbags

Mauve Prom Dress with Little Hand Back

Get the look: style GL2959 | Sheer Bodice Glitter Mesh Mermaid Long Dress w/ Tail

This fall, the smaller your handbag, the better. So forget about carrying lots of things, go back to basics, because in your tiny super trendy purse you won’t be able to take more stuff than the strictly essential.

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