PARTY QUEEN / Jan 20, 2020


The most important night of the year is coming, your prom! Are you ready to look spectacular and enjoy it to the fullest?

You don’t get to graduate every day, so it’s a very special moment and as such, it deserves a very special look. But, among so many options of what to wear and how to get ready, you may be confused, so here we have some tips that will help you to prepare for prom night in an easy and relaxing way.

Tip 1: Stay true to yourself and your style

Woman in salmon-colored ball gown

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There are tons of prom dress options. But to know which one will make you look stunning, the best advice we can give you is to stay true to yourself and your style.

For a more classic look, opt for a gala dress with glamorous and high-gloss fabrics; for a more daring look, a tight dress with cut out details might be the one.

Of course, don’t forget to give your personal touch to your look with shoes of fun color and your favorite accessories.

Tip 2: Enjoy your prom without stress

Champagne Aline Off Shoulder Long Dress

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Enjoy a stress-free prom night, releasing the pressure with some organizational and self-care preparations.

For example, we recommend that you do several tests with your dress, shoes and makeup to make sure you like the final look you will have that night, and in case you don't like something, have time to make any changes. Don’t leave this for the last moment.

Tip 3: Avoid new beauty treatments

A woman looking in the mirror

Like any girl, you want to look amazing for your prom, so you are likely to be tempted to try new beauty or facial treatments in the days before the party. Don’t do it! All skins react differently to new treatments and products, and you don't know if it will be your case, so it’s better that you do nothing out of the ordinary in the two weeks prior to your prom night.

Stick to your usual beauty routine.

Tip 4: Have a good rest the night before

A woman sleeping

Sleep is one of the keys to having a healthy mind and body. If you sleep an additional few hours the night before the party, you will feel great and you will look radiant.

You can also choose to practice yoga and meditation the days before the party to clear your mind and be ready for all the emotions you will live that unforgettable night.

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