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Homecoming is approaching and it’s time to find your perfect homecoming dress. Lots of girls come to us to find their dream outfit, but they also come with many questions:

    ❓ Why are homecoming dresses short⁉️
    ❓ Do homecoming dresses have to be short⁉️
    ❓ Do you wear long or short dresses to homecoming⁉️
    ❓ Can I wear a long dress to homecoming⁉️

All the questions! But don’t worry, we have all the answers!

☄️ Can You Wear Long Dresses to Homecoming? Yes, You Can! 💥

We’ll get straight to it: yes, you can wear a long dress to homecoming if you’d like! Your homecoming dress should be a true reflection of your style and what you feel comfortable in.

Typically, girls will wear short homecoming dresses. The reason is that short cocktail dresses are less formal—and usually the homecoming dress code is semi-formal. However, your homecoming event may be more formal. Or, you may just want to wear a long dress to a semi-formal event—that’s totally okay too!

Today, we’re showing you five long homecoming dresses that give you the length you’re looking for without being super formal. However, if you’d like to see formal long homecoming dresses, head to our full catalog.

1. Sienna satin A-line dress

After asking us, “Can I wear a long dress to homecoming,” the follow-up question is usually: what silhouette should I choose?

Choosing the right silhouette for your body type is really important—especially when you wear long dresses. Because there’s more fabric, it’s important to find a silhouette that’ll flatter your figure.

When in doubt, we recommend trying on A-line homecoming dresses. This silhouette looks great on everyone. It’ll cinch your waist and flare out at the hips, keeping the gaze focused on your hourglass shape.

A slit in the skirt will show off a bit of leg and elongate the body—perfect for our shorter girlies!

When it comes to colors, some ladies gravitate towards warm tones, like sienna orange. If you’ve got a summer tan you want to show off, this color will definitely make your skin glow.

Sienna satin Aline dress

Get the look: style GL1993 | Spaghetti Strap V-Neck Satin A-Line Dress w/ Slit

2. Fuschia satin mermaid dress

Anyone else looking to have their Barbie moment? This fuschia pink mermaid gown is the homecoming dress you need. Not only is this color super on trend, but it’s also very fun and casual—perfect for semi-formal dress codes.

Mermaid silhouettes are a bit tighter than A-line silhouettes. They hug your hips and flare out below your knees. However, you can find mermaid dresses that are a bit looser, like this one. The satin fabric gives you room to work the dance floor. And let’s be real, we know that’s going to be a big part of your evening!

If you’re looking to really accentuate your curves, look for ruching at the waist. This will draw attention to your hourglass shape. Uh, yes, please!

Fuschia satin mermaid dress

Get the look: style GL3044 | Sweetheart Satin Mermaid Dress w/ Open Back and Side Gathered Waistline

3. Royal blue glitter crepe mermaid dress

When it comes to semi-formal long homecoming dresses, it’s all in the details.

This royal blue mermaid dress may seem simple at first, but if you take a closer look, you’ll see that it takes your homecoming look to the next level.

First, the color: royal blue is bold and bright. If you want to stand out, choose a vibrant shade of your preferred color.

Second, look at that gorgeous glitter crepe fabric. You can still incorporate sparkle into your homecoming outfit without head-to-toe sequins and beads (Though we encourage you to rock those embellishments if that’s what your heart desires!).

The feather detailing on the shoulder is the cherry on top. Feathers are very trendy right now—and that nod to fashion will surely win you a few nods from the style gurus in the room.

Royal blue glitter crepe mermaid dress

Get the look: style GL3140 | Sweetheart Glitter Ruched Side Mermaid Dress w/ Feather on Strap

4. Mauve metallic lamé A-line dress

For those who are on the fence and wondering “Do you wear short or long dresses to homecoming,” this dress gives you both!

Underneath the slit in the skirt is a shorter layer, creating a high-low effect. You can show a bit of leg without feeling too exposed (Plus, it allows you to show off that killer pair of heels we know you bought for the occasion!).

When it comes to “classic homecoming shades,” mauve is very popular. Like warm colors, pastel colors will bring out your summer tan—and who doesn’t want that? If you’re nodding “yes please!” then we have even more good news. The shimmering metallic lamé fabric will make your skin glow even more.

To complete this radiant homecoming look, dust your shoulders, collarbone, and cheekbones with some highlighter. You won’t regret it.

Mauve metallic lamé A-line dress

Get the look: style GL2927 | Pleated Bodice Metallic Lame Long Dress w/ Leg Slit

5. Neon green two-piece A-line dress

Can you wear a long dress to homecoming that’s two pieces? Absolutely! In fact, two-piece homecoming dresses are a great option if you want length but also don’t want to look too dressed up.

Chiffon is one of our favorite fabrics for homecoming dresses. It’s light and airy—and if it’s still warm in September, it allows you to wear a long dress without feeling too hot.

Floral designs and fun, bright colors like neon green will also help create a playful look. If you’re a gal who wants a whimsical and effortless vibe, this long homecoming dress may be the perfect pick!

Neon green two-piece A-line dress

Get the look: style GL2340 | High-Neck Mock Two-Piece Long Dress with Criss Crossing Back

More Homecoming Dress Inspo Below

Remember ladies, there are no set rules for homecoming. Choose a dress that makes you feel like a million bucks! That’s what matters.

If you still don’t know if you want to wear a long or short homecoming dress, that’s okay! Take a look at these blogs below for more inspo:

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