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Navy is a timeless color for mother of the bride dresses. It's incredibly elegant, looks great on any skin tone, and works for any season. (While it seamlessly fits into fall and winter color palettes, don't overlook its ability to hide sweat in the summer!)

If you're into color psychology, navy blue is associated with trust, stability, power, and authority. Hmm…this color definitely sounds fitting for Mama Bear.

Want to fast forward and see some options? Look no further. We're showing you five navy mother of the bride dress styles we adore.

💙 Five Must-See Navy Mother of the Bride Dresses 💐

Whether you're off to a garden wedding in the summer or a banquet hall wedding in the winter, here are navy mother of the bride dresses fit for any wedding.

1. Chiffon A-line dress with sheer neckline and sleeves

This navy mother of the bride dress style is so chic and adaptable!

A-line dresses flatter all body types. You can really look and feel your best in this silhouette! Look for a built-in belt to cinch the waist to accentuate your hourglass shape.

Chiffon is airy and lightweight, making it a great fabric for warm summer weddings. The mesh, as well, makes the bodice nice and breathable. The sheer mesh bodice also gives you a sultry illusion sweetheart neckline, while providing coverage. It's the best of both worlds.

navy chiffon mother of the bride dress

Get the look: style GL3067 | Embroidered Chiffon A-line Dress w/ Short Sleeves and Waistband

If you're headed to a fall or winter wedding, we know staying warm is top of mind. Good news: you can still rock this navy mother of the bride dress style. Simply look for options with long mesh sleeves to provide more coverage. A-line silhouettes also look great with cropped coats or shawls. Bring on the faux fur!

navy qyarter sleeve chiffon mother of the bride dress

Get the look: style GL3066 | Beads Embellished Embroidered Chiffon A-line Dress w/ 3/4 Sleeves

2. Chiffon A-line dress with boat neck and cap sleeves

This navy blue mother of the bride dress screams royalty. And we must say, your daughter's wedding is the perfect time to wear a regal dress like this one.

Here's why it reminds us of royal wear. First, its color. Blue has a historical connection to the British throne, which is why we still think of wealth and nobility when we see this shade.

The dress' boat neck, cap sleeves, and A-line silhouette are also typical of royal attire. Even today's modern princesses, like Kate Middleton, wear them. The cherry on top? Its delicately embroidered and beaded bodice—it’s absolutely stunning.

This navy mother of the bride dress is perfect if you're off to a traditional or conservative wedding. It's modest yet effortlessly elegant.

navy cap sleeve chiffon mother of the bride dress

Get the look: style GL3065 | Beads Embellished Chiffon A-line Dress w/ Cap Sleeves

3. Lace and chiffon A-line dress with jewels

Looking for a navy mother of the bride dress that's perfect for any type of wedding?

Lace and chiffon are the perfect pair for this navy mother of the bride dress. It can create a whimsical look for a simple garden wedding or a polished ensemble for a bustling banquet hall. It all depends on how you style it!

Some of the styling is already done for you. The jeweled belt adds just the right amount of sparkle for a special occasion like your daughter's wedding. (Plus, it accentuates your waistline.) If the dress code is more formal, add some dazzling shoulder-grazing earrings or a statement bracelet.

A-line silhouettes and high scoop necklines are flattering on any body type. So no matter your height, size, or shape, this navy mother of the bride dress is definitely worth a try-on.

navy lace mother of the bride dress

Get the look: style GL2417 | Jewel Embellished Lace Top Chiffon Long Dress

4. Satin A-line dress with long cut-out sleeves

Calling all fashionista moms! This navy blue mother of the bride dress is a stunner.

Satin is a mainstay for wedding attire because it immediately elevates any dress. Its silky, shiny appearance catches the light beautifully and looks great in photos.

The unique cut-out sleeves make this look very striking. Long sleeves are great for the cooler months, but the cut-outs make the dress more breathable. So if you love this look, you can totally rock it in the spring and summer too!

This dress style would be an excellent choice for an urban wedding, like at a restaurant or rooftop venue. This isn't your average mother of the bride dress. So if you're ready to make a statement, this is the look for you.

navy satin mother of the bride dress

Get the look: style GL1990 | V-Neck Satin Long Sleeve Long Dress w/ Waist Strap

5. Jersey mermaid dress with silver embroidery

On a day like your daughter's wedding, it's normal to want to wear a little extra sparkle. Here's a navy mother of the bride dress that satisfies that desire.

Navy is the perfect backdrop for metallic embroidery. Not only does it make the colors pop, but it also allows you to see every detail of the design. In this case, the embroidered designs also accentuate your curves, elongate the body, and slim the waistline.

If you were looking for a dress that shows off your curves, this one is it! Mermaid dresses are designed to hug your body. The skirt flares below the knee, creating an hourglass shape. To emphasize this shape even further, look for a V-neckline.

To complete this look, find a stunning silver pair of heels. The slit in the skirt will give them the attention they deserve!

navy and silver jersey mother of the bride dress

Get the look: style GL1839 | Embroidered Bodice V-Neck Jersey Long Dress w/ Slit

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