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Customer service is vital for any business. Today, consumers have more options than ever, so the shopping experience they have and the way they are treated are huge differentiation factors and can make indifferent buyers enthusiastic fans of your business.

Therefore, customer service must be a priority at all times.

Tip # 1: Take note of your recurring customers and surprise them

Use a good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that allows you to record customer details, such as contact information, purchase history and birthdays, among other things.

Once you have this information, make good use of it and surprise your recurring customers by reminding them every time they make a purchase, sending them a congratulation note on their birthday and even making a gift to them.

Recurring customers are the best types of buyers and really appreciate when they are remembered and pampered in a store. Make sure they know you're grateful for their purchases.

Tip # 2: Have a backup plan for stockouts

Of course, the best way to deal with stockouts is to avoid them altogether, but it can always happen that you experience a shortage of one or more items.

As a customer, it's quite annoying not to find the clothes that you want in the store, but that is when you have to have a plan and not only answer "I'm sorry, we no longer have it". You can recommend other items that can also work for the customer, or if your store has more locations, find out if the piece is in stock at any other location and offer to send it to the customer for free.

The idea is to turn an unpleasant situation into a positive situation.

Tip # 3: Establish a personal connection with customers

Find a way to connect with your customers through things you both have in common.

For example, you can perceive some taste similar to yours or hear that she is visiting a place that you love and use those points in common to have a pleasant conversation.

This can completely change the shopping experience and make the customer feel much more comfortable.

Tip #4: Help customers find the perfect product

Help your customers find what they need. You could accompany your client to the shelf where the item she wants is located instead of simply pointing it out. You can also present different items for her to compare them and make a better buying decision.

But, make sure you read your customers properly. Not everyone likes to have a seller with them all the time and prefer to see the items alone. If this is the case, you must give them their space. But, for those customers who need assistance, do everything possible to help them find what they need.

Tip #5: Establish procedures to treat dissatisfied customers

Train your staff to treat customers who are angry properly. Write down the procedures that must be followed so that your employees know what to do if something goes wrong with a customer and she gets upset.

Give them the authority to make product changes, provide additional items or issue returns without having to ask for approval from their superiors.

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