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Digital marketing has become an essential tool for any type of business. As the owner or manager of a fashion boutique, you’re probably already using some digital marketing tools on social media; if not, we recommend that you start right now.

Digital marketing will help you reach your target customers easier, learn about their preferences, create engagement, spoil them with promotions (with the idea of ​​creating awareness and loyalty) and track everything to determine if you’re going on the right path or if you should try any other strategy.

Whether or not you have a digital marketing plan in social media, here we share 5 strategies that will help you increase sales of your fashion boutique.

Launch holiday promotions

During the holidays, it's easier to capture the attention of potential customers. According to the season of the year, you can launch promotions and different incentives to buyers through your brand's social media.

Think about Christmas and New Year's season; it's an excellent time to sell clothes, accessories and all kinds of things related to fashion. You can come up with a full week of promotions in which one day you cut prices of dresses, the next day of shoes, the third day of accessories, and so on.

Prom season is an excellent time to sell party dresses, so start with a promotion campaign during Easter.

Run an Instagram giveaway to grow your brand’s awareness and the size of your community

Instagram giveaways are quite successful because in just a couple of days, the size of your community can grow considerably with quality followers.

The dynamic can be very easy: ask your current Instagram followers to post a comment on why they want to win the giveaway and tag three friends who may also want that gift. Those friends can also compete for the giveaway and for that they must start following you and tag three other friends. And just like that, you create a new chain of quality followers who may be interested in buying your products.

Send birthday coupons

We all love to be congratulated on our birthdays. With this in mind, be sure to send a birthday e-card to your customers and include a discount coupon as a birthday gift from your store. The chances that customers want to use that coupon as part of their birthday celebrations are quite high. In addition to a possible sale, you will be creating loyalty.

Start a blog

If you don't have a fashion blog yet, we recommend that you start it as soon as possible. If you already have it, then continue posting valuable articles regularly.

Blogs are an excellent tool to promote your products through useful, practical and interesting information for your customers.

Keep your blog posts short, sweet and to the point, which is what digital readers are looking for today.

Use social media targeting benefits to your advantage

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter make it really easy to find the people who most likely want to buy your products.

With the tools of these social media, you can target your advertising campaigns and make them quite successful. For example, if you want to sell prom dresses, you can direct all marketing efforts to girls between 16 and 18 years old who live a certain radius away from your store. You can also choose the interests of the people to whom you want to target your ads and even focus on friends of people who are already following your brand on social media.

The possibilities are endless and they all play in your favor. You just have to take advantage of them to improve and increase your sales.

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