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The quinceanera is a big moment in any Latina woman's life. Your 15th birthday is not just a celebration of your birth—it's also a celebration of entering womanhood.

If you're celebrating your quinceanera, all eyes are on you, which means you need to find a dress that will turn heads.

Typically, girls wear ball gowns to their quinceanera—tight bodices and full skirts. Many will accessorize with a tiara. Sound like something a princess would wear? You're not too far off.

Yes, quinceanera gowns are fit for royalty. To help inspire your inner princess, here are six dazzling quinceanera dresses.

1. Sparkly Pink Ball Gown with Jewel Embellishments

To start the list off, we're going classic: a sparkly pink quinceanera ball gown.

No other color screams "princess" quite like pink. Many view this as a calming color associated with love, kindness, femininity, and romance. (I think I just described the persona of every Disney princess.)

Since this is your quinceanera, after all, we encourage you to embrace this special time and dial up the glam.

Rhinestone and jewel embellishments, sequin embroidery, or glittery fabric are all ways to glam-ify your dress.

Or, wear some royal accessories—such as a tiara or crown. Don't ever ask yourself, "Is this too much?" You can rock it all!

pink quinceanera dress

Get the look: style GL1821 | Jewel Embellished Sweetheart Neckline Glitter Netting Quinceanera Dress

2. Blush Ball Gown with Long Sleeves

While we love the off-the-shoulder sleeve trend, we can't help but call attention to long-sleeve quinceanera gowns. They are absolutely timeless.

Whether you're looking for a dress with more coverage or it's simply a fashion statement, this style is fit for a princess.

For balance, we recommend a mesh sleeve—creating a bit of a peek-a-boo appearance. This material also allows you to showcase some stunning glitter.

We recommend pulling your hair up and accessorizing it with earrings if you go for a long-sleeve dress. A bare collarbone will elongate the neck and keep all eyes on the details of your dress.

blush off shoulder long sleeves glitter ball gown

Get the look: style GL2911 | Sweetheart Neckline Glitter Mesh Quinceanera Dress

3. Peach Ball Gown with Ruffled Skirt

Peach is a pastel color that we're loving this season—and it's perfect for a quinceanera dress. (Is anyone else getting Princess Belle vibes?) It's feminine and warm. Plus, if you have darker skin or simply a tan, it'll really make your skin glow.

Do you know what would also make you glow? A bedazzled bodice. Take advantage of this opportunity to don some major sparkle.

While most quinceanera gowns have full skirts, we love seeing ruffles because it adds even more dimension! That means an even more dramatic hourglass shape. Va-va-voom!

If you choose a peach gown, a red lip will look absolutely stunning. Keep the rest of your makeup neutral but don't forget to add some highlighter on your cheekbones, shoulders, and collarbone to amplify your glow.

peach quinceanera dress

Get the look: style GL2515 | Rhinestone Embellished Sweetheart Ball Gown

4. Ball Gown with Floral Embroidery

Like the color pink, flowers are the epitome of femininity. Immediately they add a delicate, whimsical touch to any outfit.

Whether it's for a quinceanera celebration today—or fifty years down the road—floral embroidery is a timeless addition to any quinceanera gown. It would look lovely on your sleeves, the bodice, or the skirt. (Or, how about all three?!) There are really no rules here—just go for embroidery that you love.

For a subtle touch, choose an embroidered gown that's all one color. If you'd like to draw attention to the beautiful handiwork, pick a dress where the embroidery is a different color.

While we're on the topic of flowers—a headpiece is another way to add some to your look. Tie your hair up in a tight bun to truly let them blossom.

Embroidery Embellished Glitter-Mesh Cut-Away Shoulder Quinceanera Dress

Get the look: style GL1958 | Embroidery Embellished Glitter-Mesh Cut-Away Shoulder Quinceanera Dress

5. Red Ball Gown with Gold Embroidery

Speaking of embroidery—a red ball gown with gold embroidery is just the statement you should make on your quinceanera.

Red dresses are fiery. Gold dresses are regal. Together, they capture the queen that you are.

Because red is such a bright color, we recommend choosing a dress that exposes your arms and shoulders to create balance.

Plus, this allows you to show off some bling. Since gold is front and center for this look, we encourage you to add gold accessories. (Yes, that includes a gold crown!)

red quinceanera dress

Get the look: style GL1930 | Embroidered Mesh Strap Satin Quinceanera Dress w/ Mesh Tail

6. Blush Ball Gown with a Bolero

Alright, are you ready for the ball? We couldn't help but recommend a blush ball gown—it's what quinceanera dreams are made of!

Lace and embroidery are go-to's for any quinceanera dress. But if you really want to dial up the royal glam, add a bolero to your look.

A mesh cape adds coverage while also showing off your arms and shoulders. Because a bolero doesn't cover your chest, illusion sweetheart neckline with jewels can make your look more glamour.

Put your hair up in a loose bun and add a simple tiara or headpiece to balance out your outfit. Complete the look with a shimmery silver eyelid.

blush illusion sweetheart neckline jewel mesh ball gown with bolero

Get the look: style GL2600 | Jewel Embellished Bodice Glitter Mesh Quinceanera Dress

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