FASHION RETAIL / Nov 11, 2019


When we talk about clothes, it’s undeniable that quality has been decreasing over the years.

In our global economy, priorities have changed. In the past, clothes were made to last for a truly long period of time. Nowadays, with changing fashion trends all the time, people expect clothes to be cheap, so they can buy every time a new trend comes out.

It’s not easy to find high-quality, fashionable clothes at good prices. As the owner or manager of a clothing store, this is exactly what you want to have in your display racks.

If you want to offer only quality pieces at your boutique, here we discuss some myths around the quality of clothing you can take into consideration when stocking your store.

Myth #1: The more expensive, the better quality

In theory, a high price tag should equal high quality, but this is not always the case.

Check in detail the clothes you want to buy and you will realize that many options with low prices can offer better quality than those with high prices. That is, when choosing your clothing suppliers, do not focus only on the cost of the clothes. First, analyze the clothes, the quality of the fabric and its construction.

Myth #2: A type of fabric is always created with the same quality

It’s common to think that textiles are always created equal. That is, satin is satin, and chiffon is chiffon, right? So they should always have the same quality, right? Wrong. The quality of a fabric can vary greatly depending on where it is manufactured.

So, don’t assume that because a dress is made with a certain fabric, it will be of good quality.

Myth #3: The same brand will always have the same quality

Unfortunately, no.

Some brands are great at making sweaters, but not dresses. All brands and designers have their strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you know those of your clothing suppliers, so you know what to buy from each one and don’t get unnecessary disappointments.

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