In other articles, we’ve discussed the importance of suppliers for your business. They are its basis, especially when it comes to a dress boutique.

If you’re looking for reliable suppliers, probably you’ve heard some advice on how to choose them or how to manage your business relationships. Among all the tips out there, some are really bad and can jeopardize the quality and prestige of your dress boutique.

Here we share bad advice you can get about suppliers. Avoid them at all costs, so you can have a healthy business relationship and allow your dress boutique to thrive.

Bad Tip #1: Go for the cheapest supplier

It is said that "cheap is expensive" and it's completely true.

It can be tempting to do business with the supplier that offers the cheapest products in the market and thus have a higher profit margin. But before doing so, it's very important that you analyze why they sell their items at such a low price. Usually, this is because they are sacrificing something that is of utmost importance to a dress boutique: quality.

There are hundreds of suppliers that offer dresses that are pleasing to the eye, but they turn out to be of very poor quality. The fabrics are poor and the manufacturing is terrible.

If you want to have a reliable dress boutique where women want to buy and become loyal customers, you have to prioritize the quality of the dresses you sell, and for this, it's very bad advice to go for the cheapest supplier.

Bad Tip #2: Go for the fastest supplier

Just like the previous point. Quality takes time, so the suppliers that offer to have the products too quickly are usually doing something without too much care.

This is not a general rule, some suppliers can offer quality and speed at the same time, but ultimately it’s better to consider that the right dress supplier must have enough time to supply your stock.

Bad Tip #3: Have a single supplier

It’s never good to put all your eggs in one basket, in this case, that all your stock depends on a single supplier.

The main reason is that if you have only one supplier and she fails you for some reason (time, company’s internal issues, etc.), your boutique may come down. Therefore, even if you’re pleased with a specific supplier, it’s important that you consider having more. The variety of suppliers (without exaggerating and having dozens) will make your boutique stronger.

Bad Tip #4: Impose your ideas

Humility is an extraordinary quality. Even if you know what you want for your boutique, it's always good to take into account the experience of suppliers to make the business thrive. In other words: don't impose your ideas just because the store is yours, be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and respect the opinion and expertise of your suppliers.

If you find a reliable supplier, it's time to start negotiating with her. To help you in the process, you can read our article with tips for negotiating with suppliers.

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