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Your wedding is a pretty big deal. (Congrats on your engagement, by the way!) It’s an exciting time, to say the least. Ready to find the perfect wedding dress?

For some, it can be a challenge. Why? Because there are so many options—different styles, lengths, embellishments, shades, fabrics, and silhouettes.

It’s no surprise that most brides try on 5-10 dresses per appointment! It’s a lengthy process.

Want to get straight to finding the perfect gown for you? One way to narrow down the options is by trying on silhouettes made for your frame. If you’re looking for the best wedding dress for your body type, this guide is for you.

1. For Any Frame: A-Line Wedding Dress

Let’s start with the one that all brides love: the A-line wedding dress. It’s oh-so-flattering on all body types. It’s fitted until it hits the waist, where it flares out into a soft A-shape.

Particularly, if you’re a curvier or pear-shaped bride, you’ll love that this dress flares out at the waist, creating a smaller waistline. While it builds an hourglass figure, it doesn’t hug your hips and legs—so you can glide through the night feeling confident!

This silhouette offers tons of movement, so if you plan on dancing the night away, this could be the best wedding dress for your body type—and your late-night dance plans.

If you’re looking for something form-fitting, this type of wedding dress may not be for you. But don’t worry, we’ll be covering some of those silhouettes below!

a-line wedding dress

Get the look: style GL1904 | Embroidered Bodice Sweetheart Glitter Mesh Wedding Gown

2. For Hourglass Frames: Mermaid Wedding Dress

Ladies—if you’re looking to show off your frame, this could be the best wedding dress for your body type!

The mermaid silhouette contours the body from the chest to the knee and then flares out dramatically. It’s known to emphasize your natural waist and hips rather than shrink or hide them.

If you have a natural hourglass shape, this might be for you. Those with an athletic build may also like it because your arms, shoulders, waist, hips, and thighs will be on display (hey, if you got it, flaunt it!).

A word of warning, though: because this silhouette is so fitted, you’ll want to ensure you pick the right shapewear and undergarments to hide any lumps and bumps, as well as underwear lines. You’ll also want to make sure the gown is not too tight. When trying on dresses, make sure you can still move freely in it and sit down easily (you may also want to make sure you can bust a move in it!).

mermaid wedding dress

Get the look: style GL2689 | Beads Embellished Mermaid Layered Hem Wedding Gown

3. For Slender Frames: Trumpet Wedding Dress

If an A-line dress and mermaid dress had a baby, it would be a trumpet or fit-and-flare dress. It offers a great balance between these well-known silhouettes—not too tight, not too flowy.

Like a mermaid dress, it hugs your waist and hips. But instead of flaring out at the knee, it does so at the mid-thigh. The flare is also more subtle than the mermaid-style dress. These differences can make it look like an A-line dress. But unlike the A-line, it doesn’t flare at the waist.

So is this the best wedding dress for your body type? Long story short, it’s still a reasonably fitted dress and draws attention to the waist and hips, which may appeal to brides with slender frames. With that said, we encourage any woman that wants a sexy fit to try it on!

We also love that this silhouette is a bit roomier than a mermaid-style dress. So if you’re looking for more comfort and movement in the skirt, this may be the one for you.

lace wedding dress

Get the look: style GL1515 | Lace V-Neck Long Dress With Lace Applique

4. For Tall or Curvy Frames: Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Like the A-line dress, ball gowns feature a fitted bodice and a full skirt that flows away from the waist. That means you’re free to dance the night away in this number!

How is it different from an A-line dress? Typically, ball gown skirts are fuller and more voluminous.

This silhouette looks great on tall or curvy brides. If you’re slim-hipped with a fuller bust, this dress can balance out your frame to create that hourglass shape we’re all looking for. If you have wide hips, it’ll work to highlight the good (and hide the bad). No attention is drawn to lumps and bumps—just your beautiful feminine curves.

Because there’s a lot of fabric, this wedding dress could drown your frame if you’re short or petite. (For short brides, take a look at this blog post dedicated to you!) With that said, if you’re looking for a regal look, this dress type is certainly it. Hey, there’s no harm in trying it on (time to channel your inner royalty!).

plus size wedding dress

Get the look: style GL1936 | Embroidered Bodice Cut-Away Shoulder Glitter Mesh Wedding Gown w/ Sequin Mesh Lining 

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These are just four of many wedding dresses that feature the silhouettes we shared with you today. Take a look at our complete inventory here.

Need more inspo? This post is just the tip of the iceberg. Take a look at our blog to gather more fashion advice from our experts!

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