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Prom night represents a massive milestone in your life. You're closing one chapter and opening up a new one. This is certainly something worth celebrating!

Many schools introduce prom themes to heighten the excitement. We're all for it! If you've landed on this blog, you're likely heading to a vintage-themed prom.

When it comes to your prom dress—girl, you have options! The literal meaning of "vintage" means "age," which opens up a lot of different interpretations. Your retro look could be from the 1800s or the 1970s. It's really up to you.

To help you find the perfect retro dress for your vintage-themed prom, let's look at five prom dresses that capture different eras.

1. Glitter embellished dress with a detachable cape

Say hello to your inner Khaleesi. If you want to be taken back in time (we mean way back) with your vintage-themed prom dress, this one's for you!

Yes, capes were worn in the fictional Game of Thrones, but they were also common in the 1700s. In fact, women wore them more than men. We love that this cape is mesh and detachable. It doesn't hide your beautiful arms and shoulders—and if you want, you can take it off when you hit the dance floor.

Dresses with embellishments and embroidery were a sign of wealth during this time and worn on fancier occasions. What better occasion to rock some sparkle than your prom night?!

Because this dress brings drama and luxury, we recommend throwing your hair up in a loose bun to show off your collarbone and elongate your neck. Add some shoulder-grazing earrings to complete your retro royal look.

silver vintage dress for prom

Get the look: style GL1925 | Glitter Embellished Mesh V-Neck Long Dress w/ Detachable Cape

2. Jacquard dress with a deep-V neckline

If you're looking for a 1950s-inspired prom dress for your vintage-themed prom, look no further!

Dresses during this time were made of stiffer fabrics, tight bodices that cinched the waist, and full A-line skirts. This prom dress checks off all the boxes.

First, it's made of jacquard fabric. Jacquard refers to patterns woven directly into the material rather than being embroidered, printed, or stamped onto the fabric. It's also known to be stiff with distinctive raised surfaces.

Now let's talk about the bodice. Like 1950s dresses, it's tight-fitted and features a deep-V neckline. Plus, the straps create an illusion of a retro halter dress. (Bonus points!)

Lastly, the skirt is super voluminous, like a '50s swing dress. There will be lots of dancing at prom—so this skirt is, dare we say, perfect.

blush vintage dress for prom

Get the look: style GL2897 | Illusion Deep V-Neck A-Line Long Dress w/ V-Back

3. Lamé dress with a high slit

Is Marilyn Monroe your fashion muse? Then you have to wear a lamé dress to your vintage-themed prom. That's a must!

Lamé is a fabric that's either entirely made of or interspersed with metallic fibers, creating a very shimmery effect. It was popular in the 1920s when the flapper movement revitalized interest in luxurious and expensive fabrics. It became popular again in the 1960s when famous people, like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, frequently donned lamé outfits.

Marilyn Monroe wasn't scared to flaunt her curves. This dress allows you to show it all off too! If you want to dial up the sex appeal for your retro look, the spaghetti straps, deep-V neckline, and high slit will do the trick! Choosing a royal blue dress wouldn't hurt either. Va-va-voom!

With your shoes on display, we recommend rocking a nice pair of nude heels. If your toes are on display, too, don't forget to get a pedicure!

royal blue ruched bodice high slit skirt lame long dress

Get the look: style GL2927 | Pleated Bodice Metallic Lame Long Dress w/ Leg Slit

4. Off-the-shoulder dress with a sweetheart neckline

If you're a fan of royal looks for your vintage-themed prom, this prom dress is straight out of the Victorian era.

Many Victorian gowns were soft in color. White, cream, gray, and lilac were all common. They also featured delicate detail, like trimming, lace, and embroidery. For a modern take, find a champagne dress with dainty embellishments.

Deep-V and sweetheart necklines started making an appearance during this time. While long sleeves were standard, we recommend choosing off-the-shoulder sleeves. They're so on trend this year—and will still provide a retro vibe to your look.

This dress also features a corset back, a staple in Victorian gowns. To complete your royal look, wear a glamorous statement necklace. It's your night to shine!

rose gold embroidery glitter off shoulder a-line dress

Get the look: style GL2941 | Embroidered Bodice Sequin and Glitter Embellished A-Line Dress

5. Satin mermaid dress with a gathered waistline

Is your retro inspo coming from the 1970s? Then you don't want rigid fabrics or big skirts—you want a slinky number like this for your vintage-themed prom!

The 1970s embraced fluid fabrics that drape naturally over the body. If that's something you're looking for, satin is an excellent choice for your prom dress.

While you could choose a looser-fitted silhouette with a 1970s dress, we recommend finding a middle ground to enhance your curves. A gathered waistline, like this one, ensures you don't drown in the fabric. Say hello to sex appeal and comfort!

Since we can tell that you're a free spirit, there's no need to wear your hair in a tight bun or curls. For a 1970s retro look, keep your hair down and simple.

smoky blue satin dress for prom

Get the look: style GL3044 | Sweetheart Satin Mermaid Dress w/ Open Back and Side Gathered Waistline

Looking for more retro inspiration?

We covered a few time periods in this blog, but if you’re looking for more retro inspiration, take a look at this post on Great Gatsby-themed proms. You’ll find five dresses straight out of the 1920s!

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