Looking for a fall quinceañera dress that matches a colorful fall quinceañera theme? You're in the right place. Even though your birthday is in the fall months, you can still rock a bold and colorful quinceañera dress. There are many hues "in season," and we'll show you some today. Jewel tones like ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, and amethyst purple are all great choices. But you can definitely get away with brighter shades too. Ready to see some options?  

👗 Four Fall Quinceanera Dresses That’ll Turn Heads 👑

Here are four colorful fall quinceañera dresses that will make you stand out at your birthday bash.  

1. Red embroidered dress with long puff sleeves

Red is a go-to color for fall quinceañeras dresses—and this bright red hue is especially fitting for fall quinceañera themes such as the "Red Roses" theme, "Charro" theme, and "Circus" theme. We love suggesting fall quinceañera dresses with dramatic sleeves for the chillier months. It might be too hot for them in the summer. But in the fall and winter months, you have many options! These mesh puff sleeves are so trendy right now—and totally create a bold look. If you're looking for some sparkle, this dress certainly has that! Glitter, beads, jewels, sequins, you name it! You'll even find applique details, which create a 3D effect. Yes, this dress is colorful, bold, and glamorous all in one.  
red off shoulder quinceanera dress
Get the look: style GL3071 | Mesh Long Sleeves Quinceanera Dress w/ Detachable Ribbon and Mini Bag

2. Blue dress with airy mesh sleeves and ruffled skirt

Blue is another popular color for winter and fall quinceañera dresses. The color works perfectly for fall quinceañera themes like the "Celestial" theme, "Nautical" theme, and "Cinderella" theme. If your birthday is in the winter months, blue is, of course, the perfect color for a "Winter Wonderland" theme! Quinceañera skirts are usually voluminous. But for fall quinceañera dresses, you can get away with even more drama. Ruffles are a perfect way to do that. (Plus, they make your waist even tinier!) Again, because your quinceanera is in the fall, we recommend trying on dresses with sleeves. First, there are so many beautiful options, and they make any dress oh-so chic. Second, they'll keep you warm! If your quinceañera is outside, it'll be nice to have some coverage on your arms. But that doesn't mean you must be covered head to toe! With off-the-shoulder sleeves like these, you can show off your collarbone and shoulders. Pull up your hair and wear shoulder-grazing earrings for an elegant look.  
royal blue sequin quinceanera dress
Get the look: style GL1976 | Sweetheart Cut-Away Shoulder Quinceanera Dress w/ Mesh Long Sleeves

3. Emerald dress with gold accents and detachable sleeves

Planning an "Under the Sea" or "Moroccan Night" quinceañera? Instead of turquoise, which is a popular color for these themes in spring and summer, we recommend this brighter shade of emerald. It looks similar to turquoise, but is much more fall-friendly. Green shades, in general, are excellent choices for fall quinceañera dresses. Planning an “Enchanted Forest” quinceañera? Then green should be your go-to hue! With mesh bell sleeves, you'll look like an absolute princess. And guess what? They're detachable! So you can snag some cute photos with your friends and then take them off when you dance the night away. Gold embellishments look lovely on emerald dresses and will make you look like royalty. Wear emerald or gold jewelry to complete this jaw-dropping look.  
emerald green strapless quinceanera dress
Get the look: style GL1914 | Sequin Embellished Glitter Mesh Quinceanera Dress w/ Detached Mesh Sleeve

4. Purple embellished dress with pink accents 

If you're a self-proclaimed girly girl, then don't worry—we've got a fall quinceañera dress for you too! It's a light amethyst color with pink embellishments, a sweetheart neckline, and a corset back. What's more feminine than a gown like this?! If your fall quinceañera has a "Mardi Gras Masquerade" theme, this dress is perfect because the color palette is usually gold and purple. All you need to find is a mask! (Don't forget to choose one with some sparkle—it's your day, after all.) For a "Princess" theme, this fall quinceañera dress will certainly make you look like royalty. But your tiara will play an even bigger role for this theme, so choose it wisely. Perhaps one with pink and purple stones. (Umm…how cute would that be?)  
lilac sweetheart quinceanera dress
Get the look: style GL1928 | Jewel Embellished Bodice Glitter Mesh Quinceanera Dress

Want More Fall Quinceañera Dress Inspo?

These are just four of many options from our online catalog. Head on over to see our full selection of fall quinceanera dresses to find the perfect one for your fall theme. Or, take a peek at these blogs to see more hand-selected favorites:  

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