Is your quinceañera coming up? Are you looking for a gown that's hot, hot, hot? Then you're in the right place. Choosing a burgundy quinceañera dress will certainly dial up the heat.

Burgundy, a darker shade of red, is a powerful color that symbolizes confidence, energy, and love. It's the perfect hue for bold personalities—and if you're looking for a burgundy quinceañera dress, we have a feeling that's you!

❤️ Four Must-See Burgundy Quinceañera Dresses ❣️

Ready to turn heads, ladies? We've gathered our four favorite burgundy quinceañera dresses to help you find your fiery birthday outfit.

1. Strapless Gown with Gold Embellishments

Like peanut butter and jelly, red and gold pair perfectly. You can't go wrong with this duo if you're looking for a luxurious burgundy quinceañera dress.

This dress features elegant patterns made of gold sequins. Against a burgundy backdrop, they really pop! It also has glitter and jewels. All the embellishments work together to add a beautiful texture to the go

It's also made of mesh, a traditional fabric for quinceañera gowns. Why is mesh the go-to material? It makes the skirts oh-so-voluminous. (As you know, that's a must for your quinceañera!)

We're also drooling over the strapless sweetheart neckline. Red is the color of love. What's more romantic than a neckline shaped like a heart?! We recommend pulling your hair up to elongate your neck and show off your shoulders. You can keep your collarbone bare or rock a necklace. Or, you can never go wrong with some bold shoulder-grazing earrings.

burgundy corset ball gown

Get the look: style GL1987 | Sequin Pattern and Jewel Embellished Glitter Mesh Sleeveless Quinceanera Dress

2. Embroidered Gown with Ruffles and Bows

If you're looking for a burgundy quinceañera dress, we know you've got a big, bold personality. You're looking for a dress that'll make you stand out, and this dress does just that.

First, let's talk about its head-to-toe gold embroidery. (You already know how we feel about this combo!) The luxurious gold color contrasts beautifully against the red, making every detail on your dress pop.

The dress also has unique features, like the single ruffle on the skirt and the huge mesh bow on the back.

While most quinceañera ball gowns emphasize your waistline, this ruffle accentuates it further. How? It adds volume right below the waist, creating a bigger hourglass shape. It also breaks up the gold embroidery—so everyone's eyes will be drawn to your gorgeous curves.

While we often see a corset back, we rarely see a big bow like this one. It's just the statement you need to complete your bold quinceañera look.

burgundy embroidered ball gown burgundy corset ball gown

Get the look: style GL1927 | Sequin & Embroidery Embellished Bodice Glitter Mesh Quinceanera Dress

3. Mesh Gown with Intricate Silver Designs

If you're more of a silver kind of gal, then this burgundy quinceañera dress has your name on it. As you'll see with this gown, red pairs magically with both metallic colors and allows for beautiful embroidered designs.

This dress showcases gorgeous designs on the bodice and skirt through beads and sequins. It looks like it came straight out of a royal ball. Against the mesh, these embellishments create a 3D effect. Your guests' jaws will drop when they see it!

It also has off-the-shoulder sleeves and a sweetheart neckline—a go-to for quinceañera dresses for a reason. They show off your feminine side, which is fitting for a birthday milestone celebrating your entrance into womanhood.

Because this is your day to shine, don't forget your sparkling accessories. Silver earrings, a drop necklace, and a tiara are our top recommendations to complete this look.

burgundy sweetheart ball gown

Get the look: style GL2910 | Cut-Away Shoulder Glitter Mesh Quinceanera Dress

4. Satin Gown with Off-the-Shoulder Sleeves

Looking for a burgundy quinceañera dress—straight up? Let's add the metallic embroidery and go for bedazzled jewels.

This dress is fully guaranteed to turn heads thanks to its timeless glamor. Unlike most quinceañera gowns, this one is made of satin fabric. Its smooth and shiny texture screams old-school Hollywood! It also comes with off-the-shoulder sleeves. As you know, off-the-shoulder sleeves are making a huge comeback this season. It's a modern take on a vintage look.

While this gown features jewel embroidery, it's also burgundy in color—but the shimmer doesn't get lost. In fact, the sparkle totally stands out against the satin fabric.

We recommend embracing this chic vintage look with a pair of drop earings.

burgundy gold metallic embroidered quinceanera dress

Get the look: style GL1930 | Embroidered Mesh Strap Satin Quinceanera Dress w/ Mesh Tail

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