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Every woman wants to feel like a princess. So when there’s an occasion to dress like one, we’re all for it—am I right?

And who else to gather inspo from than Cinderella? Those full, voluptuous skirts are called a ball gown skirt for a reason!

But we understand that the Disney movie was created in 1950—a little dated, don’t you think?

So to help you channel your inner modern-day princess, we’ve compiled five hot alternatives to the classic Cinderella ball gown—suitable for any big occasion.

Let’s go to the ball! ✨✨

1. For Your Wedding

We love that the Cinderella ball gown is a flattering silhouette—a tight bodice and a full flowing skirt look good on all shapes and sizes. As we all want to look amazing on our wedding day, this is the perfect occasion to rock a Cinderella-style wedding dress.

How can you achieve the look?

Off-she-shoulder sleeves are one of the key features of Cinderella’s gown—a must-have if you want to capture the look classically.

But to modernize your bodice, consider different fabrics and textures, such as lace, mesh and sequins. Or, crank up the heat with an illusion deep-v neckline.

Pair your look with some shoulder-grazing earrings to keep it classic. To jazz it up, add a bold choker necklace or bracelet.

off-shoulder wedding dress

Get the look: style GL1936 | Embroidered Bodice Cut-Away Shoulder Glitter Mesh Wedding Gown w/ Sequin Mesh Lining

Not the bride? No problem. Take a look at our Bridesmaid Collection to find your royal outfit.

2. For Your Prom

If there’s a night where you can dress like a Disney princess, it’s definitely prom night. Long dresses are the norm for prom attire, so a modern-day Cinderella ball gown is nothing out of the ordinary.

As you know, Cinderella’s famous ball gown is a baby blue color and any off-the-shoulder gown that features that hue will give off a serious Cinderella vibe.

To put a modern twist on this classic look, you could opt for a different shade of blue. If you really want to stand out, we recommend trying on a turquoise dress—that’ll really turn heads!

The original Cinderella dress also had puff sleeves, which date back to the Renaissance era! To modernize your look, you can still stick to a bold sleeve—but we recommend something a bit more structured.

And again, you can’t go wrong with a bold pair of shoulder-grazing earrings. Pin your hair up to really let them shine.

aqua prom dress

Get the look: style GL2982 | Illusion V-Neck Cut-Away Shoulder Long Dress w/ Beaded Waist Band

3. For Your Quinceanera

The quinceanera is an important milestone for any Latina woman! Part birthday party, part rite of passage, it symbolizes a girl’s entrance into womanhood on her 15th birthday. (Um, are we talking future queen status?)

Cinderella’s blue ball gown could totally be worn at a quinceanera today. A tight bodice and big, full skirt is a classic quinceanera silhouette.

But unlike Cinderella, you could choose a gown with a sweetheart neckline. Sweetheart necklines offer the perfect balance between sexy and elegance—in other words, they’re fit for a royal.

Speaking of royal—don’t be afraid to rock a dress with some serious sparkle, such as jewels, sequins, and glitter.

If you want to wear a necklace with your quinceanera look, we recommend a choker necklace—like how Cinderella accessorized her ball gown. Wear your hair up to keep all eyes on that piece of jewelry.

baby blue off shoulder sweetheart neckline mesh quinceanera dress

Get the look: style GL2601 | Jewel Embellished Multi-Layered Skirt Ball Gown

4. For Your Homecoming 

Sure, homecoming dresses are typically shorter in length, but that doesn’t mean you can’t channel your inner Cinderella. In fact, it’s the perfect event for modernizing the Cinderella ball gown.

To capture a look reminiscent of the Disney princess, we recommend sticking to a baby blue color and off-the-shoulder sleeves. From there, the world is your oyster.

A fit-and-flare dress will mimic the silhouette of the ball gown, but feel free to go wild with different fabrics and textures!

For example, you can choose a bodice with gold or silver embroidery.

Or, for extra whimsical vibes, find a dress with a tulle skirt.

Because your shoes are front and center, now’s the time to pick a statement shoe that would rival Cinderella’s glass slippers!

Get the look: style GS2866 | Ruched Top Mesh Short Dress w/ Jeweled Waistband

5. For a Gala 

Galas are the modern-day ball—so of course you need a Cinderella ball gown!

So far, we’ve encouraged you to choose a gown that features off-the-shoulder sleeves—but we understand that’s not to everyone’s taste.

Here’s how you can still achieve Cinderella’s look: simple spaghetti strap sleeves paired with a sweetheart neckline. With bare shoulders and an open neckline, you still achieve the same romantic look.

Another way to modernize your gala outfit is to dial down the skirt. A long, a-line skirt made of a luxurious fabric, like silk, will still capture the elegance you’re looking for.

Pair your gown with a silver or gold clutch and you’re ready for the ball!

blue long gala dress

Get the look: style GL2951 | Spaghetti Strap Sweetheart A-Line Long Dress

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