With your fifteenth birthday coming up, you and your family are probably in full planning mode! From food and venue to outfits and traditions, there are a lot of things to cover.

Today we’re helping you by sharing quinceañera traditions. The traditions of a quinceañera party go back centuries—but there are ways to make them fun and your own. And we’ll tell you how.

👑 How to incorporate quinceañera traditions into your special day 🌺

Grab a pen and paper! We’ve got seven quinceañera traditions that will make your birthday party an event to remember.

1. Find the perfect quinceañera dress 👗

One of the most important (and fun) quinceañera traditions is wearing a luxurious quinceañera dress. There are few occasions where you can dress like a princess, and this is one of them!

Quinceañera gowns usually have big ball gown skirts, sparkling embellishments, and color. You’re supposed to stand out on your birthday—so pick a dress that’ll make you feel like the star of the show.

Don’t forget about your accessories! For quinceañeras, girls will often wear a tiara and jewelry. Some also complete their look with a scepter or bouquet of flowers.

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2. Assemble your court of honor 👫

An important quinceañera tradition is having a court of honor. Traditional courts of honor consist of 14 young women (or damas) and 14 young men (chambelanes).

Your court of honor plays a significant role in your quinceañera. They’ll be by your side preparing for your event—and will also partake in several activities. So make sure you choose people you care for, like close friends and family.

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3. Buy a pair of zapatillas/heels 👠

One beloved quinceañera tradition is the changing of the shoes. Your father (or a close male relative) will change your flat shoes to high heels. This symbolizes your transition from a little girl to a young lady.

With your feet on display, it’s important to find a pair of heels that’s both cute and comfortable. We recommend buying them in advance and wearing them a few times to break them in.

All girls love shoe shopping, so we think preparing for this quinceañera tradition will be easy!

4. Learn a dance routine (or two) 💃

The quinceañera dances are some of our favorite quinceañera traditions.

The father-daughter dance brings all the feels. It symbolizes the first man in your life, after all. Traditionally, this is a waltz to a slower song. Chat with your dad about which song you’d like to pick. It should have meaning to both of you! It’s also important to take some dance lessons. With all eyes on you two, you’ll want to make sure you’ve practiced!

Afterward, it’s time for you and your besties to rip up the dance floor with a “surprise dance.” The type of dance is totally up to you, though! You can choose a traditional waltz or something a bit spicier like hip hop, tango, cha-cha, bachata, or reggaeton. Again, take some lessons with your court so you all nail the routine!

5. Plan your grand entrance 👑

Another fun quinceañera tradition is the grand entrance. When the reception starts, it’s time for you and your court to enter in style!

This is a great opportunity to embrace your quinceañera theme. From song choice to props, you can make your grand entrance a really unique one!

For example, for a princess or Cinderella theme, you could enter in a carriage! For a winter wonderland theme, you could rent a fake snow machine. This is one quinceañera tradition where you can get creative.

6. Prep a small speech 🎤

A toast is an essential quinceañera tradition. Typically, your parents will prepare speeches, but the lady of the hour is also encouraged to say a few words.

We know speeches can be a little nerve-wracking. Don’t overthink it! Speak from the heart—and know that everyone there loves you. Practicing in front of a mirror will also calm any jitters you may have.

7. Taste some cake 🍰

Where there’s a quinceañera, there’s cake! But the cake cutting itself is a special quinceañera tradition.

It’s easy to prepare for this tradition. First, you have to pick the perfect flavor—so go and taste some cakes! It’s a fun activity to do with your family and friends.

This quinceañera tradition is also quite the photo op. So we recommend finding an extravagant cake topper and serving utensils. Every detail counts!

Now that you’ve got those figured out, let’s get started by finding your perfect quinceañera dress

The first thing on your list is finding your quinceañera gown. Take a look at our full catalog or browse these blogs to inspire your beautiful birthday look:

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